factory reset firestick without remote

Would you wish to factory reset firestick without remote but do not know how you can do that? Please do not worry.

If you have lost your Firestick remote and your Firestick is misbehaving, you can reset it using other techniques and still get what you want.

In this piece, we have provided several ways you can do it. Kindly peruse below.

To factory reset your Firestick without a remote, Download the Fire TV app on your mobile device. Use the app as a remote on your Firestick to access the settings menu on the app, select ‘My Fire TV,’ and select restore to default settings.

How to Factory Reset Firestick without Remote

reset firestick without remote

Your Firestick may have issues that may make you not be able to use it.

Some include being stuck on one app, apps opening at a random, black screen, or hanging occasionally. In these instances, the solution is to always factory reset it.

What if you do not have your remote with you? See below several ways you can use to factory reset firestick without remote.

Method 1: Reset Using An App

Fire TV stick has an app that you can download and use to control your Firestick.

If you have an android, you can access it from the Google play store. For iOS owners, get it from the App store.

Here is how to install the app on your respective phone.

  1. Go to your phone’s google play or app store, then type Fire TV app on the search tab.
  2. Tap on the first Fire TV app that appears.
  3. Click on the install or ‘get button’ on your screen.
  4. The app will start downloading, and once it finishes, kindly launch it on your phone.

When the fire TV announcements message pops on your screen, click to continue.

This message appears when you download the app for the first time. You have already downloaded the fire TV app, and now you can use it on your Firestick.

How to Factory Reset Using the Downloaded App – Steps

First, you will need to connect your phone to the same network that your Firestick uses. The Fire TV name will appear on your phone screen; kindly tap on it as you are in the process.

Have a look at your TV screen, and you will see a code appearing there.

Copy that code to your mobile phone on the spaces provided, and you will have paired your mobile device to the TV firestick.

So, you can now use it to reset the Firestick. Here is the way.

  1. On the fire TV stick app on your phone, click the settings icon on the top left corner.
  2. On the list that appears, click on fire TV settings to select it.
  3. Select the option, ‘My Fire TV.’
  4. Scroll down on the list to select ‘reset to factory defaults.’
  5. Kindly overlook any “warning message” and click reset.

After you are through with this process, your Fire TV will restart several times.

You will then see that everything in your device, including all settings, has been removed successfully.

Method 2: Reset Using a Keyboard

use laptop

Another great way to reset your Firestick is using a keyboard.

Even though the Firestick does not have a USB port, there is a technique you can use to get through the process.

Here is how you can connect the keyboard to the Firestick:

  1. Acquire an OTG adapter, also known as a Micro USB to USB adapter.
  2. Insert your power cable to the port of the adaptor’s micro USB.
  3. Insert the Firestick to the second port of the adaptor’s micro USB.
  4. Connect your keyboard to your adaptor’s standard USB port.         

Once you are through with the connection, you can go ahead to reset the Firestick.

Navigate to the firestick settings, then go to ‘My fire TV.’ Select the option, ‘Reset to factory defaults, then click reset.

Method 3: Use a Mouse for Reset

use mouse

With a USB or Bluetooth mouse, you can navigate through the settings of your Firestick.

Besides, the mouse can even override some other features or input commands; hence, it can be ideal to use it.

So, you will need to insert the mouse USB cable on your Amazon Fire TV. The mouse cursor or pointer will appear as a big circle on your screen.

You can then go ahead to the settings and navigate through to reset your Firestick.

Method 4: Reset using a Laptop

Though complicated, using a laptop can help you navigate your firestick settings and factory reset it.

However, so long as you have a computer, the process may not be so complex as you can easily maneuver through it.

The first thing you will need to do before using your laptop is to download two programs;

  1. Adblink
  2. Mobomarket

Adblink ensures that your laptop can connect to any android device. It also supports Linux code extensions; hence, it is ideal to use it on your Amazon firestick as a control panel.

On the other hand, Mobomarket is an application that helps you control your smartphone from your PC or Windows laptop.

Once you download this free app, it makes it easier to navigate through your device and control settings, appearance, etc.

How to Factory Reset Using a Laptop – Steps

use laptop

Let us see how you can go about it.

Step #1: Connect the USB cable that came with your Amazon firestick to the laptop’s USB port. Kindly avoid using third-party USB cables. They may lead to mixed results when using this method.

Step #2: You will see the Remote option on Adblink, kindly select it. Once you access the remote, you can then navigate to the settings on your Firestick.

Step #3: Navigate through the options using the right, left, and select buttons on your laptop’s screen.

Step #4: Select the tools tab after tapping on the Adblink app, then choose ‘Full screen.’ You will then see the home screen of your Firestick.

Step #5: So, you will go to Settings, then choose ‘My fire TV,’ then select the option, ‘Restore to factory settings.’ You will be through with the resetting of your Firestick.

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You can factory reset your Firestick without a remote once you Download the app from the app store, then connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi your Firestick is connected to. Launch the app, pair the phone to the Firestick, then access the settings and select Restore to default settings.

You can use the above methods to factory reset firestick without remote. Each technique is unique but works if you are keen to follow the steps.

So, if you have lost your Firestick remote or you are somewhere you cannot access one, feel free to choose any method that will work at your convenience.

Nicole B