cync lights not connecting to google home

Cync lights not connecting to Google Home is a well-known problem and there are quite a few reasons why this would happen.

Luckily there are plenty of discovered fixes for this issue and we will get you familiar with all of them right in this post.

Keep reading to solve your problem in a matter of minutes.

Ensure that the Cync lights are connected with the mobile Cync application and reinstall the platform as well. Next, power cycle your network router and check if the password has been changed. Then reinstall Google Home as well and factory reset Cync lights.

Let’s first check out what could be causing the Cync problem you’re experiencing with the lights.

Why My Cync Lights Won’t Connect To Google Home?

cync lights not connecting

Google Home is a suitable application to enable and boost your control over smart home devices.

Especially with the smart and easy-to-use Cync lights, Google Home can provide you with the ultimate smart-home experience.

However, issues could occur that are preventing you from pairing the bulbs with Google Home.

Here are all of the possible issues that are occurring with your setup and Sync lights:

Cync Account Problem

The official Google Home/Cync authorities share that in order for your lights to pair with the Google app, the accounts must be first connected.

Application Issue

an application issue

A problem could occur with the Cync or Google Home application, not letting you pair the bulbs and use them via Google Home.

Cync Power Problem

Your bulbs may be experiencing issues on the hardware side. That includes power problems, outages, Bluetooth, and connectivity issues.

Network Troubles

WiFi or internet outages may result in either the Google Home app or the Cync app disconnecting from the smart bulbs.

This was everything you should know about potential issues on Sync and Google Home’s side.

To solve the problem easily, check out the instructions we’ve prepared.

How To Fix Cync Lights Not Connecting To Google Home?

how to fix cync lights

The solutions below will definitely solve the issue for you as long as you follow their order.

Additionally, make sure to test your bulbs and Google Home after each troubleshooting attempt to determine whether the issue has been solved.

Here’s how to fix your Cync lights that are unable to connect with Google Home:

Solution #1 Connect Cync To Google Home

We assume that you pre-maturely used the Cync application to set up your smart bulbs.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you must later connect your Cync account to your Google Home to make the bulb’s settings, schedules, and configuration accessible through the Google platform.

Here’s how to connect Cync to Google Home if you’re new to both of the platforms:

How To Connect Cync To Google Home?

how to connect cync
  1. On your mobile smartphone, tap the “+icon on the top of the home page.
  2. Go to “Set up device”.
  3. Select the option, labeled “Works with Google”.
  4. Then choose “Have something already set up” (only if the bulbs are connected to Cync already).
  5. Search for “Cync” or if it doesn’t appear, try with the company’s old name “C By GE”.
  6. Click on your bulb’s model.
  7. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to set up your bulbs with Google Home.

How To Connect Cync To Google Home If You’ve Previously Done It?

  1. In your Google Home app go to the “Linked To You” category.
  2. Tap there, and then choose Cync/C By GE.
  3. Select your bulb to set it up again.
Note: Keep in mind that for the setup from scratch to be complete, your Cync account has to be active and you must know the credentials.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Cync Light

power cycle

If the connection between the Cync app and Google Home fails, your bulb is most likely to be inactive.

That can occur due to an issue with the device’s power.

To power cycle, your Cync light, check out the following instructions:

  1. Go over to the bulb.
  2. Unscrew it from the switch.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes.
  4. Re-screw the bulb into the slot.
  5. Test.
Note: You can re-attempt the connection between Cync and Google Home with the instructions in solution #1.

Solution #3 Screw Bulb Into Different Light Slot

There could be a problem with the light slot where your Cync bulb is screwed to.

If that’s the case, you should undo the bulb from its current light slot and attach it to an alternative one to check if the connection process would work now.

Following the information you’ve gathered in the previous solution, unscrewing the bulb should already be familiar to you.

The goal is to choose a light slot that you’ve certain is functional so you won’t have to bother any further with the bulb’s power issues.

Note: Ensure that you’re installing the Cync bulb correctly into the light slot and it isn’t going sideways.

Solution #4 Reinstall Google Home/Cync

reinstall google home

An application problem is also possible in the situation you’ve gone through.

That’s why we recommend reinstalling both of the applications you’re using for the process and attempting the connection again.

Let’s begin with reinstalling Google Home:

How To Reinstall Google Home?

  1. Go to your phone’s storage unit.
  2. In the app section, locate Google Home.
  3. Uninstall the app.
  4. Go to Google Play/App Store.
  5. Download Google Home.

How To Reinstall Cync?

  1. Once again, access your mobile device’ storage unit.
  2. Locate Cync and delete.
  3. Install it from your phone’s app store.
  4. Test.
Tip: Ensure that you test the Cync to Google Home connection both after reinstalling Cync and then Google Home.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Cync Lights

factory reset cync lights

If your bulb isn’t connected yet, a factory reset wouldn’t do much regarding the device’s settings configuration.

Instead, a factory reset will clear up any bugs and glitches that are actively preventing the device from connecting.

Here’s how to factory reset your Cync lights:

  1. Go over to the chosen bulb.
  2. Switch off the light switch for 5 seconds.
  3. Turn the light on for 8 seconds.
  4. Disable the light again, but for 2 seconds.
  5. Repeat this process 5 times.
Note: You will know that the bulb is reset once it flashes three times.

Cync Lights Still Not Connecting To Google Home…

cync lights still not connecting

In case you’ve attempted all of the above-described solutions and your Cync lights still refuse to connect to the Google Home app, you should check your warranty next.

The best next step would be to contact Cync since the lights remain the main suspect for this problem, especially if you’ve reinstalled the Google Home application.

Explain to the support team what you’re experiencing to receive some professional help towards solving the problem.

To fix Cync that isn’t connecting to Google Home, reinstall both of the applications and power cycle the problematic light. Install the bulb to a different light slot and perform a factory reset on the device to solve the problem.

Bottom Line:

After finding out why Cync lights not connecting to Google Home we hope you solved the problem.

If you’re seeking any further assistance, in case our guide didn’t help, feel free to contact the Cync customer center at any time!

Nicole B