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How to cancel cox service after you realize that you no longer want this service? Just like terminating anything else, this can be frustrating, long at times and with certain fees that you most of the time want to avoid. Of course, we all want to avoid fees and make the process as painless as possible, not always plausible thou.

However, that’s where we jump in and do our best at trying to show you how to skip on a massive headache cancellation can cause and to make you a happy individual instead.

Cox Cancel Service

cox cancel service

When it comes to canceling a service from any provider it is all down to the time before the cancellation call and after you cancel your service. This more or less applies to each provider because they all follow similar rules.

For Cox Cancel Service to be fruitful, the best place to start is to contact customer service. You can mail or email your cancellation request, but this is never a good practice.

You don’t want to get stuck waiting forever for the reply and wondering if they got your message in the first place. Your best and the quickest chance is to call them.

Did you know that there are actually companies that can take on the whole cancellation process and save you time and money?

Not that this is an option for you, but just to be aware that if this process is daunting for you, you can simply hire a company to negotiate cancellation for you.

Prepare for the Cancellation Process

They will not make it easy for you and you should be prepared when you try to do your cox cancel service. You should fetch the customer contract you have signed with them and review it.

Don’t be afraid of all these legal terms, their sole purpose is to scare you- rise beyond that. These are only words wrapped up in the shiny decor paper.

Find the section where cancellation or termination is mentioned and read it. These fees can range anywhere between 10 to 500 dollars.

Also, check for the breach in the contract such as a possible long-term outage or missing channels. If you are not able to find it, simply tell them you are not happy with the service.

Cox Cancelation Steps

cancelling cox service

Now that you feel a bit more confident, follow these cancellation steps one by one.

  • Make a call to customer service
  • Give them your customer number and your personal details
  • Tell them you want to cancel your subscription
  • Request confirmation (very important)

If you want to cancel online you can do it here but eventually, you will end up calling them anyway, so might as well do it now.

How to Pause your Cox Contract

You don’t have to cancel cox service if you are unsure, perhaps you can just put it on hold. In this case, you don’t have to return anything, and you do not pay anything during the break period.

You can always get bac to them any time by simply calling customer service and telling them that you want to come back. Easy-peasy, right!

Cox Cancellation Policy

cancel cox service policy

You have an item in your contract (ETF) that refers to early termination and states that any cancellation that occurs within 30 days of contract commencing means that you don’t pay anything.

After that period is over, you will be charged a certain fee. How much this would be, you can be checked in your customer agreement.

What About my Bill?

Regardless of the reason for your cancellation, you will have to pay your outstanding invoices. If you cancel your service before the billing cycle is over, you will not be billed for the entire month.

How to Return Cox Equipment

how to return cox equipment

Yes, Cox equipment needs to be returned and in good condition. They will be more willing to terminate your subscription if you tell them you will give back the equipment and that is not damaged.

Cox cancel service can be very expensive if the equipment is damaged. Once you have packed your equipment make sure to call them again.

The Cost of Returning the Equipment

If you want to avoid possible charges when it comes to returning the equipment, follow these two simple rules. The process is completely free of charge for you.

  • Return it to the store within the 10 calendar days (you don’t want to waste any time)
  • It needs to be returned to the store within 30 days of purchase if you want a refund

If you want to make sure what to return, and do not want to miss anything then check the next list.

  • Receiver
  • All the cords you received
  • Internet and telephone modem
  • Remote controls
  • Basically, everything you received in the box needs to go back as well

Where to Return Cox Equipment?

As I mentioned earlier, the return of your equipment is completely free for you if you do your Cox cancel service properly. Find the nearest Cox store or you can find the nearest UPS store and drop your equipment there. You can also return it by mail, in which case, you don’t have to go anywhere. Contact Cox either online or by phone and ask for a pre-paid box to be sent to you.

Sometimes they offer you a technician pick-up, which is basically their way of getting another 20 dollars out of your pocket. You are better off doing it as we discussed in this section and that is free of charge.


It does not matter why you want to cancel Cox service; the important thing is how you will go about it.

Be smart and do your calculations before you cancel, meaning check your contract and weigh up whether is it better to fork out for early termination or wait for the end of your contract.

Either way, we hope this guide has helped you find the right and cheapest solution for you.

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