why is my dyson airwrap flashing red

Wondering why is my Dyson Airwrap flashing red? No worries, we got you covered!

The flashing red indicator light on Airwrap is obviously a prime indication that something with the device’s operation went wrong.

To know what is causing this red light to appear on a Dyson Airwrap, stay with us and don’t skip anything!

The red flashing light on a Dyson Airwrap often means that the airflow of the device has been obstructed by a blocked air filter. The solution requires a deep cleaning of the air filter cage by removing its attachments, which takes less than 10 minutes!

Let’s move ahead to know about ALL potential causes for the flashing red light!

Why Is My Dyson Airwrap Flashing Red?

my dyson airwrap flashing red

If your Dyson Airwrap is flashing red light, then it is because the Airwrap is experiencing an issue.

You need to properly understand the reason for this red light, so you can resolve the issue in the correct way. 

Here are the most frequent causes of Dyson Airwrap red light:

#1. Overheated Device

When the Airwrap is used continuously for longer it begins to overeat and that’s why the device shows a flashing red light.

#2. Dirty Air Filter Cage

The Airwrap air filter cage gets blocked with dirt and which is why the airflow in the device gets disturbed and shows you a red flashing light on Airwrap.

#3. Broken Pieces in The Device  

a broken pieces

Sometimes the broken pieces go inside the device and disturb the motherboard performance which indirectly leads to a red flashing light.

#4. Fault in the Motherboard

Due to the overuse of Airwrap, the motherboard and its other components will lose their effectiveness and can’t properly interact with each other.

For now, we’ll exclude the hardware failure from the possibilities, at least, until we attempt ALL other solutions that we can perform at home.

We’ve designed a guide that will surely help you solve the problem in no time, so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix Dyson Airwrap Flashing Red Light?

Now that you are better aware of what causes the red flashing light on a Dyson Airwrap, we can now begin discussing some quick fixes.

how fix the dyson airwrap

For the best outcomes, however, be sure to carefully follow each method as described.

Note: Before troubleshooting, make sure your hands are dry and the Airwrap is unplugged from the power source.

Solution #1 Check For Device Overheating

The Airwrap often overheats because the thermal motor inside the device begins to produce heat when it is used continuously.

Consequently, there is a chance that your device’s temperature is above a certain point, which is why the red light on Airwrap is blinking!

Perform a quick test on the Airwrap to make sure it’s overheated.

First, place your palm on the back of the device, and if it feels too hot to touch then surely this is the cause of this red light.

So, cooling down the Airwrap will fix this issue easily.

How To Cool Down Dyson Airwrap?

cool down the dyson
  1. Switch OFF the Airwrap from the Power button on the device!
  2. Unplug the device’s Power Cord from the Power Supply.
  3. Leave your Dyson Airwrap unplugged for about 30 minutes to let it cool completely.
  4. Once it cools down completely, plug the Airwrap back into the Power Outlet.

In case the blinking red light is not because the Airwrap is overheating, keep reading!

Solution #2 Clean Airwrap Filter

Dyson Airwrap filters get clogged very easily and that’s why it is important cleaning them in a timely manner to avoid such issues.

There is a chance that your Airwrap has difficulty in its air pathway due to the blocked filter because there is some dirt or debris stuck in the cage holes! 

clean the airwrap filter

This is one of the main reasons why a Dyson Airwrap red light blinking so, if you haven’t cleaned your device’s filter cage yet, then it’s the perfect time to do so!

Important: Unplug the device from the outlet before cleaning it!

Here is how to clean a Dyson Airwrap filter:

  1. First, lay down your Airwrap on the table.
  2. Then use a provided Dyson Filter Cleaning Brush and place it onto the Airwrap Filter.
  3. Then, rotate the filter cleaning brush for 3 minutes on the filter to clear the dirt from it.
  4. Next, move out the cleaning brush from the Airwrap and secure it aside.
  5. Hold your Airwrap in your hand and pull the filter cage out to detach it from the device.
  6. Wash the Airwrap filter under warm water and try to clean it using your fingers.
  7. Once you clean it properly, then leave the filter to dry completely for about 2 hours.

When the filter dried completely, again clean it with a cleaning brush and place it back into its place on Airwrap.

The flashing red light should no longer be there so test the Airwrap!

Alert: Don’t use any brush or harsh object for cleaning the filter cage, it could damage the filter very easily!

Solution #3 Change The Power Source

change the power source

Sometimes the red flashing light on a Dyson Airwrap could mean that the device is not receiving a proper electrical charge.

The problem could be in the cable of the Airwrap or due to a malfunctioning power outlet.

Unfortunately, we can only test one of the possibilities.

  • Simply plug your Dyson Airwrap into a proven-to-work Power Outlet!

If you’re wondering whether the problem is with the previous power adapter, plug in your smartphone to check whether it’s charging.

In case you’re noticing any malfunction, it’s recommended not to use the outlet or plug your Dyson Airwrap.

In case the problem continues, keep reading!

Solution #4 Deep Clean Airflow Pathway

deep clean the pathway

If the red light on your Airwrap is still blinking after washing the filter, it’s possible that the filter hasn’t been cleaned well enough.

This is why we will take the cleaning one step further and perform a deep cleaning of the Airwrap filter cage.

Here is how to clean a Dyson AIrwrap filter:

  1. First, make sure to unplug the device from the Power Source.
  2. Locate the Filter Cage on your device that is probably located at the end.
  3. Hold your Airwrap in your hand and pull the filter cage out to detach it from the device.
  4. Leave the filter cage in the mix of Warm Water and Dishwashing Soap.
  5. Keep soaking the filter cage in liquid for about half an hour.
  6. Thoroughly clean the filter cage, using a provided filter cleaning brush.
  7. Leave the filter to dry completely for at least 2 hours.

In addition, ensure that the filter is completely dry before placing it in Airwrap.

You should then check to see if the red flashing light is on when you plug the device into the outlet.

Note: Replace your Airwrap Filter if you notice any fault or breakage in it!

Solution #5 Check The Device Motherboard

check the device motherboard

If after a deep clean of the filter, the red light is still flashing on the Airwrap, then there may be a chance that the device motherboard has some fault.

There’s no need to panic, it’s not uncommon for electronic devices to lose their effectiveness over time due to misuse or overuse.

Also, there is a chance that there is an issue with the thermal motor or there are any broken components in the device that may be causing this issue.

So, now to fix your Airwrap further needs a proper inspection via any professional.

Why Not Contact Dyson Support?

Now you have already tried everything tried from your end, so it’s time to take professional assistance from the Dyson Support team.

First of all, if you have purchased your Airwrap within the past two years, then fortunately your warranty is still intact

They will then either fix your device issue or send you a brand-new Dyson Airwrap.

If not, then still go ahead and let them know what issue you are having and what you already tried to fix.

Quick Recap:

We now know why is my Dyson Airwrap flashing red and to solve the problem we need to unplug the device and leave it for 30 minutes to cool down.

Then, deeply clean the filter cage by soaking it in warm water and dishwashing soap for half an hour to clean dirt!

We hope you find this post useful, then follow for more!

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