centurylink internet not working

CenturyLink internet not working and confused what to do next? There are always a lot of solutions online when it comes to troubleshooting, but which of them actually works, is a little harder to find.

In this guide, we have summarized all the steps you need to find a solution to why your CenturyLink internet is not working. Sometimes it is not technical at all, sometimes a little effort on the part of users is enough.

CenturyLink Internet not Working – Fix Methods

fix centurylink internet not working

Let us learn a few basic troubleshooting methods that you can apply to fix your connection. Follow these steps one by one.

1. Disconnect Your Modem

This is the first thing you should do. Simply unplug it from the wall socket and leave it disconnected for at least a minute. You don’t have to repeat the process, if it didn’t work out, simply proceed to the next step.

2. System Update

All technical devices need an update from time to time, it is the way it is, so the second thing to try is to check for updates.

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You don’t have to back up your device, your setting will not be reset, so just follow these steps:

  • Connect any device to the internet using or wired connection, or Wi-Fi.
  • Enter into your browser
  • Use your administrator username and password to log in to your modem’s online interface (You will find it on the back of your modem unless you have changed it, in which case you have remembered it, or written it down somewhere)
  • Choose Advanced setup
  • Find Security and press Administrator password
  • Simply follow the instructions

Once when you are in the settings of your modem you can change everything and also check for updates.

3. Look at Your Cables

centurylink no internet

Check your cables thoroughly, can you see any damage and are they firmly connected to the devices and the wall socket.

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If you find any damage, simply replace it with the new cable. Your connection may not work on a damaged cable.

4. Updating in the Background

Check if your connected devices are updating or downloading. Sometimes your devices are updating, and you know nothing about it. You could also check this before things get more technical.

5. General Updates

We have already mentioned that your modem needs to be updated frequently, but your devices and browsers also need to be updated.

As we all know, the technology is evolving day by day and updates are highly necessary and advisable if you want everything to work perfectly and with improvements. 

It is quite straightforward to update your device or your browser, just press the update button and that’s it. This could also be the reason why your CenturyLink internet is not working or is extremely slow.

6. Announced Outages

Sometimes the company needs to make repairs, or there is simply a problem on their side that needs to be resolved.

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Normally, these problems are announced in advanced so that users can prepare for them and not fanatically call customer service. You can check the social media of the Company if there have been some announced outages.

7. Check the Wiring in Your House

This is when things get more technical on your side. Finally, before you call the CenturyLink service and get stuck on the line forever, you can check your wiring.

For this, you will have to go out of your house and search for the network interface device. It is a small grey box outside your building or your home, sometimes attic or basement.

network interface device

Before you venture out to search for a box, make sure you have a screwdriver, a modem with all its cables and an extension cable with you. Just in case.

  • Use your screwdriver and open the box. You will see CUSTOMER ACCESS and open this side
  • Search for a cord that is going from the house into the box. You will see a test jack that has a wire plugged in
to home plug
Network interface device located
  • Unplug that cord and connect one side of the modem cable into the same jack and the other end into the DSL/LINE port (it is usually on the side of the modem or at the back)
  • Connect your modem into the wall socket. Now you will probably need that extension cable to reach the wall socket
  • Wait for the green light on the modem (It can be up to five minutes)
  • Connect your device to the modem. You should use a direct connection because if you use Wi-Fi results night not be accurate.
  • Now do a speed test
  • When you are done, plug the same cord into test jack and secure the box
centurylink speed test

CenturyLink Internet Light Red

centurylink internet light red

Red light is never good. Whether in the car or on the modem, it always indicates that something is not working as it should. If you see that your centurylink internet light is red it means that your DSL internet signal cannot be found.

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You should know that after setting up the CenturyLink modem, red internet light will be on for about 30 seconds. This is completely normal.

On the other hand, constant red light can be resolved following these steps:

  • Disconnect the modem (All lights should be off)
  • Wait for about a minute before plugging it back in
  • You should wait for the green light. As we said, it will take some time but not longer than a minute
  • Try again to connect it to the internet

If this problem persists, you will have to phone their service and report the issue. They will inform you what to do next.


We have given you all sorts of reasons why your CenturyLink internet is not working and by now you should be in your house browsing the web with a satisfactory internet speed.

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If that is not the case, call the CenturyLink service and have a chat with them.

Further Read: If you feel your connection is just disconnecting, you can refer this guide for troubleshooting.

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