how do i get the sound back on my philips tv

Wondering how do I get the sound back on my Philips TV? Keep reading!

Sound problems could occur with Philips TV, especially if you have connected third-party sound systems to your device.

The problem could vary from problematic wiring, all the way to internal fault with the television.

To get the sound back on your Philips TV, ensure you have not muted the TV or lowered its volume to a minimum. Next, go to the sound options and select the third-party sound device (if connected) or the default option.

There are even more methods you could attempt in case the sound on your Philips TV is gone, so read along to reveal them.

Why Is There No Sound On My Philips TV?

As we’ve mentioned above, the sound of your Philips TV is dependent on the third-party device you have connected.

For instance, if you had previously connected a sound device and disconnected it recently, your Philips TV might still have the very same device selected in the settings, although it isn’t plugged in.

It has to be disengaged so your TV can output from the default speakers.

Having that said, let’s take a look at the most frequently reported causes:

1. TV Speakers Not Selected

In order for your TV to output any sound, you must have selected a sound device that is either the default or external speaker.

2. Muted/Low Volume

If you’ve muted your Philips TV or lowered its volume all the way down, you won’t be hearing any output sound.

3. Outdated Drivers/Firmware

Update your TV OS or 3rd party device firmware. In case you’re using a PC, update audio drivers.

4. SAP Turned On

A secondary audio program, also known as “SAP” might be causing problems with the sound output from your Philips TV.

5. Hardware Sound Problem

Even if unlikely, there can be a hardware malfunction with the sound output of your Philips TV that needs repairing.

Those were all of the causes that could have impacted your Philips TV’s sound output. Keep reading, as we unveil the best solutions against these issues!

How To Fix The Sound On My Philips Smart TV?

how to fix the sound on my philips smart tv

Try rebooting your TV before applying any of the solutions that we’ve prepared.

The problem could be related to a glitch or bug that can be easily fixed with a restart.

In case the restart didn’t help, here is how to fix the sound on your Philips Smart TV:

Solution #1 Power Discharge Your Philips TV

The first solution is related to power-discharging your Philips TV.

This practical power cycles your device, temporarily removing all electricity flow within your TV.

In most cases, it can solve glitches or bugs impacting the sound output.

Here’s how to discharge your Philips Smart TV:

  1. Turn OFF your Philips TV using the remote or the power button.
  2. Unplug the A/C power adapter from the outlet.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes before reattaching the power adapter.
  4. Once reconnected with the power supply, turn on your TV and test the sound.
Tip: You should plug your Philips smart TV into an alternative power source outlet to avoid power-related troubles that could be causing issues with the sound output.

Solution #2 Unmute/Increase Volume

philips tv volume increase

There’s a possibility that you either lowered the volume of your Philips TV all the way down or have muted the device.

That’s why using the steps above you’ll find out whether your TV sound is being suppressed by something.

Here’s how to check for the mute status and the sound level on your Philips smart TV:

  1. Grab your Philips TV remote and make sure your device is turned on.
  2. Point the remote towards and the TV presses the “Mute” button.
  3. If the mute icon status appeared in gray, this means that you’ve unmuted your TV.
  4. In case it is in red, you just muted your device.
  5. Press the Volume/Up button around 10-15 times and check for sound.
Note: Pressing the mute button might mute your Philips TV if it hasn’t been muted by now, so ensure that the mute status icon is in gray upon pressing the button.

Solution #3 Switch OFF Selected Sources

If you have any third-party device connected to your Philips TV that isn’t a sound system, you might have selected its source along with its sound preferences.

For instance, streaming devices such as Roku and Firestick, come along with audio preferences that may be or not be connected to your TV.

You can change selected sources by pressing the “Source” button on your Philips TV remote and simply choosing “Watch TV” or by going into an application.

Make sure to switch off any source inputs you’ve selected and test your Philips TV sound using an application from its own software.

Tip: To test you can also visit an online streaming platform, such as YouTube.

Solution #4 Disconnect ALL Devices

remove any devices

If you’ve connected a sound device to your TV, this might be causing you trouble with the sound.

We suggest disconnecting any sound devices such as headphones, soundbars, computers, laptops, and consoles.

Simply disconnect everything from the back of your TV, again and go to “Watch TV” to check if the problem is still there.

This should automatically select the default audio source, thus, your in-built Philips TV speakers from which you should be able to test.

Tip: It’s recommended to re-apply solution #2 in case the TV is muted.

Solution #5 Turn OFF SAP

The secondary audio programming (SAP) feature should remain disabled at all times to preserve the sound of your Philips TV.

It practically enables a second audio program, but if there isn’t anything recorded, you won’t hear a single sound coming out of your TV.

In that regard, here’s how to disable SAP on your Philips Smart TV:

  1. Open the MENU tab on your Philips TV.
  2. Go to “SETUP” and then choose “AUDIO”.
  3. Select “Digital audio language” and set it to “OFF”.
Note: If you wish to re-enable the SAP, you can go to the same tab in the settings of your Philips TV to turn the feature back on.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Philips TV

reset your philips tv

If you’re still asking, “how do I get the sound back on my Philips TV”, we suggest performing a factory reset on your TV.

If the problem is software-related, the reset will erase ALL settings and configurations and most likely solve the problem you’re experiencing.

Here’s how to factory reset your Philips TV:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Philips TV.
  3. Head over to the START NOW button and highlight it.
  4. On your Philips remote, press OK and wait.
Note: Ensure to preserve your Philips TV’s power supply while the reset is ongoing to avoid additional software complications.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to get the sound back on your Philips TV, power cycle the device and disconnect any third-party sound devices. Then, turn OFF the SAP feature and choose the “Watch TV” source to test. In case nothing helps, perform a factory reset.

Now when we’ve answered the question “how do I get the sound back on my Philips TV?” and how to keep this issue from occurring again, the troubleshooting is up to you.

You can get in touch with Philips at all times for additional assistance regarding the problem!

Nicole B