can you sleep with led strip lights on

I’ve always wondered, can you sleep with LED strip lights on? Does it impose any threats in doing so?

I wanted to know more about it because I am planning to install a few strips inside the room to add to the ambiance.

So, I dug deeper and gathered the most important information from various reliable sources, so you don’t have to!

Technically, yes, you can sleep and leave your LED strip lights on because they’re more efficient in conserving and preserving energy, they do not emit heat, and they’re low-voltage operational.

Understanding LED Lights

understanding the led lights

Regardless of what generation you were born into, I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered, and have seen an LED light once in your lifetime.

LEDs are far from the traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights we have grown accustomed to seeing.

Instead of using a filament, LED lights use semiconductors to produce and emit the glow.

If this is the case, how long can I leave my LED strip lights on?

I know people who said that they sleep while their LED lights are turned on. I took a big step and started to research more and watched videos about it.

NOTE: LED is short for the term light emitting diode. It means that the glow or light is produced when voltage is applied via a diode, not a filament.

Can You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On?

can i sleep with strip lights on

So, would it be fine to consider sleeping while your LED lights are turned on?

Moreover, do you think it would be a good idea to do so? A lot of people are doing it, but there are still those who don’t believe this to be safe – not to mention beneficial.

To answer it, though, yes, you can sleep while you have your LED lights on. Why? – This is actually because of a few distinctive factors.

It’s Relaxing and It Makes You Look Forward to Bedtime

Let’s set all scientific things aside and just focus on what’s in front – we all have our own favorite colors.

My partner and I’s favorite color is red – and it’s actually something beneficial, I’ll discuss that in the latter part of this guide.

Imagine ending the day glaring at the dimmed light of your favorite color. Who wouldn’t love that? I’d trade that for a night out 100% of the time!

It Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

improve your sleep quality

One of the biggest and most influential factors of keeping your LED strip lights on is the said effect of improving and developing your sleeping patterns.

Studies claimed by Healthline state that sleeping in while the red light is on, otherwise known as Red Light Therapy (RLT), is helpful in making sure that your sleep is neither disturbed nor modified. Instead, it’s the other way around.

When it comes to sleep quality, red lights do not mess with your melatonin level.

It will gradually increase and enhance your mood for the better and will work in comforting your brain cells.

NOTE: Of course, even if this is the case, you want the lights to be dimmed, and not bright. Having a heavy bright light will do you worse than better.

It’s Energy Efficient

Another pro or advantage of sleeping while having your LED strip lights turned on is that it is an efficient medium that utilizes energy.

In other words, it’s extremely energy efficient.

It can save you a lot of money and it is drastically better for the environment if you choose to use LED strip lights instead of incandescent and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

You would not expect a soaring price for your next electric bill.

DID YOU KNOW: LEDs use about 85% less electricity compared to incandescent lights and lamps. It is about 18% compared to CFLs

It Emits Less Heat

emits less heat

One of the major problems homeowners have, especially during the summer, is the warm and humid climate.

Before, one of the major culprits is the incandescent and fluorescent fixture that was turned on almost the entire day.

In a more concrete context, LED strip lights, no matter how long you have them turned on, will always be cool to the touch.

This is because generally, these types of bulbs and fixtures do not produce heat like how CFLs and incandescent bulbs do.

NOTE: LED strip lights are so cool, that the heat that they’ll be generating when they’re turned on will always be not enough to start a fire.

Great For Migraines and Headaches

great for the migraines

Lastly, sleeping with LED lights is not only good in improving sleep quality or in saving up energy.

But they are also exceptionally striking when it comes to curing certain sensations such as a migraine, a headache, and even stress that could trigger pain.

Several studies have found that red light therapy via LED string and strip lights has helped people who have been experiencing sleeping disorders.

This effect has been deduced to be because of the cell repair and growth in being exposed to red light for extended time periods.

By knowing and understanding these factors, is it safe to say that it’ll be completely fine to leave it turned on? Can LED lights be left on 24/7?

Let’s take a look at a few of the safety and security factors involving LED lights.

Is it Safe to Sleep With LED Lights?

safe to sleep with led on

Yes and no – let me explain.

LED lights, whether bulbs or strip lights are still susceptible to fire.

Don’t think of it as a specialized type of illumination source that does not become hot.

It still becomes hot, and if it’s hot to the touch, you can unconsciously bump into it, causing a spark, which can lead to a fire.

Moreover, if there are children inside the house, always make sure that you keep it far and high for them to reach.

However, compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, the energy used by LED lights is drastically less – they’re extremely energy-efficient.

Both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs utilize a specific filament to generate light, and because of this, a ton of heat is produced. This is one of the flaws of these bulbs.

On the contrary, LED lights do not utilize a filament, and instead, they utilize a semiconductor to produce and generate light.

What does this mean? It simply means that the heat generated by LED lights is not as intense as fluorescent and incandescent.


some faqs

Here are a few of the other frequently asked questions about sleeping while your LED string lights are on.

Is it Better to Sleep With LED Lights On or Off?

While it is safe for you to keep it turned on, would turning it off be better? It will depend on how you’re used to sleeping.

However, certain studies and researches suggest that sleeping with a dimmed red light has seen tremendous benefits for people with sleeping disorders, headaches, and those that have poor sleep quality.

Does Turning on LED String Lights All Day Attract Bugs?

No, LED string lights do not attract bugs even if you leave them turned on for the whole day.

LED string lights produce long wavelengths of light and low heat – they emit 0% UV radiation, so, bugs would be less likely to cling to them.

I will leave you with the decision on whether you will be skipping the switch or not.

Nevertheless, it is safe for you to sleep even if your LED lights are turned on if they are stored correctly and in the best conditions. 

Yes, you can sleep while your LED strip lights are turned on. In fact, according to studies, it’ll be better for your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological well-being. 

Final Words

So, the long and never-ending mystery of LED lights has finally come to an end, your question of can you sleep with LED strip lights on is debunked, and the good news is, you can!

In fact, it will be better for your sleeping patterns and sleep quality, it can help with stress, headaches, and migraines, and it will allow you to enjoy your final moments before you catch some Zs!

Nicole B