echo dot your device wasn't paired

If you get an error like Echo Dot your device wasn’t paired, then chances are there is an issue with the WiFi network.

If you are having difficulties pairing any device to your Echo Dot, you won’t be able to use it to stream any music or control your Echo Dot.

Our prepared methods will give you the best chances to resolve this issue, so keep reading on.

The third step personally helped me fix this exact issue, but there is an even better solution.

To fix your Echo Dot not pairing to a device, power cycle your Echo Dot and restart your pairing device. Then check for available software updates for the Echo and use a mobile hotspot to connect. Next, perform a factory reset on your Echo Dot. 

Troubleshooting your Amazon smart devices is simple when you realize what causes the issue in the first place.

Here are the top reasons for Echo Dot not pairing properly:

Why Is My Echo Dot Not Pairing Properly?

why my echo dot your device wasn't paired

If your Echo Dot isn’t pairing to other devices, then you have two primary ways to go about solving this problem. 

You can either troubleshoot your WiFi network or focus on the Echo Dot and the device you are pairing it to. 

Here are the most common causes of your Echo Dot not pairing correctly to a device:

Incompatible Device

If the device you are trying to pair to Echo Dot does not support Alexa activation, it won’t pair properly. 

Network Issues

When your WiFi network is unstable, too slow or insufficiently strong, this can cause problems when pairing devices through it.

Echo Dot Errors

an echo dot errors

When your Echo Dot has an internal software error, it could malfunction when you try to pair it to another device.

Outdated Firmware

If your devices are not running their latest and most up-to-date software, they might not pair correctly. 

Signal Interference

Having too many devices on the same WiFi network can cause pairing issues for your Echo Dot.

Hardware Damage

If your Echo Dot has sustained any physical damage, its WiFi pairing feature might malfunction.

Alert: Echo Dot only supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP SNK Bluetooth. When trying to pair over Bluetooth, check that your pairing device is supported

How To Fix Echo Dot Your Device Wasn’t Paired?

how fix the echo dot

Before troubleshooting your Amazon Echo Dot, ensure that all the devices you try to pair it with are compatible.

In case your smart device is not Alexa-enabled, it won’t work together with your Echo. 

It is also recommended that you connect both your Echo Dot and the device for pairing on the same WiFi network.

Please follow our solutions below in the given order one by one, as they are designed to fix specific issues first. 

Solution #1 Restart Your Echo Dot 

restart the echo dot

When your Echo Dot encounters some internal software error, it could prevent you from pairing other devices to it.

Restarting your Echo Dot will help clear many of these issues.

Here are the steps to restart your Echo Dot device:

  1. Remove the power adapter cable from the device and the power outlet 
  2. Wait for 15 seconds and then reconnect the power cable to your device
  3. After your Echo Dot has restarted, also restart the device you are trying to pair

Now that both devices have restarted, check to see if they can be paired together. 

Note: You can perform these steps multiple times if the first try does not solve the issue.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot Your WiFi Network 

troubleshoot the wifi

Having an unstable or too weak WiFi network can cause any devices you try to pair to your Echo Dot to fail to connect.

Here is a list of ways to optimise your WiFi Network and connection strength: 

  1. Restart your WiFi router by unplugging the power cable and waiting 1 minute before connecting it again.
  2. Disconnect all other devices from your WiFi network to prevent overloading during this troubleshooting.
  3. Move your Echo Dot and the pairing device closer to your WiFi router.
  4. Open a browser on any device paired to your WiFi, type Online Speed Test and run it to verify your connection is strong enough. 
Note: If your WiFi connection speed is much slower than advertised, you should contact your internet service provider for further instructions. A rate of at least 2Mbps is recommended for using the Echo Dot.

Solution #3 Try Using A Mobile WiFi Hotspot 

try mobile wifi hotspot

If the issue with pairing a device to your Echo Dot is within the WiFi network itself, then you can use this clever workaround. 

The main idea is that if you switch to a hotspot network, you will bypass any issues with your original WiFi network.

Here are the steps to connect your Echo Dot to a mobile hotspot:

  1. Connect your Echo Dot to a working power outlet and ensure it is turned on
  2. Get any smartphone, open your settings tab and look up portable hotspot
  3. Write down your hotspot network name and password
  4. Run the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap on the Devices icon 
  5. Tap the Echo and Alexa icon, then select your Echo device 
  6. Next to the WiFi network setting, tap on Change
  7. Find and tap on the Use this device as a WiFi hotspot option
  8. Tap on Start and enter your WiFi hotspots login details, then tap Connect
  9. Get back to your phone’s settings and enable the WiFi hotspot

Your Echo Dot should now automatically connect to the WiFi hotspot network. 

Afterward, verify if your Echo Dot is successfully connected to the internet by asking it to perform any task.

Once your Echo Dot is online, you can try pairing it to your other devices.

Note: Ensure that both the Echo Dot and your device for pairing are using the same hotspot network for this solution to work.

Solution #4 Check For Software Updates

check for a software update

If your Echo Dot is not running the latest software version available, many of its features might malfunction and not pair with other devices.

Security is another crucial point of having the newest software installed. 

The Echo Dot will update automatically when a WiFi network is connected. However, it might sometimes fail to do so.

Here is how to check if your Echo Dot is running on the latest update:

  1. Run the Alexa application on your smartphone or tablet 
  2. On the main menu, find and click on Settings
  3. Choose your device from the list by clicking its icon
  4. Under the option About, see if the software version matches the latest one available

If your Echo does not have the latest software version, try connecting it to a different WiFi network.

The original WiFi network might stop it from updating automatically

Note: For your Echo Dot to properly update, you must ensure a stable WiFi connection, as shown in solution 2.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Your Echo Dot 

factory reset echo dot

If Alexa keeps saying your device wasn’t paired, performing a hard reset will remove many internal errors.

Before proceeding with this step, please ensure that your Echo Dot is appropriately connected to a working power source and is turned on.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your Echo Dot:

  1. Press the Microphone Off and Volume Down buttons together 
  2. Hold both buttons firmly pressed for at least 20 seconds
  3. Release both buttons when an orange light ring appears 

After the factory reset, wait a couple of minutes as your Echo Dot device reconfigures itself and its settings.

Then attempt to pair a device with it to see if performing a hard reset on your Echo Dot helped.

Note: A hard reset will clear any stored settings and saved data on your Echo Dot device, so ensure you have this data written down beforehand. 

Quick Rundown

To fix your Echo Dot not being paired to a device, first restart both devices. Then troubleshoot your network. Next, check for software updates and switch your WiFi network to a different one. Lastly, perform a factory reset. 


Now that you know why the error of Echo Dot your device wasn’t paired occurs, we hope you can use our solutions to fix this problem.

If you still find that your device won’t pair, please contact the Amazon support team to receive further help.

Nicole B