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Channel not available Philips TV and wondering what to do next? Here you’ll find a solution!

We assume that you’re seeing the “CHANNEL NOT AVAILABLE” message on your Philips TV screen.

If that’s the case, then your TV is not receiving any signal from its source, regardless of whether it’s a cable or an antenna.

To fix channels that aren’t available on your Philips TV, first, try power cycling the device and check if the antenna/cable is connected to your TV. Next, you can try reinstalling all channels and make sure you’re only adding analog channels.

Let’s first learn where the issue is coming from and then move on to the complete fix guide.

Why Does Philips Smart TV Channel Not Available Message Appear?

The problem could be coming from several sources when it comes down to unavailable channels on your Philips smart TV.

It’s first recommended to examine the wiring of your device, since if channels are not found, your Philips TV most likely got disconnected.

Here are all of the problems that could have occurred to the channels of your Philips TV:

1. Temporal Glitch Or Bug

An issue with your Philips TV that involves a glitch or a bug with the channels, might be causing the problem.

2. TV Provider Outage

An issue with your TV provider’s services could cause problems with the channels on your Philips TV.

3. Wiring Problem

Incorrectly secured wiring or faulty cables will also cause problems with the channels.

4. TV Providing Device Malfunction

If you’re using an antenna or set-top box to supply your TV with channels, the problem could be found with the respective device.

5. No Channels Added

If you haven’t added any channels to your Philips TV in the first place, the guide will say “NO CHANNELS AVAILABLE”.

Those were all the problems that could have impacted your Philips TV’s channels.

Let’s now proceed to the troubleshooting guide and get this issue resolved as soon as possible!

How To Fix Channel Not Available Philips TV Problem?

fix channel not available philips tv

Before we proceed, make sure to reboot your Philips TV.

The problem might be temporary and related to a failed service or a bug, and by performing a simple restart you might resolve the issue before you even start.

In case the simple restart does not help, proceed with a more advanced type of reboot:

Solution #1 Power Discharge Philips TV

Unlike the reboot, a power discharge will discharge all of the electricity within your Philips TV and provide a cold boot.

That’s why our first solution is related to power cycling/discharging your TV to solve the problem you’re experiencing with the channels list.

Here’s how to power discharge your Philips TV in easy steps:

  1. Shut down your Philips TV using the remote control.
  2. Unplug the A/C power adapter from the source of your television.
  3. Standby for around 5 minutes until your TV is completely drained.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter and turn on your TV.
  5. Test.
Note: Use a standalone power outlet to connect your TV to the power.

Solution #2 Scan For Channels

scan channels

If you’re seeing no channels in the guide of your Philips TV, then most likely you haven’t added any channels to the device yet.

When connecting your Philips TV with a cable or having a separate antenna, you must trigger a channel scan.

Here is how to start a scan and hopefully discover ALL channels:

  1. On your Philips remote, press the settings button and go to “Channels”.
  2. Select “Antenna & cable installation” and choose “Search for channels”.
  3. Highlight “Start Now” and press the OK button on your Philips remote.
  4. Select “Reinstall all channels” and then choose either antenna or cable.
  5. If you’re using a cable provider, select your own provider’s cable.
  6. Choose “Digital channels only” and highlight the “Start” option.
  7. Wait for your Philips TV to finish looking for channels.
Note: Ensure that you’ve selected cable or antenna respectively to what you have. 

If you have an antenna connected to your TV but you selected the cable option, it will fail.

Solution #3 Troubleshoot The Wiring

Regardless of whether you’re using an antenna or cable to supply your Philips TV with channels, there could be a problem with the wiring between these two instances.

In that regard, we suggest troubleshooting the wiring and replacing any faulty units that could prevent your TV from getting channels.

fix wirings

Here’s how to troubleshoot the wiring on your Philips TV easily:

>> Reconnect ALL Cables

Disconnect and then re-attaching all of the cables in your configuration, including the COAX or Antenna cable.

>> Check Inputs

There could be a problem with the input where your cables go in. Ensure that the coax input is free of dust inside and makes good contact.

>> Replace Faulty Cables

Lastly, make sure to examine the hardware of the antenna or the TV provider’s cables for fault. Request a replacement if the cable is lethally damaged.

Note: In case you identify a problem with the (long) coaxial cable, make sure to call your providers instead of replacing it yourself since there might be fees for doing so.

Solution #4 Relocate Antenna

Keep in mind that this solution will only be helpful to users who have an antenna attached to their Philips TV.

If you’re using a cable provider, hence, only a cable, these instructions won’t be of any help to you so you should jump to solution #5.

If you’re using an antenna to your Philips television, we suggest relocating the antenna to fix issues with the signal.

The best place you can position your antenna is near a window since it will definitely have fewer obstructions on its way.

Moreover, you can even Google where the closest signal tower is and position your antenna accordingly.

For that purpose, have GPS enabled on your phone and Google the following:

-“Where is the closest signal tower next to me”?

Tip: Position your antenna towards the location you will receive from the Google search.

Solution #5 Reset Your TV

If nothing helped so far, then the issue most likely is not with your cable or antenna. Instead, we suggest factory resetting your TV and then rescanning for the channels once the process has concluded.

Alert: The factory reset will wipe ALL data and configurations from your TV.

Make sure to save anything that you would need to be recovered after the reset.

reset your tv

Here’s how to reset your Philips TV in easy steps:

  1. Go to the SETTINGS tab of your device.
  3. Move your cursor to the START NOW button.
  4. Highlight it and press the OK button on your remote.
  5. Finally, press the MENU button to close the menu and wait.
Pro Tip: Once you’re done with the reset, rescan for channels using the instructions from Solution #1.

If a reset couldn’t help solve the problem either, contact your TV provider to request assistance.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the not available channels on Philips TV, power cycle the television and rescan for channels through the menu. Next, inspect and replace faulty cables and relocate your antenna. Lastly, perform a reset on your Philips TV to solve the problem.

Now that you know why the channel not available Philips TV and how to resolve the problem, the execution of the process is up to you.

Use our solutions to solve the problem and if you fail, contact your supplier for more help.

Nicole B