a dns server cannot be used on ps4

Whenever a DNS server cannot be used on PS4, this typically means that you’re experiencing internet connectivity issues.

However, in some cases, the problem could be much deeper so in this guide we’ll cover the top solutions when a DNS server cannot be used in PlayStation 4.

Whenever the DNS server on a PlayStation 4 “can’t be used”, start by performing a restart on your console as well as on the network modem.

The next step would be to manually adjust the DNS or attempt switching to another DNS provider.

Let’s next unwrap the top reasons why the DNS server can’t be used on a PlayStation!

PS4 a DNS Server Cannot be Used – Explained

ps4 a dns server cannot be used

The DNS (Domain Name System), presents the bond between your console and the access to the internet, hence PlayStation Store (network) and game servers.

Without a DNS connection, you can access the internet, even when connected to WiFi or via Ethernet cable.

Top 7 Reasons “DNS Server Cannot be Used”?

  1. Ongoing WiFi/Ethernet (Internet) issue
  2. Wrongfully inserted PlayStation 4 DNS
  3. A VPN, Firewall, or Proxy on your network
  4. Corrupted DNS Cache in the PlayStation 4
  5. Outdated network equipment firmware
  6. No internet connection from the provider
  7. Incorrect PlayStation 4 MTU Value

A DNS Server Cannot be Used on PS4 – Fixed in Minutes!

a dns server cannot be used on ps4 fixed
Info: The steps are made in the best order possible for minimal effort and the best results!

1. Reboot PS4 and Network Router

The first and probably, most-helpful step is to do a restart on the PlayStation as well as on the network router/modem.

This is important because when the DNS cannot be used on PS4

We first need to refresh the network environment by following the steps below:

  1. Turn off both the PS4 and the network router.
  2. Disconnect both units from their respective source.
  3. Turn on your network router first and then the PS4.
  4. Connect your PS4 to the router’s WiFi or Ethernet.
  5. Test whether the DNS server can now be used.
reboot ps4 and network router
Note: It takes about 3 minutes in order for the network services to come online!

2. Manually Set the PlayStation DNS

It is very likely for the DNS settings on your PlayStation 4 are misconfigured, which ultimately leads to DNS connection issues.

Hence, if the DNS is not properly configured, the bond can’t be used, thus your console will lose all network access even when connected.

  1. From the PS4 menu, go to Settings.
  2. Select and enter the Network tab.
  3. Choose Set Internet Connection.
  4. Press LAN (Ethernet) cable or WiFi.

Based on your internet setup selection, proceed accordingly:

manually set the playstation dns

PS4 (DNS) with a WiFi Setup:

  • Network > IP Settings (auto) > DHCP Host (do not use) > DNS Settings

PS4 (DNS) with Ethernet Setup:

  • Custom > IP Address (auto) > DHCP Host (do not use) > DNS Settings

As a primary DNS, you should use Google’s or OpenDNS8.8.8.8 and, respectively. As far as the secondary DNS use “” and check whether the PS4 error is gone!

3. Configure the PS4 MTU Settings

configure the ps4 mtu settings

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) settings, and decide how the data is broken into individual pieces (packets), between your PlayStation 4 and network router.

When one of these fragments exceeds the pre-set METU value, the output might be the reason for the DNS error.

On your PS4 go to Settings > Network > Set Internet Connection > Custom > MTU.

Then, use the table below to configure the MTU as per your preferences:

MTU Value145014731500
Function:It’s best for users with constant data drops, lost packets, and outages.Use this value if you’re experiencing lag or delay issues with the PS4.The (default) value for users with stable and reliable internet (WiFi).
Tip: If your internet is intact, it’s recommended to leave the MTU as per default (1500).

4. Inspect Your Internet & WiFi

inspect your internet and wifi

The PlayStation 4 won’t use the DNS when there is no internet connection coming from the provider.

This is why it’s important to check your router for any unusual colored lights, especially the “WLAN” lights.

