cync light not responding

Cync Light not responding is not at all a problem you should be worried about!

When something similar happens to your bulb, in most cases there has been a simple occurrence, such as a connection problem.

It’s nothing too complex to understand and is simple to fix, without any technical solutions. Let’s review the quickest ways first!

To fix when a Cync Light isn’t responding, reconnect it to the Cync App and then to the Wi-Fi. Have the Cync app’s cache cleared, update the platform and perform a clean reinstallation. Finally, use a different light socket and carry out a Factory Reset.

Let’s learn more about the problem’s occurrence before we review the solutions in depth!

Why Are My Cync Light Bulbs Not Responding?

why do my cync light not responding

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing an issue with a single or multiple Cync Light Bulbs, it means the same thing.

Basic occurrences, such as problematic internet connection or issues with the mobile app could make the bulb unresponsive.

In order for you to grasp things better, we’ve created this list of the potential causes that have made your bulb unresponsive.

Let’s learn more!

  • Your Cync Light Bulb has Disconnected from the Internet
  • There’s an issue with the Cync App
  • Big Distance between the Cync Bulb and the Network Device
  • An issue with your Network’s Configuration
  • Power Issues with the Cync Bulb

This should give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of troubleshooting.

Without any hesitation, jump into the solution guide to regain access to your Cync Light in no time!

Cync Light Not Responding – Easy Fix!

how fix cync lights

We’ll be going over the most successful solutions, both recommended by the manufacturer and the Cync community.

You’ll not be missing out on anything important about the problem!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Reconnect the Bulb to WiFi

One of the major reasons that your bulb has stopped working is that it is no longer connected to Wi-Fi

The Cync bulb requires an active internet connection in order to operate within the Cync App and perform wireless commands.

It is essential for your network along with the Wi-Fi to be in a stable condition and for your bulb to be connected at all times.

reconnect to the wifi

That’s why we’re first getting your bulb reconnected. Let’s learn how:

  1. Launch the Cync App on your mobile device.
  2. Head to “Devices”.
  3. Select your problematic bulb.
  4. Press “Manage”.
  5. Head to “WiFi”.
  6. Select your Home Wi-Fi in the list that will appear in the Cync App.
  7. Follow the instructions all the way to the point where a password is required.
  8. Insert your Wi-Fi Password.
  9. Press “Connect”.

If the pairing of the Cync bulb was successful, its status should become active within the Cync App.

Otherwise, there are issues with the setup or your network.

Note: If the bulb connects successfully, it should start responding to all in-app commands!

Solution #2 Limit Range Between Devices

limit the range of devices

In order for your bulb to function, it must be in the range of the Network Device.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous solution, a strong and reliable connection is required for your bulb to operate.

In that set of thoughts, placing your bulb and router too far apart could prevent the connection from being secure, which will disconnect the bulb often.

Place your router as close as possible to the bulb or the other way around.

Based on the network type, your bulb’s position should be figured respectively:

  • 5 GHz Network – The bulb must be as close as possible to the router
  • 2.4GHz Network – The bulb could be up to 50 meters away from the bulb

Although with 2.4GHz Network your bulb could be several rooms away from your router, it’s still recommended to limit the distance between as much as possible.

Note: Once the distance has been limited, test the bulb or reconnect it if you have to.

Solution #3 Re-Pair to the Cync App

repair the cync app

If the bulb is not connected to the Cync app, it will not operate!

There are two connections that must be achieved with the Cync bulb – to the Wi-Fi Network and to the Cync app.

Both of these connections are dependent on each other, but if the bulb gets disconnected from either of these sources, it will refuse to work.

Unlike Wi-Fi Connection, Bluetooth is required for connection with the Cync App.

Let’s learn how to establish that connection:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Make sure that the Light is powered.
  3. Stand next to the bulb.
  4. Launch the Cync App.
  5. Press “Add Devices”.
  6. Follow the instructions.

If the pairing was successful, you should get a notification from the Cync app at once.

If the pairing fails by any means, re-do the steps above until the bulb shows up in the app.

Tip: Once the bulb is added to the Cync App you’ll be able to configure its profile.

Solution #4 Reinstall the Cync App

reinstall cync app

There are high chance that the Cync App has ran into a fault and must be reinstalled.

  • While the Cync App is reinstalled your bulb WILL be unresponsive!

This is a common resolution for all mobile platforms since often corrupted data piles up as a result of a failed update or overfilled app cache.

What you should do is have the Cync app reinstalled on your mobile device and then retry the connection with the bulb.

Follow these instructions to reinstall the Cync App:

  1. On your phone, access the Settings App.
  2. Head to Applications.
  3. Locate the Cync App.
  4. Press “Manage Application”.
  5. Choose “Uninstall” from the available options.
  6. Once the app is removed, access the App Store of your device.
  7. Press the Search Field.
  8. Type “Cync”.
  9. Press the first app and download it onto your phone.
  10. Complete the setup instructions of the Cync App.

Once the app has been successfully reinstalled onto your device, you’ll have to pair the bulb again.

A new profile will be created for the device within the Cync App.

Notice: You must also reconnect the bulb with Wi-Fi once the app gets reinstalled.

Solution #5 Install in a Different Light Socket

use in different socket

A Power Problem may have occurred with the Cync Bulb that requires your care. 

The power source of the bulb is the light socket it is installed onto and if no power reaches your socket, neither will the bulb have any.

The most audible solution out of this problem is to install the bulb in a different socket.

  • Unscrew the bulb from its current slot and install it into the new socket

However, you should avoid over-screwing the bulb too much when installing it onto the new socket.

This could cause the hardware of the bulb to be damaged and prevent the correct power circulation from the light socket. 

In case the problem is persistent, keep reading!

Solution #6 Reset the Cync Bulb

If you’re reached this far in the guide without removing the problem, it’s time for a Reset

That’s the ultimate solution to any problems with your Cync Bulb and in most cases, a reset manages to settle both hardware and software problems. 

reset  the cync bulb

In fact, a Factory Reset is started really easily on your bulb and causes the device’ OS to completely reset to factory state! 

Let’s learn how to execute a reset on your bulb:

  1. Ensure that the bulb is screwed tightly onto the light socket.
  2. Head over to the Light Switch.
  3. Press the Light Switch to OFF and ON 5 Times consecutively.
  4. Wait

If the reset process was triggered successfully and power reaches your bulb, the device will flicker twice rapidly.

This indicates that the reset was successfully started and soon your bulb will be eligible for usage.

Be patient for 3 minutes to be sure that the reset is complete!

Alert: Interacting with the Cync bulb in any way during the reset could cancel the process!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix when Cync Light isn’t responding, Power Cycle the device and install it in a different socket. Reconnect the bulb to WiFi and to the Cync app. Next, reinstall the Cync app and place the bulb closer to the router. Finally, Reset the Cync bulb.

Wrapping Up:

Today we’ve learned how to manage the “Cync Light not responding” and what’s most likely to cause it in the first place.

We’ve gone over the best solutions one could benefit from and the specific details of each solution.

If you’re still experiencing any sort of problems with your Cync Light Bulb, do not hesitate to contact the merchant for more assistance!

If your warranty is not voided yet, you could demand a replacement of the Cync Bulb!

Nicole B