can you transfer amazon gift card balance to bank

Interested in how can you transfer Amazon Gift Card balance to bank

Let’s find out all about this!

If you have a larger amount of balance on the Amazon Gift Card you may be wondering whether it’s possible to transfer those funds into your bank balance.

Well, there are certain limitations and rules that we need to be aware of. Let’s learn whether it’s possible or not.

According to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, you cannot transfer the Gift Card Funds or redeem them for cash. The Amazon Gift Cards can only be redeemed at the Amazon Pay Wallet and users can easily withdraw the funds later to their bank accounts.

There are quite a few methods and tricks to learn about Amazon Gift Cards so let’s learn more!

Can You Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank?

It is not possible to transfer the Amazon Gift Card Funds to your bank account directly because of Amazon’s limitations.

can you transfer amazon gift card balance to bank

Also, the funds in your Gift Card can only be redeemed in your wallet and then withdrawn to your bank account. Indirectly.

You can only transfer the Amazon Gift Card Funds to the Amazon Wallet!

In addition, users should know that you cannot transfer your Gift Card Funds for cash directly.

However, there are many indirect ways such as purchasing any item on the behalf of your friend or investing your card balance in some valuable items that you can later re-sell.

Note: You can purchase anything on Amazon from your account Wallet or Amazon Pay.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Another Account?

transfer funds to another account

You can transfer the amount from an Amazon Gift Card to another account by sending the funds from your profile to a recipient.

By all means, the Amazon Gift Card has to be redeemed once!

You can get your Gift Card *unredeemed* by contacting Amazon customer service!

Mistakes often happen due to a misconception of how Amazon Gift Cards work. Once claimed, the Gift Card Funds will be added to the Amazon

Account and the funds can be used for different purposes such as Send to Bank Account, Recipient, UPI ID, and more.

Let’s next move forward with all the tricks and workarounds to manage the Amazon Gift Cards!

How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Bank Account?

There is no way to transfer the Amazon Gift Card Funds to your bank account directly.

The Amazon Gift Cards can only be redeemed in the Amazon Wallet or to purchase items from affiliate stores. 

You can, however, withdraw from your Amazon Pay to your Bank Account!

how to transfer gift card funds

This will allow us to redeem the Amazon Gift Card to our Amazon Wallet and then withdraw the balance to our bank accounts only after completing an Account Verification Process.

Let’s get into the steps to be able to redeem an Amazon Gift Card to transfer the balance:

  1. Log in to the Amazon Account through the Amazon Website in your country.
  2. Go to Your Account from the menu and look for your Gift Balance option.
  3. Select the Redeem The Gift Card option from the list.
  4. Input your Gift Card Code and click on Apply.
  5. The funds will now be transferred to the Amazon Pay Wallet.
  6. Then you need to press Send Money > Send to Bank Account.

If you are transferring the Amazon Gift Card funds from your wallet to the bank for the first time, then you need to provide some additional information to Amazon before proceeding to transfer.

The verification process might take a few days, but the funds will soon or later arrive!

Transfer Gift Card Funds To Debit Cards!

To transfer the balance from the Amazon Gift Card to your Debit Card you need to claim the Gift Card code and release the funds in your Amazon Pay Wallet.

From there, following the steps above we need to initiate a transfer to your bank account.

Once the funds reach your bank account, you’ll be able to spend them with your Debit Card.

Amazon Gift Card Funds Bank Transfer – For Shoppers

amazon gift card fund bank transfer

In this guide, we have covered all the methods to transfer the balance of the Amazon Gift Card to your bank account by redeeming it.

But if you are a shopper at Amazon, then here is a way that you have to follow to transfer your Gift Card fund to your bank account. 

Follow the below steps to transfer the Amazon Gift Card fund to your bank account:

  1. Go to the Amazon Pay website and log in to the Shopper option!
  2. Tap on the Withdraw Funds option and select your bank account.
  3. Enter the balance amount you need to transfer
  4. Click on it to continue to complete the process. 

Keep in mind that this is the only way for shoppers to transfer the funds that they collected by selling their services on Amazon.

It’s an innovative way to use Gift Cards this way!

Note: The shopper’s bank transfer takes up to 2 days to complete!

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Funds To Bank – Indirectly!

transfer amazon gift cards directly

Instead of bothering with a verification process and all the headaches that can come with money transferring with international banks, we can do something else.

Why not order items that we think can sell easily and then resell the products to acquire the balance in money?

  • You will find some everyday items cheaper than in the local stores!

Your actual concern to transfer your Gift Card Funds to the bank can be overcome by investing the Gift Card for items.

Fortunately, Amazon has almost everything in its stores.

You can purchase anything from the store, whether it is related to food, machinery, and other costly items that you can later re-sell to acquire the money from the Gift Card. 

Tip: You can also trade the Amazon Gift card for an amount of money!

Amazon Gift Card Transfer To Bank – FAQ

Here’s the answer to the most frequently asked questions in regard to Amazon Gift Cards:

Can I Transfer my Amazon Gift Card Funds To Paypal?

transfer the card fund to paypal

No, you cannot directly transfer the balance to PayPal.

You can only use your Gift Card to claim the balance on your Amazon Pay Wallet or purchase items from other Stores that support Amazon Pay.

You can withdraw the balance to your bank account and then send it to PayPal.

Can You Exchange Amazon Gift Card Funds For Cash?

Unfortunately No, Amazon doesn’t allow you to exchange Gift Cards for cash. Because these cards are only meant for online purchasing.

You can give your card to anyone for cash if you haven’t redeemed the card yet but this is not quite safe and guaranteed. Beware of a scam!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned that the only way to transfer the Amazon Gift Card funds to your bank account is by redeeming the Gift Card into the Amazon Pay Wallet. Then you can either send the funds to a recipient or to your bank account after account verification.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned whether can you transfer Amazon Gift Card balance to bank, we can start managing our Gift Cards and know how to use them.

The most common way users utilize the Gift Cards is by purchasing items on the Amazon Store that they’ll buy anyways!

To find more information about Amazon Gift Cards, follow us and check out our blog!

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