Another way to check whether you currently have internet or not is by connecting your phone to the WiFi and attempting to surf online.

To optimize your home internet and WiFi follow the tips below:

  • Stop downloading on the PlayStation 4
  • Cancel all of the pending game updates
  • Remove other devices from the console’s WiFi
  • Check and remove active VPN on your network
Tip: For more assistance in regard to internet-related issues, contact your ISP!

5. Clean The PS4 DNS Cache!

clean the ps4 dns cache

The DNS cache is data that contains your DNS settings as well as other logs related to the connectivity of your console.

This data may present a real problem when some of the files are corrupted, hence the DNS settings can’t really be configured.

The Solution?

  • Erase the PlayStation 4 DNS cache and set up the DNS from Step #2!

Here’s how to clean (flush) the PlayStation 4 DNS cache in easy steps:

  1. From the PS4 home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Choose Network > Test Internet Connection.
  3. Select Internet Connection and then Custom.
  4. Select DNS Settings and then Automatic.

This will erase the DNS cache and attempt to set up the connection manually, in which case the process might still fail.

However, we’re remaining again to follow Step #2 for a manual setup.

6. Disable the Network “Firewall”

disable the network firewall

Sometimes the reason why your PlayStation 4 can’t reach the DNS server is due to an enabled Firewall on your router or modem.

The firewall is made to protect against data breaches on your local and public networks but sometimes can cause issues on your consoles.

It’s safe to disable your router’s firewall only to check your PS4 DNS connection!

In order to disable an activated Firewall on your router, follow the steps below:

  1. On a Windows-operated machine, open the Command Prompt.
  2. Type “ipconfig” and press the Return/Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Next, highlight & copy the IP address next to Default Gateway.
  4. Insert the address into an online browser (Chrome recommended)
  5. Use admin/admin or admin/password as credentials to sign in.
  6. Go through the menus and look for a setting called “Firewall”.
  7. Check the table below to discover the exact name of your router.
ModelSetting NameMenu
D-Link“Firewall”Advanced Menu
Netgear“SPI Firewall”WAN Settings
Linksys“SPI Firewall”Security
TP-Link“Firewall”Network Settings
Huawei“Firewall”Advanced > Firewall
Asus“Firewall”Advanced Settings
Google“Firewall”Security Settings

7. Update Router’s Firmware!

update router's firmware

If you’re still wondering what to do when your PS4 says a DNS server cannot be used proceed by updating your network router.

This is why, following the steps from the previous method, enter your router’s control panel and look for a Firmware Update option.

When your network router is updated, it will restart and your PlayStation 4 should no longer have DNS connectivity issues.

In addition, try connecting your PS4 to the hotspot of your mobile device to further localize the root of the problem.

8. Factory Reset PlayStation 4

factory reset ps4

One of the most powerful solutions is to factory reset your PlayStation 4 in order to restore the functionality and connection to the DNS server.

However, the reset has its downsides such as erasing all games, content, and settings on your console permanently.

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your PS4:

  1. From the PS4 home screen, go to Settings.
  2. In there, select the “Initialization” option.
  3. Select the Restore Default Settings variant.
  4. Wait until the reset process is complete.
Tip: Follow the guide in Step #2 to manually set the DNS settings after the reset!

9. Use an Ethernet (Workaround)

use an ethernet

Another, extremely helpful workaround would be to use an Ethernet connection, instead of connecting your PlayStation 4 to the WiFi.

Luckily, by establishing a LAN cable connection with your console, any temporary IP conflicts might be solved so it’s worth trying!

Simply connect an Ethernet cable, one end into a “yellow” port on your router and the other end into the Ethernet input of your PlayStation4.

Reminder: Scroll back to Step #2 and follow the steps to manually set up DNS!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned that a DNS server cannot be used on PS4 whenever there is an issue with the internet (WiFi) or with the network settings.

We now know that the fix involves, the manual DNS configuration as well as a thorough inspection of our network router.

For more PlayStation 4 guides, check our blog!

Nicole B