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How to change BT WiFi password easily? – this might be the question of anyone who just their BT Wi-Fi had installed in their home.

Changing your security key might be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you are not yet familiar with how it commonly works.

You might also find changing passwords to be a bit tedious, especially if you are using a BT Wifi because the process depends on what model you have.

But you have nothing to worry about as we are here to make your life easier by walking you through the step-by-step process of quickly changing the password of your wireless connection!

Why Change BT WiFi Password?

why change change bt wifi password

Before proceeding to the steps, you should know that a password secures the BT Broadband Hub’s Wifi in order to prevent anyone else from having unauthorised access.

If you do not know where to find the admin access key, you may look at your BT Broadband Hub’s settings card.

The wireless connection provider discourages its users from making changes to the password because they firmly believe that the ones that they provided are already strong.

However, just for you to be able to keep a peaceful mind, it is highly recommended that you change your security key on a regular basis.

Read here how to do the BT Wi-Fi change password depending on the model!

BT Smart Hub and Ultrafast Smart Hub

bt smart hub password

Do you have the BT Smart Hub or Ultrafast Smart Hub at home?

If yes, then here are the easy steps that you should follow on how to change BT Wi-Fi password for these models!

Step #1. The first step is for you to open a new browser on a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet that is connected to the BT Wi-Fi Hub.

Once you have opened the browser, click on the search or address bar and type “”. Doing this step should direct you to the administrator panel.

Step #2. When you are on the Wi-Fi manager, click on the “Advanced Settings” box that you can find on the lower right corner of the screen.

Step #3. Clicking the “Advanced Settings” will show you a different set of options. Next, choose “Wireless” among those options.

Step #4. After clicking on the “Wireless” option, you will be required to type the admin access key. If it hasn’t been changed before, you will see the default password at the back of your Hub settings card.

On the other hand, if it has been changed before and you don’t know or forgot about it, you have the option to use the code override feature.

Also, you can nominate a new admin access code without resetting all your personal settings and configurations.

Step #5. Now, for the final step, change your wireless key by overtyping the current Security Password with a security key that you want to change it with.

You should note that security experts strongly advise that the password should be between twelve to sixty-three characters that are a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

BT Smart Hub 2

bt smart hub 2 wifi password change

To change the connection key for this model, you will have to do the deed via the mobile application.

Here is the step-by-step process for you to understand it better.

Step #1. Launch the “My BT” app. Once you are already in the application, tap on the “Home Network” button.

Step #2. This will re-route you to a new set of options. You must select the “Settings” tab and then the “Network Settings” option.

Step #3. Next, click on the “Change Wifi password

Step #4. To change the Wi-Fi code, you must enter your current key.

Step #5. Lastly, you must enter the new Wi-Fi access key and then confirm it

BT Home Hub 4 and Home Hub 5

bt smart hub 4 & 5

Are you searching about BT WiFi change password for home hub four and five? Lucky for you, we have just summarized the steps in here!

Step #1. The first step in changing the wireless key, you need to open a new browser through a connected device.

When you are already in the browser, type in the address or search bar.

This will lead you to the admin interface where you can manage and configure the settings of your wireless connection.

You should take note that if it is the first time that you have opened this, you will be asked to change the admin code.

Step #2. The next step is going to the “Advanced Settings” which you can find between the “Settings” and “Troubleshooting” tab. After that, choose the “Wireless” option.

Step #3. In order for you to be able to nominate a new key, you must overtype the existing one with the code that you want to have.

Step #4. Remember that if you have split your Service Set Identifier or SSID, you may have to repeat all these steps to change the code for the 5Ghz Wireless band.

BT Home Hub 3

bt smart hub 3 password change

The process of changing the wireless key for this model is a bit different compared with that of the Home Hub 4 and 5.

Step #1. Just like the first step for the other models of this wifi, just go to a browser and type in the address bar to open the administrator panel.

Step #2. You must type in the access code found under the card of your wifi settings. You will have to change the preset admin key if it is your first time opening it.

Step #3. The next step is to open the “Settings”. This is where the process is slightly different. You can find it between the “Services” and “Troubleshooting” tabs.

Step #4. After that, select the “Wireless” option.

Step #5. Lastly, nominate a new password of your choice! Just be sure that it is strong enough to prevent the hackers from successfully guessing it.

More Helpful Notes

Now that you know how to change BT Wifi password easily depending on the model that you have, here are more helpful notes for you to keep in mind!

Changing your wireless key on a regular basis helps in preventing people who want to leech on your connection to have unwanted access.

You must also keep in mind to nominate very random passwords so that they won’t be able to guess it easily! Utilize the use of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers!

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