can life360 see your internet history

Can Life360 see your internet history? Life360 is great for communicating with your family and letting them know you are safe. However, monitoring apps make us cautious about our data security.

Long story short: Life360 does not spy on your internet history. While it needs plenty of permissions to check a lot of data from your phone, it does not collect internet history. 

You probably want to know all about Life360: what exact data does it collect? Can you control what info is being shared?

Why should one trust the service? We will tackle all the topics below so you can keep assured that Life360 won’t spy on your internet history.

Can Life360 See Your Internet History?

can life360 see internet history

Life360 is a communication, location, and alert app for cell phones that enables family members to share their positions.

Once installed on a device, Life360 enables the administrator to define geo-fences designating certain zones. 

For example, geo-fences may monitor when family members arrive or depart from work, school, or home.

But one worry many users have is its permissions when installed on your phone.

For example, what permissions does it have regarding the data stored in your phone? Moreover, can Life360 see your browser history?

Life360 Tracks Whereabouts And Actions

the tracks and whereabouts

Some users may find Life360 to be quite intrusive. It enables you to see where other circle members are at any time and also allows them to determine your location.

Upon installation, the program will immediately request numerous permissions.

Naturally, you sacrifice a portion of your anonymity for the services. However, how much does it see, and can it view other applications on your phone?

Members in your social circles are aware of your actions, whereabouts, etc., most of the time, but not always.

That also implies the Life360 administrators are aware of your whereabouts and actions.

Life360 Monitoring System

Life360 makes it evident that your phone is being monitored. They state this explicitly and in their terms and conditions.

But can they determine which applications are installed on your phone?

Generally speaking, they can. 

the monitoring system

The crash detection and location functionalities need knowledge of certain applications, particularly if they use GPS.

Life360 can determine if you are chatting or texting if you use your phone while driving. 

It may also determine if one of your applications is running in the foreground. It can read the name of the application from the uninstall page.

However, it does not inform your contacts about the applications you are using.

For instance, if you are using a dating app while driving, it will only indicate that you are distracted and driving while distracted.

Why Does Life360 Know About Your Apps

The prevalent belief is that Life360 can only see applications you use when Life360 is activated.

However, there is also suspicion that the app accesses your registry and is aware of other applications you use.

If that is the case, Life360 might discover sensitive information about you, such as which bank you use, and sell that data to marketers.

However, there is also the possibility that they are disregarding or not recording and keeping such information.

Life360 Features A “Distracted Driving” Alert

Life360 must know which applications you have for the “Distracted Driving” functionality to function since certain apps might display in the forefront while not in use. 

features distracted driving alert

For instance, if you leave your phone active while playing an album or playlist in the music app, your music player is at the forefront.

Therefore, life360 is not required to presume that you are preoccupied if your music is playing. 

On the other hand, if you are driving while playing Angry Birds, you can be certain you are distracted.

Let’s Talk About Security Threat

Installing any app involves risk, even if the company and programmers don’t request specific rights. That is a rule of thumb we can tell you nowadays.

However, Life360 offers two guarantees. 

  • The first reason you can count on the app is that the app’s developer would not want to jeopardize their brand by gathering and selling personal information or stealing identities.
  • The second argument is that you are a little fish in a big ocean. Even if a disgruntled Life360 employee began stealing information, there is a little possibility that you would be impacted due to a large number of other Life360 members.

Life360 does demand several permissions and may be obtrusive. For example, it tracks your location, activity, and active applications on your mobile device.

However, this does not make the app an ounce more dangerous than social networking. 

Other apps request access to your contacts and images, and driving apps usually request access to your GPS.

Can Life360 View Your Internet Searches?

can view internet searches

Although many users are suspicious about this app’s privacy, its primary function is location sharing.

Life360 may collect information from other programs but will not monitor your internet search history.

Can Life360 see internet history? The answer to this inquiry is no. You need not be concerned about Life360 revealing your online history with your family.

In addition, you may alter the location settings to have more privacy control over your mobile device.

You should not consider Life360 a surveillance application. Instead, it is a safety application that will constantly tell your family of your whereabouts.

Life360 Is Helpful

life360 is very helpful

If you’re running late owing to increased traffic, the members of your circle may check up on the current traffic conditions and your speed.

Thus, you will not need to make repeated phone calls, and your circle will better know when you will arrive.

You have total control over the information you desire to share with the circle through the Life360 program.

Every user knows that the software is installed on their mobile device and transmits their whereabouts to their loved ones.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about Life360 keeping track of your search history and surfing tendencies.

After all, other influence developers have repeatedly said that the Life360 program does not have access to your search history.

How To Check Which Info You Are Sharing

Last but not least, you must be aware that you can set what info you are sharing through the app.

A few things are a must, while others are optional.

check info you're sharing

Although you can be safe that the app will not spy on your internet history, limiting what other info it has access to is great.

Of course, that will depend on your personal preferences.

Anyway, here is how you can tweak the settings:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the app
  2. Check the options regarding data/shared info
  3. Configure each option according to your comfort
Note: Each option has an in-depth explanation of what it enables or disables. That way, you can ensure you are only sharing what you truly want to share. Such a thing dispels the idea of Life360 being invasive.

What We Learned

Can Life360 See Your Internet History? When you register for Life360, you grant the app many rights.

Some may feel uneasy about supplying an app with that much access and information. However, you may be confident that the app’s developer will not operate secretly. 

Your internet history is not an essential part of Life360 to work. Because of that, you can remain secure, so the app will not spy on you.

Plus, if you want to share as little info as possible, you can check the settings inside the app.

Nicole B