does vtech baby monitor record

Does VTech baby monitor record? Many parents want to know whether their VTech Baby Monitors can record.

That way, they can keep beautiful memories of the early days of their children.

VTech Baby Monitors do record! However, depending on your model, it records natively or requires a smartphone or tablet. Further, you can also pay for cloud recording.

Recording correctly requires that you set up everything neatly.

The guide below will help you do that so you can register incredible footage of your child’s first years.

Does VTech Baby Monitor Record? – Ultimate Info Guide

the vtech baby monitor record

Bringing a new baby home may be stressful, but a good monitoring system can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

Thanks to advancements in technology, parents can keep a watchful check on their kids with more ease than ever before. 

The VTech Baby Monitor allows parents to keep an eye on their infants and young children via live video monitoring. 

VTech baby monitors, therefore, have a recording function, right?

Does the VTech baby monitor record 

The VTech Baby Monitor is capable of recording.

It’s a system that uses a camera, a parent screen unit, a smartphone, or a tablet to enable parents to keep tabs on their kids and even record what they’re doing.

Check the guidelines below to discover how to capture a video of your baby with your VTech Baby Monitor and use the device’s recording features.

What Is The Recording Quality?

the recording quality

The recording quality of any videos you keep with the VTech Baby Monitor will be only up to the standards of your recording device.

Suppose you have a VTech Baby Monitor with 1080p capacity. In that case, you can record videos with that resolution.

But, of course, you can also lower the resolution if you want to save space.

Beyond that, you can choose to zoom in or out with your VTech Baby Monitor even while recording.

When you do that, you can capture certain details with more vividity. 

What Models Can Record?

model can do record

Do VTech baby monitors record? Yes, but not all of them, so you must pay attention. 

Among older models, not all VTech Baby Monitors can record.

Therefore, when looking for an older model to buy because it is cheap, you must ask the seller to specify whether it can record.

With newer models, however, you don't need to worry about that. Newer models don't have that function natively but depend on a dedicated app. 

That dedicated app will do all the recording work and is compatible with any iOS or Android device.

How to tell an older one from a newer model? Older models are no longer available at Amazon.

The newer models are sold exclusively on Amazon!

How To Record Video With VTech Baby Monitor

how to record the video

A VTech Baby Monitor can record video. Depending on the model, it allows you to record live footage of your child on your smartphone, tablet, or another device that can act as a video receiver. 

You should verify the item’s specifications or owner’s manual to be sure your gadget has the recording capabilities you need.

Before you begin capturing video with your VTech Baby Monitor, ensure it is either fully charged or plugged into a power source.

You may connect your smartphone to WiFi if you want to make the most of the system’s recording abilities.

Preparation To Record With Your VTech Baby Monitor

When you want to record using your VTech Baby Monitor, the basic setup is the same regardless of the model you have. 

  1. Plug the Baby Unit into the power
  2. Plug the Parent Unit into the power
  3. Press the power button on the display

VTech baby monitors vary in how footage is recorded after setup. Each different model has different capacities, as well as the native resolution.

The applications and recording mechanisms available for these devices vary by model.

Setting Up WiFi

set up wifi

Setting up your WiFi connection is an option that will become available as you first set it up.

Connecting your camera to the main screen requires setting up a WiFi network, so don’t skip this step!

Plus, having WiFi enabled will help you back up your recordings.

WiFi is very easy to set up:

  1. Turn the VTech Baby Monitor on
  2. Choose the best WiFi connection available
  3. Input the password

Are you having any troubles in this process? Then check below.

Issues With WiFi? Check The Settings

check the wifi settings

Remember that you should connect both devices to the same WiFi. Further, you must connect to a 2.4GHz network. 

Smart devices benefit from 2.4GHz connections because these connections have a wider range.

If you are unsure that your connection has a 2.4GHz frequency, you can check with a device that can connect to 5GHz or via your router’s client webpage.

Each frequency will show up with a different name on a device able to connect to a dual-band.

For example, the 5GHz frequency must show up as “WiFi 5GHz” or something like that.

If there is another WiFi with a very similar name, that is the 2.4GHz one.

On your router client webpage, you can check all settings regarding your connection. You can even verify if the 2.4GHz is active. If it is not, you must activate it.

Each router client web page works a bit differently. So check the instructions on your router’s manual to learn how to activate 2.4GHz or change its name, so it is easier to identify.

Method #1: Recording On Old Models

Old models will record directly from the VTech device.

Follow these steps to begin recording video from the Parent Screen after your monitor is set up:

recording with old models
  1. Buy and install an SD card into the baby monitor 
  2. Activate the baby monitor as you always do
  3. When the monitor is showing your child, you’ll see a camera icon
  4. Tap the camera icon

The memory card is where videos recorded via the display are kept.

When you’re done recording, just remove the SD card and place it into a computer with an SD port to watch or download the video.

Method #2: Recording with Newer Models

More recent variants of the VTech Baby Monitor can’t record video natively.

Instead, they do provide simple methods for recording video on your mobile device:

  • Verify that you are running the most recent version of iOS or Android on your mobile device.
  • Connect the camera to your home’s WiFi network.
  • Download the MyVTech Baby 1080p app from the App Store or PlayStore.

To enter or leave recording mode:

  • Hit the app’s camera icon to start recording a video
  • tap the stop symbol to stop recording

Fortunately, recordings made with the mobile app may be viewed and shared with other users using the device’s default picture app.

Method #3: Cloud Recording

the cloud recording

VTech offers cloud recording for VTech camera users. Cloud recording and cloud storage work differently from the other two listed above.

Recording via phone or directly on the device requires that you actively decide to record. 

Cloud recording, however, will record any movement the camera catches while it is on.

Cloud recording, however, is optional. Instead, you can buy a plan that corresponds to your needs:

  • Last 24 hours – Will keep only the last 24 hours of motion-activated video for up to 4 cameras. Price: $2,99 monthly.
  • Last 7 days – Will keep only the last 7 days of motion-activated video for up to 4 cameras. Price: $9,99 monthly.
  • Last 30 days – Will keep only the last 30 days of motion-activated video for up to 10 cameras. Price: $29,99 monthly.

What We Learned

Does VTech baby monitor record? Yes, it is an amazing baby monitor that can record every second of your baby’s activities.

Older models can record natively if an SD card is inserted into the device. Newer models will require a connection to your smartphone or tablet via the dedicated app. 

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