emerson tv black screen

One of the most common causes of Emerson TV black screen is the failure of one of the transmission boards. The common name for the Emerson television screen suddenly displayed is the Black Screen of Death.

You should minimize the problem before trying to fix it.

The black screen on Emerson occurs when the power supply to the backlight fails. Therefore, to fix the black screen problem, you should repair or replace other parts of the power board or replace the entire board.

Your TV may have one or more power supply boards in addition to the T-Con board and many other internal components.

The T-Con board is different from the power board, and in the absence of sufficient power, image processing will not work correctly, which is why the screen is black.

Reasons Why Your Emerson TV Screen Is Black

Before you rush to buy the necessary parts, you will need to repair them.

Also, it is essential to know some other possible reasons why your Emerson TV screen went black. Note that this is very rare but not possible:

1. Bad Input Cable

When you press the menu button on your remote, you should be able to see the menu.

If the menu is displayed and your TV appears to be responding to the remote control or other input, it means that your input device, such as HDMI, pen drive, or set-top box, has a problem.

It is also possible that the cable that connects your TV to the set-up box is faulty, in which case you will need to find a new cable or call your set-top box company.

2. Screen Problem

Various objects can be damaged on your screen, including Scalar PCB and CoF-IC. Suppose your TV has a black screen problem from any of these two components.

In that case, you will need a professional repair specialist to look at it because they’re sensitive and needs professional repair.

The troubleshooting methods to fix your black screen problem may sound complicated, but they are easy to grasp and set up. Follow these guidelines to get to the root cause of the black screen problem and fix it.

How to Fix Emerson TV Black Screen – Steps

fix emerson tv black screen

Step #1. Audio Test

Although various issues can affect your television, start with a direct sound test to go into complex solutions.

Here’s how to do an audio test on Emerson TV:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Listen to the sound.
  3. If you can’t hear anything, try to broadcast something you know will make a noise.
  4. Make sure the volume is on.

Step #2. The Flashlight Test

If you hear some sound but still can’t get an image, the part that produces the television light may be having a problem.

By using a flashlight test, you can narrow it down more. You’ll need to need to shine a light on the television.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a flashlight and make sure it has maximum brightness.
  2. Stand about two to four inches from your TV screen and turn on the flashlight, shining it directly at the TV.
  3. If you see a picture on the screen with a flashlight on, it means there is a problem with the inverter or power board in the TV.

Step #3. Check Power and Connections

Most times, the best solution is an unlikely and straightforward one. Therefore, don’t panic.

Ensure that everything is in order and there is no loose power connection, then proceed to perform a factory reset on your Emerson TV:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unplug your TV from the power source after turning it off.
  2. Press the TV power button and hold for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  3. Release the TV power button and connect the TV to the power source.
  4. Switch it to a different device if you are trying to view an image from another device, such as a cable box. If this doesn’t work, access the settings menu on the television.

If you tried all of the above methods and the problem persists, you’ll need to replace the Emerson TV power board.

Step #4. Replace the Emerson TV Power Board

Replacing the power board can be tedious and challenging, but it’s the ultimate fix for most Emerson TV black screen issues.

The power board model number and the replacement method you opt for will often vary from one television to another. However, even with minimal knowledge and experience replacing a power board is still a simple process.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Soft towel or cloth to protect and cushion the TV screen.
  • Different head screwdriver sizes for removing the different screws on your TV.
  • A magnet or container for keeping the removed screws.

Changing the Power Board

Here’s how to change the power board:

Step 1: Place the television upside down in a fixed area and remove the rear screws gently with a head screwdriver.

Step 2: Locate the five fuses on your TV and if any of these fuses is blown, replace it with a new one. Sometimes a blown fuse can be the source of the black screen problem and not the TV board itself.

Step 3: Locate and label all the wires connected to the power board. Unscrew the power board from its position and remove it gently.

Step 4: Screw the new board in place, then ensure that all the wires are reconnected to the board according to how you labeled them.

Step 5: Place the back cover of your TV back on and screw it in, connect the TV to a power source and check if the board replacement has fixed the black screen problem.

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Whenever your Emerson TV screen goes black, start by shining a flashlight at the TV screen to see if your backlight LEDs are faulty. If not, you’ll have to replace the power board and conduct a hard reset on the TV to fix the issue.


You may find that the power board is fine, and you may need to do other replacements to fix your Emerson TV black screen problem.

If other critical components such as the inverter board aren’t working, you will need to make a replacement.

However, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to repair the TV without causing any further damage, hire a technician to handle it. If the warranty still covers your Emerson TV, reach out to Emerson TV technical support.

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