cync cannot add device

The “Cync cannot add device” error message keeps bothering you. We have the solution!

When a particular message of this type appears, it means that your Cync device has failed to be added to the Cync platform.

This could mean multiple things and represent more than one issue with your setup.

Let’s learn how to quickly resolve this problem:

To fix when Cync cannot add a device, reboot your network router and host a compatible WiFi network for the device. Next, update the version of the Cync app and hard reset the problematic Cync device. Finally, reinstall the Cync app.

To review the causes of this problem in more depth, keep reading!

Why GE Cync Cannot Add Device – Error Message Explained!

why the cync cannot add device

Before we jump into troubleshooting, we’ve figured that a quick summary of what’s causing this problem would be of major help to you.

Here’s what causing the Cync issue:

  • You’ve selected Incompatible WiFi Network
  • There’s a Power Problem with the Cync Device
  • The Cync Platform has run into service problems

Here we’ve discussed what could mainly impact the setup of your Cync Device. 

In order to troubleshoot the following causes accordingly, proceed with our guide!

Cync Cannot Add Device – Fixed!

how fix cannot add device

To achieve the most efficiency in the upcoming troubleshooting steps, pay attention to all instructions, alerts, tips, and notes we’ve included.

They are essential for your success.

With everything important being mentioned, let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Connect Device to Proper Wi-Fi

First things first, we must discuss what are the Wi-Fi capabilities of your Cync device.

Regardless of whether you’re getting LED lights, a bulb, or a smart plug connected to the Cync app, an appropriate WiFi network must be selected.

  • All Cync devices are currently only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi Networks

In that regard, hooking up your Cync device to a 5GHz Wi-Fi would be impossible, to say the least.

The setup will fail and the error code you’ve seen will appear again and again, as long as you have selected a compatible Wi-Fi network for your device.

Tip: You could create a 2.4GHz thread for your WiFi in the router settings.

Solution #2 Hard Reset the Cync Device

hard reset the cync

Perhaps, the device you wish to connect with Cync has Underlying Power issues.

The best way to fight off problems of this kind is to perform a Hard Reset on the device.

This works for all types of Cync devices since all of them connect to either a light socket or a power source in order to function.

Let’s learn how to perform a Hard Reset on the Cync unit:

  1. Disconnect the Cync device from Out the Power Socket.
  2. Wait for 60 Seconds while the Cync device has no power income.
  3. Re-attach the device to the light socket or electrical outlet.
  4. Turn on the Cync Device.
  5. Attempt to pair the Cync device to the mobile application

The hard reset will only take effect if you’ve kept it unplugged for 5 minutes straight with the power supply cut.

Tip: In addition, make sure that the power source of the device is functional and transmits.

Solution #3 Update the Cync Platform

update the platform

If you’re running an outdated version of the Cync app, you’ll most likely encounter a problem such as this one.

The way to troubleshoot this error code is to have the version of the app installed on your phone, and updated to the latest available version.

Let’s go through updating the Cync app on your mobile device:

  1. Launch the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Press “Manage Installed Applications”.
  3. Use the search field to locate the Cync App.
  4. Press on “App Info”.
  5. Choose “Check for Updates” (the button should be in green color).
  6. (Optional) If an update becomes available, press the “UpdateButton.
  7. Wait…

Keep in mind that the “Update” button will only appear if an update script is available for the application. 

Note: If an update triggers, make sure to wait out its full being. 

Solution #4 Restart your Network Device

restart network device

Perhaps, a Network Problem has occurred with your router device.

What you should do at this point, is simply restart your network, by unplugging the network device for a couple of minutes.

This will cause all of the WiFi networks to be reset, along with all of the services that are hosted by the network device. Let’s learn how to restart it!

  • Unplug your Network Device and wait for 5 minutes until the router discharges!

Make sure to keep the network device for the full duration of 5 minutes, otherwise, it will not achieve the discharge state it must.

If that happens, the network won’t be refreshed and the services won’t be brought back online.

Tip: Disconnect the router’s adapter from both ends to discharge the equipment as well.

Solution #5 Reinstall the Cync Platform

reinstall cync app

Reinstalling Cync will help with the setup issues you’re having with your Cync device.

If a temporal glitch or corrupted data has formed within the platform, you’ll be able to set up any of your purchased Cync devices, until the platform is reinstalled on your mobile phone.

Let’s learn how to reinstall the Cync Platform in easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Launch the Settings of your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to “Storage” by pressing the appropriate tab.
  3. Press the “Search Field”.
  4. Begin typing “Cync” onto the search box.
  5. Press Search.
  6. Highlight the Cync app and Uninstall It.
  7. Once the app has been removed, head to the App Store.
  8. Download the Cync app again.
  9. Follow the setup of the Cync app once it has been downloaded.
  10. Attempt to find your Cync device at the “Add Device” tab.

When launching the Cync app for the first time after installation, enable “Automatic Updates” for the platform.

Note: You could enable automatic updates for all of your apps within the device’s store.

How to Fix When Cync App Not Finding Lights?

hpw fix the cync app

Before specializing in light troubleshooting with the fixes below, Try all of the solutions above.

The methods above are universal and are helpful for issues with whatever Cync device you’re having setup problems with. 

In case nothing of the guide above helped, proceed with these instructions:

Fix #1 Power Cycle the Cync Light

  • To perform a power cycle on the Cync light, unscrew it from the light socket

Keep the Cync light disconnected for at least 5 minutes, or the device will not discharge.

The goal of this solution is to make all of the intact electricity within the bulb/LED lights be discharged and then refresh both the software and hardware.

Tip: You should also turn off the power hosted and maintained by the light switch.

Fix #2 Install in a Different Socket

install in different socket
  • Uninstall your bulb from the current socket and install it in an alternative one

Since the power supply of your Cync bulb comes through the light socket, any complications with the electricity flow could cause issues with the setup.

What you should do is have your bulb installed in a different light socket and test it.

Tip: If the previous socket seems faulty, call a technician to take a look at it.

Fix #3 Reset the Cync Bulb

reset the bulb
  • Perform a reset on the bulb by turning the switch ON/OFF 5 times

As a result of the triggered reset, your bulb will flash twice and then go into a temporal reboot sequence.

For the upcoming one or two minutes of the reset, do not interact with either the bulb or its light switch. Once the device is ready to use, it will light up.

Alert: Resetting the bulb will delete its existing power settings if you have set up any.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix when Cync cannot add a device, refresh the Cync app and connect the device to a compatible network. Next, update the version of the Cync app and clear its cache. Moving on, restart your network device and reinstall the Cync platform.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we’ve learned why Cync cannot add device regardless of what you do.

We’ve gone through the best possible solutions so that you could troubleshoot both the application and the Cync device you’re having issues with.

If you’re still experiencing any sort of trouble, you should consider contacting Cync themselves and asking for more troubleshooting tips!

If our guide managed to help you, check out our online technical blog for more content!

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