do universal remotes work on all tvs

Have you ever had a broken remote and thought, would this work on my TV? Do universal remotes work on all TVs?

In this guide, we’ll clear all these out for you! Not only that, but we’ll also give you the top five (5) best universal remotes with the details on their features, functionalities, and overall quality.

Yes, universal zappers should work on about 99.9% of all televisions that have been made in the past decade when the remote was manufactured.

Do Universal Remotes Work on All TVs?

Yes, from its term alone, it should. Universal remotes are remotes that are generic to all brands and manufacturers.

It has been designed to be able to control the basic controls of any television that meets the needs and requirements of the TV.

So, whether you have a Samsung, LG, Devant, Sanyo, Sony, or any other brand, you can partner it up with a universal remote should you need a replacement. 

NOTE: This is applicable to all countries, too! So, whether you’re in the Americas, in Europe, in Asia, even in Africa, you should be able to do it!

What Can Universal Zappers Control in Your TV?

can universal remotes control all tvs

You can use a universal remote control to toggle the volume, the channel, the source, and even other functionalities and features of the television that you’re using.

They’re universal to the extent that TVs aren’t the only equipment you can control with universal remotes.

You can even program them to control DVD players, STB (set-top boxes), and other TV auxiliary equipment.

Now that we’re aware of this, how do they work in the first place? How do you pair a universal remote to a device to control it?

How Do Universal Remotes Work?

For the easiest and simplest explanation, universal remotes work via the infrared Bluetooth or light signal that’s sent and received from the remote to the device it’s programmed to control.

It functions like all other IR systems, and a pairing process is done between the remote and the device/equipment.

So, do universal remotes work on any TV? They should, so long as they’re paired and linked properly.

Pairing or Setting Up a Universal Remote

pair universal remote

The process of pairing or setting up a universal remote depends on the brand or manufacturer of the remote, and then the TV.

We’ll teach you a few of the methods and processes of how you can set it up or pair it successfully.

Method #1: Auto Code Search

This method is the go-to method of most people simply because of the ease and convenience that it offers.

By doing this method, you won’t need to know the TV code for the pairing of the zapper and the TV.

Here’s a simple overview of how the auto code search method is done:

  1. Turn on and activate your television set.
  2. On your remote, press and hold [DEVICE] for 3 seconds.
  3. Then, press and hold [DEVICE] and [POWER] buttons.
  4. Release them after 3 seconds.
  5. Then lastly, press and release [PLAY] on the zapper.

See if the TV turns off, if it does, you found the correct code, otherwise, keep on pressing [PLAY].

When it’s turned off, press [REVERSE] on your remote slowly until the device turns back on. Save the code by pressing [STOP] on your remote.

Test out all functions and buttons on your zapper to see if it has been paired correctly.

Method #2: Direct Code Entry

Probably the fastest way to do it is by entering the code of the device you wish to pair with the universal remote, which in this case, is a TV.

NOTE: This will require you to know and be aware of the specific device code you wish to pair.

  1. Turn on and activate your TV.
  2. Press and hold [DEVICE] (TV) on your remote.
  3. While pressing [DEVICE], enter the code for your TV.

You’ll know that the code you entered is correct when the LED indicator on the remote stays lit. If it’s incorrect, the LED indicator will blink multiple times.

These are the two (2) best and most effective methods and ways of pairing or setting up a universal remote to your TV.

The Best Universal Remotes in the Market Today

universal remotes that works on all tvs

Now that we’ve successfully discussed the possibility of using universal remotes for many or all different kinds and types of TVs, we’re bringing you the top and the best picks of universal remotes based on all important factors.

1. Function101 Button Remote

Known as the “Apple TV remote,” Function101’s remote is known as one of the best IR remotes in the market.

It’s compatible with the vast majority of TV sets and brands in the market.

The design is sleek and simple, making it easy to handle and navigate. The buttons are also laid out perfectly, allowing faster, better, and simpler time to press, click, and switch through various modes.

2. Logitech Harmony Companion

If you’re looking for a remote that’s able to control most of the smart home equipment you have, then the Logitech Harmony Companion is the zapper perfect for you!

You’ll be able to control most of your smart home appliances such as the lights, thermostat, blinds, and many more! It’s Alexa-compatible, too, giving you a wider range of flexibility. a

3. Logitech Harmony 665

The Logitech Harmony 665 is the robust remote category offered by Logitech.

You’ll be able to connect up to a total of ten (10) devices to it, perfect for an entertainment system!

What’s better is that the buttons have a sufficient backlit system, allowing you to see the buttons even if you’re in the dark!

Compress the controls of most of your entertainment system with the Logitech Harmony 665.

4. Inteset 4-In-1 Universal Remote

Get the premium and superior feeling of owning a world-class quality remote with Inteset’s 4-in-1 universal remote.

This lightweight, sleek-designed, customizable controller is so responsive that some people find it annoying!

It has an ergonomic design, making it perfect, easy to use, and convenient on the hands!

5. Philips Universal Remote Control

Last, but most definitely not least is the Philips Universal Remote Control. This multi-device-capable universal remote can be partnered and paired with many different types and kinds of devices.

It offers a great and seamless experience, thanks to the highly responsive buttons – you won’t even have to double-tap!

And there are our top five (5) picks for the best universal remotes of 2021 based on looks, features, and overall functionality.

Don’t worry, they’re all compatible with some of the industry’s top and best-selling television sets and brands, wherever.

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Final Verdict

So, if you’re wondering whether universal remotes work on all TVs or not, they do! You simply need to set it up or pair it to the device accordingly and you’ll be able to use it to control your device!

With our guide, you should now be able to answer the question, do universal remotes work on all TVs?

You’ll no longer have to look for other guides to find this out or to know about this possibility.

Go back to this guide any time you wish to be able to find the answers you’ve been looking for regarding using universal zappers on televisions.

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