do you need a phone line for nbn

Do you need a phone line for NBN? If you are wondering about this, you have landed at the right place!

A large number of homes in Australia can’t reach 25mbps. And with technologies only getting faster, we can start counting the days until ADSL is dead.

A multi-billion-dollar high-speed Internet project is slowly but surely, going to make that a reality.

The NBN fiber connection supplies most Australians with speeds of up to 1,000mbps. The copper wire connection is a relic of the past.

The modem was necessary to have an internet connection. But the technological infrastructure is way more efficient with FTTN.

Do You Need A Phone Line For NBN?

You don’t need a phone line to have an Internet connection in your area with NBN. That is not to say a landline phone is gone, but the codependency between home phones and Internet connections are.

Let us learn the facts!

Network Transition of NBN

NBN has successfully transitioned many homes in Australia and will continue to do so until everyone has access through FTTN.

The connection is internet fiber cable based. Devices aren’t connected on the same old copper network.

What is The Purpose of the New Network? 

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN™) has a purpose, and it’s to shift the country to the new high-speed fiber network and take them off ADSL.

In an age where most people spend half their day on smartphones, no one is surprised.

Landline communications are essential for many segments of society, but the internet works just fine on the NBN network without it.

What are the Benefits of the NBN?

Most people made the shift from landlines to mobile a long time ago, in overall time usage.

And that was before the NBN came along to make sure the shift includes the possibility of your landline phone being obsolete or replaced by something more compatible with the current technology. 

All in all, the NBN would allow homes:

  • Unparalleled speeds 
  • Uninterrupted surfing 
  • VoIP phones (Using the latest telecom innovations to connect people)

The service can be available on-demand. And, if you are wondering “Do I need a new phone for NBN?” The answer is: It depends.

The one you have now most probably has the ability to connect with no issues. If not, you can get a VoIP phone, but make sure you pick the perfect plan for your household to balance out all your communication needs.

What is a VoIP Phone?

VoIP phones are phones connected to the new network, they work like an old network phone would, but way more advanced in comparison to the previous copper wire-based network.

VoIP plans are the most popular telecom plans, and the fiber phone (a higher caliber of VoIP connections) is only available with FTTP connections. 

Do you Need a VoIP Phone with NBN?

The National Broadband Network is the sponsor of the biggest telecom shift in Australia’s modern history. And you will not need a new phone, nor any landline phone for an internet connection to begin with.

It shouldn’t be a shocking outcome. The more mind-boggling thing here is copper wires still used in some homes for Internet connections. Some might even call it insulting.

Can Everyone Get Access to the NBN Network?

There have been many comments on how the project has been ongoing for so long but has not reached everyone.

Some people may not even have to worry about changing anything they were used to or adjusting to new network infrastructures.

And that is not particularly a good thing!

Is the NBN Important?

It’s crucial for every area in Australia to be covered, for many reasons, economically, socially, and even geographically.

South Korea for example has universal fiber network access, ensuring every citizen gets high-speed internet access.

The consequences of falling behind on basic technological blocks cause ripples for multiple other sectors in the country’s industry. 

Can I Use My Existing Phone on the NBN?

can i use my existing phone on the nbn

The independency of the internet from phone lines already happened in so many places around the world, and the transition was smooth. Even Useful.

So “Can I use my Existing Phone on the NBN?” 

If you want to connect to the internet? You don’t need a phone. But you do have the choice of having a home phone; let’s look at what these options are:

1. Analog Phone

Depending on how dated the phone in question is, for example, older telephone sets such as rotary or dial may not function with NBN, which includes fax machines.

If you have an analog phone, it should continue to work by plugging it into a Modem, or a Network Termination Unit.

2. Alternative Phone

So, if you ask: “Can I use my existing phone on the NBN?”, It depends. But you will have the option to use an alternative phone if your current one is outdated, and incompatible.

Otherwise, if you’ve upgraded your set in the last 5-10 years, there shouldn’t be an issue.

What do I do if something goes Wrong?

In any case, the network service provider should be able to help you with any questions regarding the technicalities that come along with your phone type, they can also provide you with the option of having a VoIP line.

But since it’s a fiber connection, a power outage can cause connection loss, unlike in the old days.

In case of emergencies, we recommend you have a mobile available for unfortunate scenarios.

A Decade of High-Speed Internet

Telecom companies are re-selling the NBN services, but more can be done from their side!

Making sure more areas are covered faster. It’s in their benefit as much as it is in the benefit of residents and businesses located in those areas.

A delay in the inevitable in this specific situation only highlights the flaws of a project on this scale, overseen by institutions expected to execute this with ease. 

NBN’s Biggest Issues

Service providers can, and usually do solve any of the common issues, but we have yet to solve the issue of accessibility across the country.

April 2021 will mark a decade since the first areas got service. 10 years later it’s not as wide as the rollout was expected to be. 

NBN’s Best Perks

But if you’re in an area with service you can enjoy some perks:

  • Internet Speeds that reach up to 1,000mbps
  • VoIP calls
  • FTTN Fiber Connections
  • Uninterrupted Communications 
  • Technological upgrades

Will I face problems if I shift to NBN?

Universal access to fiber networks is a right that has been attained by most in Australia so far, and the results have been mostly positive.

With all that in mind, NBN isn’t here to change your telecommunications lifestyle but improve it. So, you will probably not face much inconvenience when integrating with the NBN. 

To Wrap Up

So, for our query – “Do you need a phone line for NBN”, we know you don’t need a phone for the NBN.

We also know that the technological shift into the future will help us achieve faster and greater speeds.

If you don’t have access to a home phone you can get VoIP or use an analog phone and connect it easily without worrying about the cause and effect between it and your internet connection.

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Nicole B