does life360 work when your phone is off

Does Life360 Work When Your Phone Is Off? Are you wondering the same?

Although Life360 functions precisely for tracking, some users have concerns that they will keep being tracked when the phone is off.

No, Life360 can’t keep tracking when the phone is off. However, a device called Life360 Circle is used for people who need to send tracking to their families. That device will work at all times, regardless of the phone’s status.

Even though the answer is concise, a lot is going on with the Life360 app.

If you want to learn more and be safe that you genuinely aren’t being tracked when the phone is off, the best is to understand the app’s functioning.

We invite you to dive with us in this in-depth article!

Does Life360 Work When Your Phone Is Off?

do work when phone is off

People worry a lot about their personal information being compromised online.

However, this is not exclusive to any media-sharing website or social networking app.

People’s concerns about privacy extend to even location-tracking applications like Life360, which is a surprise.

Most Life360 users download the app because it provides reliable location data. But it's possible that they would also want some alone time.

However, it might be counterproductive to completely remove the user account or power off the device.

Therefore, invisibility in Life360 and how to disable location services without sacrificing phone functionality are discussed below.

What Happens When Your Phone Is Turned Off?

what will happen if phone turned off

Does life360 work when your phone is powered off? The Life360 app will be disabled once the phone is switched off.

That means that nobody can track your whereabouts at the moment. However, anyone in your social circles can view your most recent location.

That is because paid users may retain up to 30 days of location data in Life360 Location History.

In contrast, free users can store for up to 2 days. Turning off your phone also disables its GPS capabilities.

Thus, Life360’s inability to identify your position is due to its reliance on GPS signals, which will be unavailable without an active internet connection.

However, there are further ways you may render yourself untraceable by Life360 than just turning off your phone.

Several of the most typical are listed below.

Airplane Mode

at airplane mode

Airplane mode disables your phone’s wireless connectivity and location services.

When this occurs, the members of the inner circle will be unable to determine your whereabouts.

If you find that Life360 has ceased updating your location, you may also check with your loved ones to ensure they haven’t switched to airplane mode on their phones.

Bad Network Connection

Even if your GPS is switched on and your network connection is bad, Life360 will still follow your whereabouts.

But It's also possible that the app won't be able to provide accurate, real-time location updates.

If this occurs, members will only be able to view their most recent location, if any at all. Appears to have disabled the ability to monitor your precise position.

Phone Location Services Are Turned Off

the phone location is off

If you turn off the GPS location sharing on your phone, no one can see where you are.

That is true regardless of whether or not you have the Life360 app set up to monitor your whereabouts. Keep this in mind since it is a common cause of user frustration with Life360.

A small subset of social networking app users disables their GPS to avoid being followed.

Even fewer of them let you turn off location monitoring for specific applications.

Instead, most users turn off location services altogether by sliding the global toggle.

Third-party App Incompatibilities

If your computer has ever been sluggish to respond, you’ve definitely looked into utilizing a program like Task Manager to speed things up.

Apps like Task Manager or App Killer exist for phones too, and claim to improve efficiency and save power.

a third-party app incompatibilities

As a result, such apps might turn off several crucial functions on your phone. One of them is keeping tabs on a person’s whereabouts.

You may want to open the app and look at the sections labeled “settings” and “permissions” if you have one of these applications installed on your phone.

Verify that Life360 is included in your device’s approved applications.

Finally, check any antivirus software since this is another possible cause of Life360 not functioning properly.

Take Care With The Settings

Some of these programs and preferences may be genuinely helping you. However, suppose your circle of friends cannot track your whereabouts in Life360.

In that case, you may need to investigate other factors. Those include your phone’s settings or the use of third-party applications.

Otherwise, you risk accidentally activating the function again. Then you won’t have any time to yourself.

What Happens When You Suddenly Stop Broadcasting Your Position?

suddenly stop broadcasting position

You have undoubtedly used Life360’s historical data function before. Keep in mind that you will be unable to disable it.

Your last location will be shown for 2 or 30 days after you disable location tracking.

The 30-day window is only for premium members. Free members get only a 2-day window. The ability to conceal your whereabouts depends on such knowledge.

To avoid being tracked or contacted by anybody while traveling, you may want to do things like turn off your phone or deactivate location services before you leave.

That way, no one in your circle can figure out where you’re going.

Life 360 Circle

in the life360 circle

Does Life360 work when your phone is turned off? If your phone is off, Life360 will not be able to track your location or allow you to communicate with other users through the app.

However, suppose you have a device such as the Life360 Circle designed to work with the Life360 app.

It will continue to track the device’s location and share it with your designated contacts even if your phone is off. 

The Circle is a small, portable device that can be placed in a vehicle or carried with you and is designed to work even if your phone is not nearby or is turned off.

In summary, if your phone is off, the app will not be able to track your location or allow you to communicate with other users. 

Suppose you are using a Life360 Circle device. In that case, it will continue to track your location and share it with designated contacts even if your phone is off.

Recapping: Life360 Is Not A Big Brother

life 360 not a big brother

Life360 is unlike other monitoring systems because it does not follow a person without consent.

The software isn’t sophisticated or stealthy enough to do it off. If you switch off your phone, the app can’t follow you.

With any luck, you’ll be able to successfully go offline without giving up your lifeline to modern conveniences by following the advice shown here.

However, suppose your presence is crucial to your safety.

You should invest in a Life360 Circle or bring a portable power source to keep your phone charged while moving.

What We Learned

Does Life360 Work When Your Phone Is Off? Absolutely not! Once your phone is off, the tracking system is gone too.

It will only track you again when you turn the phone again. However, if you are the type of person that uses tracking for safety measures, you can acquire Life360 Circle.

It is a device that doesn’t depend on the phone.

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