can wyze bulbs be used outside

Asking can Wyze bulbs be used outside? Stay with us to learn all the facts!

Since many people are wondering whether they can use the Wyze bulbs outside and what are the downsides, we’ve created this guide.

There are quite a few different factors that can potentially damage your Wyze bulb so it’s essential to read the entire guide!

The Wuze Bulbs can be installed outside as long as they are not directly exposed to elements such as extreme heat/cold, and rain. To bypass this limitation we should either install the Wyze bulb in our entrance hall or in a fully enclosed luminary.

Let’s learn the conditions to install a Wyze bulb outside!

Can Wyze Bulbs Be Used Outside?

can use wyze bulbs be used outside

Yes, you can install your Wyze bulb outdoors but you need to pay attention to the most important factors first.

There is a possibility that you can lethally damage your bulb overnight by leaving it outside, so it’s extremely important to know the requirements first.

Outdoor Wyze Bulbs – Requirements!

Here are the main requirements for installing a Wuze bulb outside safely!

  • The Wyze Bulb can withstand from -4°F to 104°F!
  • The Wyze Bulb must not contact whether elements.
  • A high Humidity Environment is Not Recommended.
  • Damp Areas are against the Wyze Bulb Safety.

As long as your Wyze Bulb meets the requirements above, you shouldn’t be worried about the device’s operation.

However, if you can’t meet the requirements, we’ve prepared a few easy ways to install your Wyze bulb outside safely.

How To Install Wyze Light Bulbs Outside?

install wyze bulb on outside

It’s easy to install the Wyze Bulb outside but it’s not that easy to protect the bulb from the weather conditions.

We’ve got a temperature, humidity, and weather to take care of so let’s jump into the steps and make sure to address each essential factor.

Step #1 Whether Protection

The first and most important step is to ensure that the Wyze bulb will be whether-protected.

If you can think of any transparent object that will be heatproof and can be used to enclose your bulb, feel free to use your creativity.

A guaranteed way to protect your Wyze Bulb is to use a Tubular Glass Cover, to isolate your bulb from the weather conditions.

The bulb simply plugs into the cover and no additional steps are required. Just don’t forget to check the dimensions and whether the bulb will fit inside.

Step #2 Select the Bulb Location

select the bulb location

The location of the Wyze bulb is greatly important because areas with high humidity can greatly impact the bulb even if you’re using a protective cover.

The condensation will surely have an impact, especially when combined with the heat coming from the bulb.

Install your Wyze bulb high from the ground in dry environmental conditions!

You can only guarantee these conditions in:

  • Outdoor entrance hall
  • Above front door (covered)
  • Under a Window Sill
  • Beneath the Balcony and more…

As long as your bulb is covered so the device remains dry during a thunderstorm, then the selected location is suitable.

With the location, we need to guarantee that rain and snow will not make direct contact with the bulb.

Important: Block Direct Sunlight

block the direct sunlight

While selecting a location for your camera, think prospectively and also ensure that during the hot summer seasons, direct sunlight won’t reach the bulb.

You can create artificial shadows anytime so this is not something to worry about too much.

Step #3 Install The Wyze Bulb

The installation is simple. Screw the Wyze bulb into the outdoor light socket and you’re done!

Flip the switch to make sure that the Wyze Bulb works and check if you’re able to connect to the WiFi.

Since the location might be too far away from the router, why have a Wyze Bulb outside if we can’t connect to the internet and utilize all of its features?

Alert: Reposition your Wyze Bulb if necessary!

Step #4 Inspect Wyze Bulb (Monthly)

inspect the wyze bulb

At a first glance, it might appear that the Wyze bulb is fully responsive and working but you need to perform an inspection every month.

If you’re using a protective cover, it’s extremely important to check for inside condensation and if so, to reinstall the bulb elsewhere.

Continuous use of the Wyze bulb in a wet environment will ultimately lead to a malfunction and in the worst-case scenario, a blown bulb.

Routine inspection is necessary for understanding early whether your bulb is safely installed or not.

Let’s next check the most frequently discussed topics on outdoor Wyze bulbs:

Uninstall Wyze Bulb During Winter – Why?

uninstall wyze during winter

As we’ve already discussed the recommended temperature range for outdoor Wyze bulbs is from -4°F to 104°F. Anything below -4°F can be lethal for the bulb upon flipping the switch.

During the cold seasons, we can easily prevent direct contact with snow, but if our bulb is not indoors (garage or entrance hall), we can’t prevent the cold.

This is why the user’s conclusion and final decision is to remove the bulb during the cold winter seasons.

There are no reported cases of a malfunction caused by cold, but if you really want to keep your Wyze bulb safe do as recommended.

Simply install the bulb outside again when it’s warmer.

Wyze Bulb Outdoors – WiFi Connection

wifi connection

One of the first downsides that you’ll encounter after installing the Wyze bulb is that the device will constantly lose connection with your router.

Hence, the bulb will become unresponsive and eventually reconnect back later. This could be frustrating…

One way to bypass such limitations is to relocate your router, knowing that the signal travels in the form of an umbrella.

Close the proximity between the router and your outdoor Wyze bulb to make sure that you’re always connected.

Tip: You can also use a WiFi extender if you don’t want to relocate your router.

Wyze Bulb Outdoors – Lighting Fixture!

a lighting fixture

In case your lighting fixture is located in a place unsuitable for the Wyze bulb you can easily install a new fixture elsewhere.

The fixtures simply plug into the power with a 15 feet + cable allowing you to install your Wyze bulb in a suitable place.

You can find such light fixture extenders online and guarantee the safety of your Wyze bulb!

Tip: There are also entire protective cases for outdoor bulb installation!

Quick Recap:

Well, can Wyze bulbs be used outside – yes, only if we match the supported weather and environmental conditions? They include temperatures between -4°F to 104°F as well as low humidity and no direct contact with the weather elements.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more Wyze content, check our blog!

Nicole B