can you have pandora on multiple devices

If you’re asking “can you have Pandora on multiple devices” then this is the best informational guide that you will find.

Most of the online streaming platforms started to utilize plans allowing multiple users to use the service simultaneously.

Pandora is no exception and formalizes many streaming options available for subscribers.

However, each application is different in regard to devices under one account so let’s learn about Pandora.

The Pandora application will not allow you to stream music simultaneously for free. You need to subscribe to the service using a plan that will allow you to send invitations so members can log in and have Pandora streaming music on multiple devices.

Now that we know it’s possible, let’s review the Pandora plans/tiers, how much they cost and what you need to have the service on multiple devices.

About Pandora On Multiple Devices Tiers

pandora on multiple devices

As an online streaming platform, Pandora offers several different tiers with varying prices and respectively more or fewer features.

For multiple-device streaming, you would definitely need a paid plan that includes the benefit of people listening from one account at once.

Let’s learn about the different Pandora tiers and what they offer:

Tier #1 Pandora Free

This is the tier that comes fresh when downloading the application.

Without a subscription, you will listen to many advertisements at the start, middle, or end of each song. With the free plan, you won’t be able to skip/replay tracks.

Tier #2 Pandora Plus

The second tier of Pandora that most users go with is the Plus plan which provides an ad-free experience along with many customizations.

You will get the ability to jump/skip and replay tracks as well as offline listening and higher quality audio.

  • Pandora Plus costs $4.99/month – $54.89/yearly.

Tier #3 Pandora Premium

The third premium tier of Pandora provides ALL benefits from the plus tier along with the ability to create, download, and share playlists. The offline listening here is unlimited.

  • Pandora Premium costs $9.99/month – $108.89/yearly.

Tier #4 Premium Family

The Family plan or tier 4, delivers everything from ALL other tiers as well as six sub-accounts for all family members.

These sub-accounts can log in at any time and listen to music simultaneously independent from each other.

  • Pandora Family Premium costs $14.99/month – $164.89/yearly.
Tip: Purchasing a yearly subscription is cheaper than paying for 12 individual months.

Can You Have Pandora On Multiple Devices?

multiple device can have

The Pandora music streaming app provides several plans that you can check above. Each tier comes with different benefits and different monthly and yearly prices.

Only one of the tiers allows users to log in to the same account, use their sub-profile and listen to music simultaneously.

Yes, you can have Pandora on multiple devices regardless of the tier you decide to go with. 

As long as you stop streaming music from one device, you can open the application on any other computer, laptop, or smartphone and start streaming again.

Only accounts with the Pandora Family Premium tier can sub-profiles and can stream music simultaneously from more than one device.

In case you’re wondering how many accounts can stream at once and how it works, let’s proceed with answering that next.

Note: Pandora can be installed on multiple devices without the family premium plan but music cannot be streamed simultaneously without the Family Premium tier.

How Many Devices Can Listen To Pandora At Once?

In case you want to stream Pandora music you need to be a member of a Pandora Family Premium tier.

The Free Pandora tier, Pandora Plus, and Pandora premium, on their own, allow only 1 device to stream music at a time.

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to Pandora plus on multiple devices, even if the plan is paid.

You can install the Pandora application on as many devices as you please but while music is playing from one, all others will be blocked to do so.

About Pandora Family Premium Tier

pandora family plan

The Pandora Family Premium tier allows up to 6 sub-profiles which can translate into 6 different people listening to music simultaneously from 6 different devices.

There are absolutely no limitations as long as the Family Premium tier subscription is active.

The Pandora Family Premium combines ALL benefits from the other tiers and delivers the 6-way mountainous streaming option.

However, only subscribing for the family tier is not enough and you would need to create a unique account for each family member so let’s learn how.

Note: No data will be lost upon a Pandora plan expiring, and everything such as pre-made playlists will be saved for each unique user.

What Do You Need To Stream Pandora Simultaneously?

simultaneously stream pandora

To stream Pandora simultaneously from multiple devices you would need to undertake a few steps besides subscribing to the Pandora Family Premium tier.

As we’ve already mentioned you would need a unique sub-profile for each member of your family plan.

How To Subscribe To Pandora Family Premium?

To subscribe to Pandora in the first place you would need to navigate to the Subscription Selection Page once you’re logged into your account.

Then you need to select the Family Premium Plan which goes from $14.99/month – to $164.89/yearly.

What’s left would be to add your payment method and allow the transaction to pass through and activate the subscription.

Once ready you will be able to invite family members so they can create their sub-profiles.

Let’s learn how…

How To Create/Join Pandora Family Sub-Profiles?

In case you’ve just purchased the Pandora Family Premium tier, you’re ready to invite members to join your account.

That can be done by sending an invite from within the Family Premium page to any email that you’ve got access to.

create family sub profile

Then by accepting this email request, the user can log in to Pandora with their credentials and his/her account will be a part of your Family Premium.

You can repeat the email invitation up to six times and once accepted, your family members can create their sub-profiles within your plan and start listening at once.

Note: Upon expiring, the Family Premium subscription will prevent ALL users in the family from listening simultaneously and remove their premium benefits.

Thus, to have Pandora on multiple devices streaming music at the same time you need to subscribe to get invited to a Family Premium Tier account. This tier costs $14.99/month and allows up to six different users to log in at once and listen to music simultaneously.

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Bottom Line:

Now that we’ve answered the question “can you have Pandora on multiple devices?” you know that it’s possible and that you need the Family Premium Tier.

You can either join a family tier account or subscribe so you can invite other members.

The mountainous streaming lasts as long as the subscription is active and on top of that, you’ll receive the benefits from ALL other plants combined.

We hope that this post was helpful for you to understand how Pandora tiers work, which one to choose for simultaneous streaming and how to use it.

In case you’re interested in further Pandora functionality, make sure to check for the answers in our online blog.

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