how to change frequency on chamberlain garage door opener

If you’re wondering how to change frequency on Chamberlain garage door opener then you’re not quite familiar with the functionality.

Changing the frequency on a Chamberlain garage door opener is a way to secure your device in case the security codes were leaked. 

However, it’s not the frequency that you need to change, instead, you should focus on alternating the rolling code.

To change the frequency on the Chamberlain garage door opener you would need to reset the rolling codes. This operation happens using either the SMART or LEARN buttons on your device, depending on which of them your device has.

Let’s first learn whether it’s possible to change the actual frequency and how the rolling code is related.

Can You Change The Frequency Of Chamberlain?

change the frequency on chamberlain garage door opener

With all garage door openers, changing the working frequency is actually impossible.

However, you can change the rolling code that your remote sends to the motor, which will essentially alternate the frequency of the opener.

Keep in mind that Chamberlain garage door openers work with a rolling code since the early 2000s and are no longer operated by a dip switch. 

On your opener, you should find the learn button that will help you change the rolling code which the remote uses to communicate with the opener.

How To Change Garage Door Opener Frequency On A Chamberlain Opener?

how to change garage door frequency

Before we move on, we want to mention once again that your Chamberlain opener uses the rolling code system.

The rolling code system is a technology that alternates the code, each time you open the garage door opener using your Chamberlain remote.

By changing it in the upcoming guide, you will reset all codes that will appear on your system.

Since you’re mainly doing this for protection purposes, this is the best way to protect your system from someone who eavesdropped or stole your code.

Here’s how to change the frequency of your Chamberlain garage door opener:

Step #1 Search For A “Smart” Or “Learn” Button

search for smart button

The code that your Chamberlain garage door opener uses can be accessed by searching for the “SMART” or the “SEARCH” button.

Older models have the search button, while newer Chamberlain garage door panels have the smart button.

Either of these buttons will take you to the settings that will enable you to change the code.

To go to the required features, simply press the button and then release it.

A quick press is going to get the job done, don’t overhold it since you can trigger a reset on the garage door opener, which is not what you’re looking for.

You should hold the button for an average of 1 second to open the settings of the device.

Note: With advanced Chamberlain garage door openers, the button may be digital.

Step #2 Begin The Rolling Code Change

rolling code change

You should now be at the settings of your Chamberlain garage door opener.

In contrast to the previous step, in this step, you will have to press and hold the smart or learn button on your door opener.

You should hold the SMART or LEARN button for 30 seconds and no less.

The 30 seconds of holding time will trigger the exact setting that will allow you to alternate the code that your remote and garage door opener communicate with.

Tip: In the settings you’ve navigated in the previous step, you may find useful features.

Step #3 Finalize The Rolling Code Change

Now when you’re aware of how to change frequency on Chamberlain garage door opener there are some things to do beforehand.

Unfortunately, you’re unable to choose custom values for the new code of your garage door opener and remote.

finalize rolling code change

In fact, the system will automatically reset all code values you’ve used so far, which will add additional anti-theft prevention.

If someone memorized your codes or recorded them, that’s pretty dangerous, since they can later use them to hack your system, which is something you don’t want.

Back on track, holding the smart or learn buttons for 30 seconds, will cause your garage door opener’s panel to blink twice.

This is the exact signal light you need to know that you have to press either of the buttons once again to change the value for the remote code.

Once the garage door opener’s sensor blinks or clicks twice, quickly press the “Smart” or the “Learn” buttons immediately after.

Note: The rolling code values will be changed upon pressing either of the buttons after the signal light blink.

Step #4 Test The New Code

For this last step, you will need access to your garage door opener remote.

More accurately, you will be testing the new code that your system has generated, using your remote.

How To Verify Remote Functionality?

verify remote functionality

Since you need your garage door opener remote to be functional for this step, you must verify its functionality.

Especially on remotes that control garage door openers, they are small and compact, therefore their battery is not as large.

The first thing you should do is test the remote and determine if its frequency makes contact with the garage door opener.

If no output is observed from the garage door opener panel, the next thing you have to do is replace the remote’s batteries.

How To Test New Remote Code?

This is the easy part. To determine if the new code is discoverable by your remote, press the “HOME” button.

This should make the garage door opener trigger and therefore close/open, based on its current state.

Tip: If the setup does not work, repeat the steps from the beginning.

What Frequency Does My Chamberlain Use?

what frequency chamberlain uses

Since 2005, Chamberlain manufacturers as well as other companies have set the frequency of their garage door opener units to 315 MHz.

The reason is that the garage door openers must match the U.S Department of Defense and the department of homeland security already use the 390 MHz to control the LMR system.

In other words, garage door opener frequencies must not match the frequency that the Land Mobile Radio or the LMR system of the U.S department uses.

That makes changing the frequency of the opener almost impossible and indeed illegal in some cases. 

However, you can still change the code your Chamberlain remote uses to use the opener in a “different” frequency.


Thus, to change the frequency on the Chamberlain garage door opener you would need to wake up the device and hold the SMART or LEARN button for 30 seconds. After the LEDs blink you need to press once, either of the buttons again, and the rolling codes will be changed.

Bottom Line:

Now that you’re aware of how to change frequency on Chamberlain garage door opener, and more accurately the rolling code, you can secure your system.

Feel free to perform the change whenever you feel it’s necessary to strengthen the theft protection and provide yourself with peace of mind.

We hope that this post was helpful for you to understand how the Chamberlain garage door opener functions and how to change the “frequency”.

If you’re interested in more guides such as this one, make sure to check our online blog.

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