dyson airwrap not working after cleaning filter

Whenever Dyson Airwrap not working after cleaning filter, chances are there is an issue with your power outlet or cable.

If your Dyson Airwrap does not seem to power on or is not working correctly after cleaning the filter, don’t worry, because we have you covered. 

This seemingly tricky technical problem can often be resolved with incredibly simple and easy solutions. 

To fix your Dyson Airwrap not working after cleaning the filter, check that your device is compatible with the voltage standards of your current country. Next, remove attachments and perform a deep clean on the air filter.

Now that you have a better understanding of the solutions we will attempt, let’s first see the most frequent causes of this issue.

Why Is My Dyson Airwrap Not Working After Cleaning Filter?

why my dyson not working

Whenever your Dyson Airwrap is not working correctly or malfunctioning, it’s most likely due to a hardware component malfunctioning or using the wrong power source.

Here is a list of the most frequent causes for your Dyson Airwrap not working even after cleaning the filter:

1. Faulty Power Cable

If your Dyson Airwrap has a defective or physically damaged charging cable, it will fail to work correctly.

2. Non-working Power Outlet

When your power outlet is not providing sufficient power or is damaged, this will cause your Dyson Airwrap not to turn on.

3. Hardware Damage

hardware damage

The Dyson Airwrap can damage its circuit board by overheating or due to physical impact.

4. Loose Power Cable

If your Dyson Airwrap power cable has loosened up after prolonged use, it might not make proper contact with the device.

5. Damaged Power Switch

If your Dyson power switch has been damaged, you might not get power, even after turning it on.

6. Broken Motor

If the motor used to compress air is malfunctioning, your Dyson Airwrap will not work even after cleaning the filter.

Note: If your Dyson Airwrap is flashing red after cleaning the filter, it might need a more thorough cleaning. 

How To Fix Dyson Airwrap Not Working After Cleaning Filter?

fix dyson airwrap

Before you troubleshoot, ensure that your Dyson Airwrap is completely dry. Also, don’t attempt to take it down to inspect its circuit board or other parts. 

The troubleshooting that you can safely perform is limited, so leave any tampering with the device’s internal components only to licensed Dyson specialists.

Now that you know the causes for your Dyson Airwrap not working after cleaning filter, please follow these solutions in the given order without skipping for the best results:

Solution #1 Check Your Voltage Supply

If you experience the issue of your Dyson Airwrap not powering on after cleaning its filter, you must ensure that it has sufficient voltage to run correctly. 

A Dyson Airwrap purchased in the USA will not work or power on in Europe or the United Kingdom.

This is because Dyson devices sold in the USA have a specific power requirement that won’t work in other locations. 

  • Some countries that only support 100-127V power are Canada, the USA, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan.
  • If you are unsure from which region your Dyson Airwrap was meant for use, please check the voltage requirements on the box it came with.
  • If you notice that you are in an unsupported region with different voltage standards, you must purchase a voltage converter extension to make your Dyson work.
Note: If you are unsure what your current country's power standards are, please check online from a reputable source.

Solution #2 Remove Attachments

remove attachments

Sometimes, incorrectly placed attachments can cause your Dyson Airwrap not to work correctly.

To ensure that attachments aren’t the cause of your Dyson not working, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Power off your Dyson Airwrap device and ensure it’s disconnected from any power outlet.
  2. Gently remove any installed attachments that your Dyson Airwrap has 
  3. Power on your Dyson Airwrap again without any attachments and see if the issue persists.
Note: Try changing the airflow control levels to the lowest setting if your Dyson is louder than usual without any attachments.

Solution #3 Deep Clean The Filter 

deep clean filter

Suppose you quickly cleaned off the Dyson Airwrap filter by wiping it with a soft fabric.

In this case, your Dyson Airwrap might still detect that its filter was not properly serviced.

You must perform a deep cleansing routine to ensure your Dyson Airwrap filter is clean.

Here is how to deep clean your Dyson Airwrap filter:

  1. Disconnect your Dyson Airwrap from any power source and ensure its turned off
  2. Find and remove the filter segment located on the back side of your Dyson Airwrap
  3. Place the filter cage inside a bowl of warm water mixed with dishwashing soap
  4. Leave the filter to soak for about half an hour 
  5. Use your Dyson-provided cleaning brush and brush the filter from top to bottom 
  6. Rotate the cleaning brush in a circular motion to remove any stuck hair or debris 
  7. Snap your Dyson air filter back into its place until it clicks firmly 
Alert: Ensure that your Dyson AIrwrap filter is thoroughly dried down, as having still present moisture can cause hardware damage during use.

Solution #4 Prevent Thermal Throttling 

thermal throttling

Thermal throttling means that your Dyson internal heat sensors stop your device from being used to prevent overheating.

This protective feature can be falsely caused sometimes by a malfunctioning heat sensor or congested air ducts.

Here are a few general suggestions to prevent any thermal throttling of your Dyson Airwrap:

  • Let your device rest after prolonged use. If you notice that your Dyson becomes uncomfortably warm during use, power it off and leave it for an hour to cool down.
  • Avoid using the Airwrap in extremely hot weather conditions, as your device will struggle to regulate the air’s temperature.
  • Clean your Dyson Airwrap thermal ducts (where the air filter is placed) with a soft cloth to remove any obstructions.
Alert: Never use your Dyson Airwrap without its filter, as doing so might cause internal hardware damage.

Solution #5 Try Using A Different Power Socket

use different socket

When your Dyson Airwrap won’t turn on after cleaning the filter, it might be due to a faulty power socket.

When this occurs, your Dyson Airwrap might either not turn on or work with severely impeded performance.  

Here is how to ensure that your power outlet is not at fault:

  • To prevent this issue from occurring, please try plugging your Dyson Airwrap into a few different power outlets.
  • If your power outlet has a switch, ensure it’s turned on.

After trying different power sockets, check to see if your Dyson Airwrap will power on or have any lights start glowing.

If you notice that your Dyson has glowing red or white lights, it might indicate a potential issue with your device’s hardware.

If you have followed all of our solutions and your Dyson Airwrap is still not working, there is a high probability that some of its internal hardware components have been damaged.

Note: If you use a power outlet with too many plugged in devices, your Dyson Airwrap might struggle to receive sufficient power from the wall for regular operation.

Quick Recap

To fix your Dyson Airwrap not working after cleaning the filter, first, check your voltage supply power standards. Next, remove any attachments from your Dyson Airwrap and deep clean the air filter. If your Airwrap has recently been used, let it cool down and try a different power socket.


Now that you know why is Dyson Airwrap not working after cleaning filter, we hope you can use our provided solutions to resolve this issue.

If you are still experiencing these issues with your Airwrap, please contact Dyson support for further instructions.

Nicole B