can you cut daybetter led lights

Daybetter LED lights are a great option in the market because of the combined features and attractive price.

However, one must ask: can you cut Daybetter LED lights?

It is possible to cut Daybetter LED lights as long as you have the correct model, which is one of the latest. The cuttable LED strips have cutting marks that you can cut with scissors and then connect to other LED strip pieces.

We understand if you have many questions about possibly cutting Daybetter LED lights.

After all, you don’t want to risk damaging the strips, right? That’s what the guide below aims to tackle precisely.

Can You Cut Daybetter LED Lights? – All You Need To Know

can cut the daybetter led strip lights

When researching great LED light strips to enhance your living room or bedroom experience, you might wonder: can I cut them?

Most brands nowadays make LED lights so that it is possible to cut them however you like.

Fortunately, the same can be said about Daybetter LED Lights. You can cut them, so enjoying them in various ways across your house is possible.

Precautions To Take 

One necessary reminder is that not all Daybetter LED strips you might find around are cuttable.

That happens because some older models didn’t include such a perk. 

Then, it is important to learn the difference, so you buy the correct model to cut and create scenes the way you want.

Spotting A Cuttable LED Strip

spot the cuttable led strip

The difference between cuttable and non-cuttable LED strips is very easy to spot.

For example, when discussing Daybetter LED strips, the cuttable models present a dotted line between three or four metallic connections

Although those metallic connections transmit electricity through the whole strip, they are designed so that cutting them won’t damage the circuit.

However, cutting anywhere else in the strip will ruin electric components, rendering the piece unusable.

Spotting A Non-Cuttable LED Strip

So if the cuttable LED strip has dotted lines where you must cut, the older, non-cuttable models don’t present any marks where it should be safe to slice.

Such LED strips are not meant to be cut in any way, and they can only be used in the format they have come in the package.

They are a bit rarer since the last Daybetter LED strips are all fit for cutting.

LED Strips Use Copper

the led strip using a copper

Copper is a cheap metal that is a great electricity conductor. So in some LED strips where you can cut, multiple copper strips are on each side of the cutting mark.

In other models, you can cut through an entire copper strip. The magic (actually, science!) happens when you cut the strips and rearrange them.

For example, let’s say you need a bit more length for a certain wall, desk, etc., but only a few more inches. 

In any situation, it is necessary that the copper tips touch so they deliver electricity.

That is a huge precaution you must take. Otherwise, the cut LED strips won’t work together.

How To Cut Correctly

how to cut correctly led

How to cut Daybetter LED light strips? After identifying that your Daybtter LED light strips have cutting marks, you must grab a scissor.

You shouldn’t use any other tool to cut the LED strips, as other tools could damage the copper or other important components.

Do the following:

  1. Identify the cuttings marks;
  2. Grab a scissor;
  3. Cut only at the marks;
  4. Place your LED strips on a flat, clean surface;
  5. Ensure the copper tips touch to transmit electricity.

It looks very simple, doesn’t it? However, we will explain some things that might have gone overhead in the simplistic step-by-step explanation.

There are many things you must be careful about.

Pay Attention To The Position

Here goes a tip combined with an alert for Daybetter LED lights cutting.

When cutting the light strips correctly, you must also position them correctly when assembling different bits. 

Let’s say you are cutting an LED strip with four copper connections. Each copper connection has some sort of “mark,” such as a letter (for RGB), voltage, or symbols such as plus and minus.

Ensure The Copper Tips Touch Accordingly

ensure the copper tips touch

Then, when you are connecting different bits of LED strips, you must touch the copper connections correctly.

For example, if one part is marked with a minus symbol, it must connect to its minus counterpart on the other piece you’ve cut. 

Such is a good way to ensure you are not positioning the LED strip backward/upside down. 

Tip: Position the LED strip according to the above guidelines before you stick them to any surface!

Can You Cut And Place Different LEDs Together?

Here is a very common doubt many people getting into the LED strip hobby might have.

Is it possible to connect LED strips of different brands? Or LED strips of different sorts? The answer will vary with each case.

How To Combine Different Types

how combine the different types

Let’s say you have two different types of LED strips. One is only designed to emit the white color, while the other is an RGB model.

Instead of putting each one on a different surface, you want to cut some pieces of each one and create a different experience.

Mind The Copper Tips

As we’ve already discussed, when cut, each LED strip will exhibit some copper tips/connections. Such copper tips will generally vary according to the model.

For example, models that are made to emit only one color will frequently have more copper tips than an RGB model.

Combine that knowledge with what we discussed about touching the tips properly.

Then, you have the answer: combining different types of LED strips is impossible if they do not have matching copper tips.

How To Combine Different Brands – Is It Possible?

how combine the different brands

Suppose you have some old LED strips and recently bought Daybetter LED lights because of their great quality.

Moreover, you want to cut the Daybetter LED lights and use them to extend your old layout.

Again, the first thing you must observe is each brand’s copper tips.

Some brands manufacture very similar LED strips, with all the same copper tips in the same places, with only differences in the overall strip layout.

Mind The Voltage

According to the first criterion, you should be able to connect those different brands.

However, there is a second matter you must consider. Different brands might use LED lights that require a slightly different voltage.

Fortunately, finding out about that is not a guessing game. Rather, the voltage of each LED strip is usually written in the LED strip itself or the box where it came in.

So if the different LED strips meet both criteria, you can mix them.

Extra Tips To Make Cut LEDs Work

extra tips to make cut led

Even after all we’ve discussed above, there might be room for doubt.

For example, you might wonder: what is necessary to make LED strips that were just cut work together?

That will depend on some factors:

  • Have you cut them correctly?
  • Are the copper tips immediately on the strip’s end?
  • Did you damage the copper tips?
  • What sort of layout are you looking for?

Use Connectors If Necessary

If you cut the pieces correctly, you will have to check if the copper tips are too far apart when you bring the strips close to each other.

use a connectors

If that happens, you might need a connector. You can easily find LED strip connectors at retailers for great prices.

Those will strengthen the connection between the strips, ensuring electricity is transmitted between copper tips.

What We Learned

So can you cut Daybetter LED lights? You definitely can as long as you have one of the latest models, where a cutting mark is easily visible.

After cutting, you will have to worry only about compatibility if you consider connecting different types or brands.

Nicole B