cync not working with alexa

Wondering why is Cync not working with Alexa? Don’t worry, we got you covered here!

Cync lights with Alexa are the best combo for a good home lighting experience. However, many users are having a tough time using Cync with Alexa.

So, if you are struggling with the same situation, remain invested throughout this guide to explore and unwrap the top solutions.

The Cync lights won’t work with Alexa when the pairing of the Cync lights is incorrect or the Cync app is experiencing bugs and glitches.

In addition, the Cync Skill in the Alexa app should be connected as well as the “host” device to the WiFi or internet connection.

Let’s first unwrap the complete guide on how to correctly connect Cync to Alexa!

How To Connect Cync To Alexa in Easy Steps!

When the Cync device is not properly connected to the Alexa app, it will often not work and respond to Alexa voice commands.

how to connect cync to alexa in easy steps

Therefore, since Alexa is not working with your Cync lights, take a look at the steps below to learn how to set up both devices quickly and correctly.

Note: Make sure your Cync devices and WiFi network are already set up in the Cync app!

Here is how to connect the Cync to Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa app and tap tap on the menu icon.
  2. Tap on Skills & Games and then the search icon.
  3. Search for the Cync and tap on “Enable to Use”.
  4. Enter your Cync account login details to sign in.
  5. You will prompt to a Discover Devices screen.
  6. Tap on the Discover Devices button then Next.
  7. Tap on the Cync device then press Setup Device.
  8. Next, add Cync devices in a group or tap on Skip.
  9. Continue following the on-screen prompt to the end.

If you are sure that you have followed the same way to set up but the Cync is still not working with Alexa, then you can jump on next to troubleshoot your devices to find out the root cause!

What To Do When Cync Not Working With Alexa?

Note: Make sure to try all of the following troubleshooting ways!

1. Check Cync Device in the Cync App!

check cync device in the cync app

The first thing to keep in mind is that before pairing your Cync lights with Alexa, make sure they are first paired with the Cync app.

Simply check your Cync mobile app to ensure that the lights are properly connected, configured, and enabled.

Here is how to check the Cync device in Cync mobile app:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to the WiFi.
  2. Then open the Cync app to open on your mobile.
  3. Tap on the “Devices page from the bottom bar.
  4. Find the Cync device that is not working with Alexa.
  5. Re-setup the device if you can’t find it in “Devices”.
Note: You can continue to the next solution if your Cync device is paired with the Cync app!

2. Inspect the WiFi & Internet Connection!

inspect the wifi and internet connection

It’s crucial to set up the Cync and Alexa devices on the same WiFi network. In addition, the WiFi network should be stable and consistent at all times.

Hence, when the connection drops or your Cync/Alexa device disconnects, the lights won’t respond.

Here is how to check for the WiFi network Alexa and Cync:

Check The Network On Cync App:

  1. Open the Cync app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the Settings gear icon from the top.
  3. Tap on the “Room and Devices menu tab.
  4. Select the room of the non-working Cync.
  5. Then tap on View Devices and find Cync.
  6. Tap on the Edit button under your device image.
  7. Scroll down from the Settings menu and enter.
  8. Check for the connected Wi-Fi network name.
  9. Make sure it is connected to the same WiFi as Alexa.
  10. Optional: Tap on Edit to change the network.

Check The Network On Alexa App:

  1. Open the Alexa mobile app.
  2. Tap on the “Devices” tab.
  3. Tap on the Echo & Alexa.
  4. Choose your Alexa Echo device.
  5. Find the connected network name.
  6. Tap on “Change” to switch networks.

In case the WiFi and internet connection are intact, proceed with the next step!

3. Power Cycle Alexa & Cync Setup!

power cycle alexa and cync setup

Any technical or programming bugs in the Alexa or your Cync device might also make the Cync lights not working with Alexa.

So, if you’re still not sure why the issue appears and what’s the culprit, then the next step is to power cycle both the Alexa and Cync devices!

Here is how to restart the Alexa and Cync device:

How to Restart Alexa (Echo) Devices?

  1. Unplug your Alexa device from the power. 
  2. Wait for about 2 minutes to fully discharge.
  3. Then reconnect the power adapter directly.
  4. Wait until your Alexa reconnects to the app.
Tip: You can also use the voice command "Alexa, restart" to restart your device! 

How to Restart the Cync Light Bulbs?

  1. Flip the Cync lights switch to the OFF position.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds or more to cool down.
  3. Then unscrew the bulb from the light socket.
  4. Wait for about 60 seconds and screw the bulb.
  5. Then flip the light switch to the ON position.
  6. Wait until the Cync bulb reconnects to the app.

Once both devices are power cycled and have a stable network connection, then check if the Cync is working with Alexa. If not, then proceed with the next solution from the guide below!

4. Re-Enable the Alexa – Cync Skill

re-enable alexa cync skill

If you recently paired your Cync device with Alexa and are having difficulty using it, try disabling and re-enabling the Cync skill in your Alexa mobile app.

Re-enabling will reset the link between both accounts and devices, hence the lights might start to respond to your Alexa!

Here is how to re-enabled the Cync Skill in Alexa mobile app:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile.
  2. Tap on Menu > Skills & Games.
  3. Then tap on the search icon.
  4. Search for the Cync Skill.
  5. Select Cync from the search results.
  6. Disable > Enable the Cync Skill
  7. Test… 

5. Test via Alexa Voice Commands!

There is a chance and possibility that your Alexa isn’t recognizing the Cync device, which is why the lights are not responding.

No worries, all you have to do is ask Alexa to manually scan for nearby devices using a voice command. 

test via alexa voice commands
  • Simply say “Alexa, discover my devices“! 

Such issues occur after a power outage and sometimes all you need to do is reconnect.

This is why after this command, Alexa will automatically search for devices, and pair your Cync lights. After that, check to see that Cync lights will respond when you give any command to Alexa. 

6. Setup Cync Within the WiFi Range

Poor and unstable network connection makes the Cync device unable to operate properly and work with Alexa.

Therefore, make sure your home WiFi router is working and the wireless network at the location of your Cync lights is stable and consistent

Tip: Power cycle your home WiFi router to stabilize the network connection on devices!
setup cync within wifi range

Also, be sure that your Cync devices are set up within the range of your WiFi router to provide them with a strong connection.

You can also use the WiFi extenders at your home to increase the range of your WiFi and prevent your Cync lights from disconnecting from the internet.

7. Factory Reset the Cync Lights!

If you’ve tried everything in this guide and you’re still not sure why your Alexa and Cync devices aren’t working, perform a factory restore on the Cync lights.

Resetting the Cync will remove the lights and their configuration from the app and allow you to start from scratch. 

Here is how to reset the Cync devices:

  1. Turn OFF the Cync lights for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Then, turn ON the lights for at least 8 seconds.
  3. Again, turn OFF the lights for 2 more seconds.
  4. Then, repeat the first 3 steps, 5 more times.
  5. Your Cync will be reset so you can test Alexa.
factory reset the cync lights
Reminder: Don’t forget to re-enable the Cync skill in the Alexa app when the factory reset is over, otherwise both devices will not be able to connect.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Cync not working with Alexa, make sure the devices have a stable network, the lights are linked in the Cync app and within the range of WiFi.

Then re-enable the Cync Skill in the Alexa app and perform a factory restore on the Cync lights. Follow us for more helpful guides!

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