eufy doorbell not recording events

Your Eufy doorbell not recording events and you’re searching for an easy fix?

You’re at the right place! When not having a certain feature enabled, your Eufy doorbell will only record when it is told to.

So, let’s learn more!

If the Eufy doorbell isn’t recording events, it probably doesn’t have the motion detection enabled or the camera recording is disabled. A problem with the power of the device could also be a possibility or simply the batteries have run out.

If you’re interested furthermore in what is causing the problem with your doorbell, check out the following causes we’ve extracted.

Why Is Eufy Doorbell Camera Not Recording Events?

Your Eufy doorbell camera has the ability to record events under certain circumstances.

Any videos made from your doorbell Eufy camera will be directly stored in the local cloud that you can later view.

However, a bug may have occurred with the doorbell which will essentially prevent the camera from recording.

If no recording is made, nothing will be stored on the cloud and you won’t be able to either download the videos or view them in the first place.

Here’s what’s preventing your Eufy doorbell camera from making recordings:

1. Motion Detection Is Disabled

Eufy will only trigger a recording if motion is detected. Otherwise, it won’t record by itself.

2. Device Power Problem

Your camera’s power is dependent on several factors and if there is a problem, the camera won’t make any recordings.

3. The Doorbell Isn’t Online

If your camera got disconnected from the WiFi it won’t do any recordings regardless of whether it detects motion or not.

4. The Sensitivity Level Is Too Low

Your camera needs a certain sensitivity level to detect motion and therefore start recording the event.

5. Camera Hardware Problem

Even if it’s unlikely, the sensor of your camera going faulty will prevent any motion detected videos to be made.

This was what you should take into consideration beforehand. Let’s now review the easiest ways you can solve the problem.

How To Fix When Eufy Doorbell Not Recording Events?

fix eufy doorbell not recording events

The solutions we’ve prepared to fix your doorbell must be followed consecutively to get the problem solved.

Additionally, ensure to test the Eufy doorbell after each fix attempt you apply from our guide.

Here’s how to solve the event recording of your Eufy doorbell in easy solutions:

Solution #1 Toggle The Doorbell’s Camera To Enable

In order for your Eufy doorbell to make recordings, its camera must be enabled from the application.

That’s to say because your device uses its camera to make recordings. If that camera hasn’t been toggled, the doorbell will be unable to make recordings.

Here’s how to toggle the doorbell’s camera in easy steps:

  1. Open the Eufy security application.
  2. From the home page, go to Security Mode.
  3. Navigate to the Settings configuration that is within the security mode settings.
  4. Search for a button that is labeled with “Enable Record Video”.
  5. Tap that button once and follow any on-screen instructions that will occur.
Note: That will enable the doorbell’s ability to make videos and detect motion.

Solution #2 Turn On The Motion Detection

turn on motion detection

Now you will have to enable the motion detection if toggling the camera didn’t trigger your doorbell to make any videos on itself.

The motion detection will make your camera record, whenever someone is caught in the device’s field of view.

Here’s how to enable the motion detection of your Eufy doorbell:

  1. Access the Eufy application installed on your phone.
  2. Head towards the My devices tab, from the top button on the home page.
  3. Next, access your Doorbell settings, by tapping the label with the doorbell’s name.
  4. Go to Motion Detection.
  5. Select Turn on the Motion Detection.
Note: If the motion detection feature doesn’t appear for you, ensure that the Eufy app is updated to the latest version.

Solution #3 Boost The Sensitivity Level

If no recording is being triggered by your camera, perhaps the sensitivity level has been set too low.

If that’s the case, you can easily boost the doorbell’s sensitivity from the Eufy application, again, in the settings configuration.

Here’s how to increase the sensitivity of your Eufy doorbell’s camera in easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the Eufy application installed on your smartphone, once again.
  2. Go to the Side menu and tap on My devices again.
  3. Choose your doorbell to access the settings.
  4. Once in the settings, press on Sensitivity level and turn it up as you like.

Keep in mind that putting the sensitivity level too high or too low will make the Eufy doorbell either trigger too often or not trigger at all.

Note: The recommendation for sensitivity level on your Eufy doorbell is from 30 up to 90.

Solution #4 Power Cycle Eufy Doorbell

power cycle doorbell

If your doorbell has developed some sort of power problem, you can easily solve them by power cycling the unit.

A power cycle works the same as a power reset or even a hard reset and it discharges all of the electricity from your camera.

Here’s how to power cycle your Eufy easily:

  1. Take the camera off of the wall stand.
  2. Expose the batteries by taking the back panel off.
  3. Eject both battery units out of the camera.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes with the batteries detached from the device.
  5. Once this time has elapsed, re-attach the batteries back.
  6. Test.
Note: Mind the way you put the batteries inside your doorbell to avoid additional power problems.

Solution #5 Reset Eufy Doorbell

If none of our solutions managed to get your problem solved, we have one last thing you can attempt.

reset eufy doorbell

That is the factory reset on the Eufy doorbell camera unit. The reset will wipe all settings back to their factory state, hopefully fixing bugs and glitches making you unable to record.

Here’s how to factory reset your Eufy doorbell easily:

  1. Head next to the camera’s wall stand position.
  2. Take the device off the wall.
  3. Locate where the Sync button is.
  4. Press the Sync button for 10 seconds.
  5. Once that time has elapsed, let go of the button.
  6. Your camera is now reset!
Note: If you have a hard time taking the camera off the wall, you may use a paper clip or the detaching pin that was supplied with the doorbell.

Thus, to fix when your Eufy doorbell doesn’t record videos, enable the device’s camera and the motion-detecting skill. Next, boost the sensitivity level and perform a power cycle on the Eufy doorbell. Finally, trigger the factory reset process on Eufy to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

After figuring out how you can solve the Eufy doorbell not recording events problem and what’s lingering to it, it’s your turn now.

We’ve helped you as much as we can and if you experience any more trouble with the doorbell, contact Eufy for additional assistance!

For more solutions such as this one, make sure to check our blog to solve any other issues you’re experiencing with any of your smart home devices.

Nicole B