emerson tv turns on then off

It is always frustrating when your Emerson TV turns on then off by itself. Most Emerson owners have complained about this issue and wished to get a solution to it.

You do not need to worry since you can fix this bug yourself.

Reading below will help you know why this happens and give you DIY working solutions that will help you out.

If Emerson TV turns on then off, perform a power cycle. It should reset some bugs in your TV. Besides, you should check your power cords to ensure that no wire is disconnected. Your remote should also not have stuck buttons.

Reasons Why Emerson TV Turns On then Off

Your Emerson TV may turn on then off for various reasons. Kindly check below some common causes.

  • Your cords are damaged.
  • Your power source or outlet has an issue.
  • Your remote buttons are stuck, or its battery power is out.
  • Your TV smart features send wrong signals.
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Note: Many reasons apart from the ones above may cause your Emerson TV to turn on then off.

If you are not sure how to fix or understand the steps, you should consider getting an expert to do it to avoid more issues.

Solutions to Emerson TV Turns on Then Shuts Off

fix emerson tv turns on then off

Method 1: Check your TV Power Source

If your TV is on, turn it off. Unplug it, then keenly check its power cord for any damages or frays. If it has any damage, remove it safely and replace it.

If the cord has no damage, you can return it but ensure that you connect it safely to the TV and the power source.

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Your power outlet might also be the issue. Try to plug your TV into a different power outlet. It would be best if the socket is not connected to a switch. If the other outlet works, you may need to change it.

Consider checking your surge protector, too, if you use it. Connect the TV directly to the wall socket to see if the issue stops.

Method 2: Reset or Power Cycle your TV

Your TV may need a reset to get it back working normally. Use these simple steps to reset or power cycle your Emerson TV.

Step #1: Unplug your TV from the power source.

Step #2: Wait for around one minute.

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Step #3: Plugin back your TV

 Your TV should stop the issue when you power it on.

Method 3: Check your Emerson TV Remote Control

Your remote controls your TV in many ways. If you tamper with it, it may cause your TV to misbehave.

Check the power clicker to see if it is stuck. It might be that anyone in your household spilled something sticky on it.

You will need to clean the remote to ensure that all buttons are working correctly.

Step #1: Remove the batteries.       

Step #2: Shake the remote loose to remove any debris stuck inside the buttons.

Step #3: Deep a cotton tab or a cloth is alcohol, then squeeze excess alcohol out of the cloth.

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Step #4: Wipe the remote and leave it to air dry.              

If the problem persists, change the remote batteries. If the remote has low power, it somehow sends random signals to the TV.

Method 4: Check your TV’s Timer

All TVs have timers that play a good role. They turn off your TV if you are not using it or at the time you set it.

It might be that someone in your household set the timer without your knowledge.

You will need to check your settings to see if it is enabled, then disable it. Use these steps

Step #1: On your remote control, click the wake up/sleep button.

Step #2: Point the on/off tab.

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Step #3: Click the F.FWD button until Off appears.

Method 5: Remove Wi-Fi Connection from your TV

Wi-Fi connection on your TV allows you to install smart features like SmartThings, Google Home, Alexa, etc.

Some of these features may tamper with your Emerson TV routines, causing some automation to turn on and off accidentally.

Could it also be that your TV has an inbuilt casting ability? It is possible that your phone turns it on when you are watching a video on YouTube.

You will need to go to your TV settings and disconnect Wi-Fi connections. You can also detach the Ethernet cable, then allow the TV to stay off for some days.

Disconnecting solves the issue since the smart features cannot connect to toggle your on and off settings or send the signals accidentally on your TV.

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If disconnecting solves the issue, check each of your apps (features) on your TV to know which one is the root of the problem.

Method 6: Turn off the HDMI-CEC

CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control. This feature allows devices on your Emerson TV to control each other through HDMI.

For instance, you can turn on your PlayStation, and CEC automatically turns on your TV; it then switches it to the correct input without you using your remote.

The feature and what it does are good. However, it may misbehave and cause some misinterpretation signals to turn on and off your TV.

You will need to turn off the CEC settings on your device.

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1.       Using the up or down button, select Fun link/ CEC HDMI.

2.       Press OK.

3.       Select off using the arrows.

Disabling the CEC may solve the problem. However, if you want to continue using it, you may need to check each of your devices and disable the CEC on the one that causes the issue.

Method 7: Adjust the ECO mode

Like most modern TVs, Emerson TV does not turn off completely after you press the power button.

It goes into sleep mode or low-power sleep mode. In this state, it uses most of its features, e.g., casting from a phone to the TV’s YouTube.

Turning off ECO mode turns off your TV entirely when you are not watching it. Use these steps to turn off ECO mode.

  1. Use the up or down arrows to select ECO.
  2. Press OK.                 
  3. Use the arrows to select Off.
  4. Press OK.
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You may also need to check your sound bar’s ECO mode. It could also be sending signals to your TV which cause this problem.

Emerson TV Still Turns On and Off By Itself

If none of the methods solve your Emerson TV issue, you may need to perform a factory reset. Factory resetting should cause the root of the problem to go back to its default state.

When resetting each feature, you can do days apart to know which setting causes the problem. And if the problem occurs again, you will know what to deal with.

If factory resetting does not work, contact Emerson customer support. They should be able to fix the bug in your machine.

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If Emerson TV Keeps Turning ON and OFF, power cycle the TV. Also, check that your power cables and your power outlet are in good condition. If your remote has stuck buttons, clean it to remove any debris.

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If Emerson TV turns on then off, you may not need to worry. You can use the above methods to help you fix the problem.

A simple reset can solve the problem. However, you must ensure that your power cables do not have damages.

Ensure that your power outlet is also okay and the remote power button is not stuck before thinking about calling an expert.

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Power cycling your Emerson TV can help it not to turn on, then shut off. Besides, you should check your power code if it has any damage and replace it.

If you notice your remote have any stuck button, be sure to clean and replace worn-out batteries.

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