dyson airwrap not turning on

If you find your Dyson Airwrap not turning on, there most certainly is a problem that needs to be fixed.

The Dyson Airwrap is a versatile hair styling tool that is relatively simple to use.

However, from time to time, you may find your Dyson Airwrap is not turning on which can be frustrating.

Luckily you can easily troubleshoot the problems yourself using our detailed step-by-step guide in this article.

If your Dyson Airwrap is not turning on, check the power supply and clean the air ducts. Next, clean the air filters and replace faulty electronic components.

Before we provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fix, we first need to understand the reason why your Dyson Airwave won’t Start.

See below for the most common reasons.

Why My Dyson Airwave Won’t Start?

why the dyson not turning on

If you are wanting to style your hair and your Dyson Airwave won’t start, this can be extremely frustrating.

Especially if you are rushed for time or have important plans. Fortunately, you can easily troubleshoot the common reasons why your Dyson Airwave Won’t Start yourself.

Here are the most common reasons:

#1. Power Supply Issues

Power is not being supplied to the hair styler properly.

#2. Thermal Cut Off

The machine has turned off from overheating and won’t start.

#3. Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

have a thermal cut off

#4. Damaged Internal Components

The motherboard, thermal fuse, motor or other internal component is damaged and needs replacing.

Now that we have identified the common issues you might be facing, let’s work through the best ways to fix them below.

Is Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On? Here’s How to Fix It

When you find your Dyson Airwrap isn’t working you are stuck with a pile of wet clothes which can be frustrating.

Luckily, you can try some simple fixes at home to get your dryer working again.

Proceed with the following troubleshooting and fixes to get you Dyson Airwrap working again.

Method #1. Power Supply

power supply

When the Dyson Airwrap won’t start the first thing you should check is the power supply.

Like most appliances, the Dyson Airwave requires a steady power supply to function correctly.

You will first need to identify if the problem is with the power socket or the Dyson Airwave power cord.

To check whether the issue is with the power socket:

  • Unplug the Dyson Airwave
  • Connect another electronic device to the socket.

If the other device doesn’t work the socket is faulty and needs to be fixed or replaced.

Provided the Dyson Airwave still isn’t working it is likely to be a problem with the power cord.

Over time the cord can become loose or damaged, you will need to inspect the cord to check for the following visually:

  • Loose attachments at either the base and the power plug
  • Frayed or damaged cord
  • Power plug bent or damaged

If you notice any damage to these components you will need to replace them. If you are unsure of how to do so yourself it is recommended to contact Dyson Support to arrange a repair.

After completing these fixes we can be certain the issue is not with the power supply. Let’s continue to troubleshoot the problem below.

Note: If you are unsure how to fix or replace the faulty socket it is recommended you call an electrician.

Method #2. Thermal Cut Off

the thermal cut off problem

If you have been using the Dyson Airwrap recently and it has turned itself off the device has most likely overheated.

The device has air flow ducts on the side that suck cool air into the device to prevent overheating.

However, if airflow ducts are blocked the device will overheat more quickly. Once the device overheats the thermal fuse will trigger, shutting the machine off to prevent further damage.

The best way to prevent overheating is to clean the Air Ducts, here’s how to easily do this: 

  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Use a brush to loosen and remove any debris inside the air ducts

If the thermal cut has been triggered you should wait 1 hour before turning the device back on.

Tip: It is recommended to clean your air ducts at least once a week if using the device regularly.

Method #3. Clogged Air Filter – Red Flashing Light

If you notice a red flashing light and your device won’t turn on, there is a problem with the air filter.

When the red light flashes this indicates the air filter is either dirty or clogged and needs to be cleaned.

However, you should also visually inspect the device to see if the air filter has debris or is clogged.

a clogged filter

To fix the flashing red light issue we need to clean the device. To do so is easy, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Dyson Airwave from the power source
  2. Take the filter cleaning brush and pass it through the power cord
  3. Position the brush over the air filter cage at the base
  4. Rotate the brush from side to side to remove any dust

After you have completed the above steps, you may notice the light turn off.

However, it is recommended to do a more thorough cleaning by following these steps:

  1. Remove the cage from the base of the device
  2. Use the cleaning brush to clean the mesh filter underneath the filter cage
  3. Wash the filter cage thoroughly under running water
  4. Set the cage aside for a few hours to dry naturally
  5. Reattach the filter cage once dry

Once you have cleaned the filter you should notice the Dyson Airwrap should be working again.

If still not working the issue is likely to be with the internal components, see the next section.

Note: Don't use any chemicals or liquids when you are cleaning the Air Filter.

Method #4. Damaged Internal Components

the damage components

If none of the above solutions have worked it is highly likely there is a problem with the electronic board or internal components.

There are a number of reasons why they may have become damaged here are the most common:

  • Water damage
  • Extended use
  • Overheating, internal components are fried
  • Poor preservation

You can use a multimeter to check the input and output voltage of the power supply.

To measure the input voltage follow these steps:

  1. On your multimeter select the AC Voltmeter setting
  2. Using the black probe touch the ground of the supply
  3. Touch the red probe to the input of the supply
  4. The voltage reading will be your input voltage
a damage internal component

Next, you need to check the output voltage using the following steps:

  1. On your multimeter select the AC Voltmeter setting
  2. Using the black probe touch the chassis of the device
  3. Touch the red probe to one of the output terminals of the supply
  4. The Voltage reading will be the output voltage

Once you have the two voltages if they are similar (Around 220V) the electrical board is working.

If the readings are different or one reading is zero then the board is faulty and needs to be replaced. It is recommended you contact Dyson support to arrange a replacement board.

Note: If you are not certain how to use a voltmeter, it may be unsafe to use it yourself. Contact Dyson Support or a professional to arrange a repair.

If your Dyson Airwrap is not turning on, check the power supply and clean the air ducts. Next, clean the air filters and check the electronic board for any component faults.

Bottom Line:

If you have completed all the above fixes your Dyson Airwrap won’t start, we recommend you contact Dyson support to further assist you.

Nicole B