can turtle beach headphones connect to iphone

A question nobody has asked, but many still want to know – Can turtle beach headphones connect to iPhone?

How do you make them work? Is it even compatible? All these little questions come up, and it’s hard to find all the information in one place, but do not worry.

To connect turtle beach headphones to the iPhone, open the settings. Find the Bluetooth section, and enable it. Then, turn the headphone’s Bluetooth on by holding the button. Look for their name in discovered devices and tap on it to pair.

This comprehensive guide is everything you need to know about connecting turtle beach headphones to iPhone. It’ll show you how to connect a Bluetooth headset.

And take you through the steps to set up the optimal Bluetooth connection while showing you the best of the best headsets.

Can Turtle Beach Headphones Connect to iPhone?

YES, you can connect the turtle beach headset to iPhone and Android devices using Bluetooth.

Most of the turtle beach headphones are made for gaming. Therefore, they are mainly paired with Xbox, Playstations, or PC.

However, not all models of these gaming headphones are unavailable to connect to mobile devices. Many can be paired with your phone by Bluetooth.

Here are some of the Bluetooth models:

  • Recon 500
  • Stealth 700 Gen 2
  • Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp
  • Turtle Beach Elite Atlas
  • SuperAmp
Note: All models with Bluetooth can be connected to your iPhone as long as your iOS version meets the requirements.

Turtle Beach Headset Compatibility with iPhone

turle beach iphone compatibility

Turtle beach headphones are compatible with iPhones. However, if you want to use the mobile app, the version of your iOS must be at least 11 or newer.

For Android users, the requirements are similar. They need to have version 6 or a later one.

To find your iPhone iOS version, you have to navigate to the “Settings.” Then click on “General” find and tap on “About” and look for “Version” beside it; you will see your current iOS version.

For Android users, the path is similar. First, you have to go to “Settings” then find the “About Phone” section.

Next, click on it and search for “Software Information.” Once you find it, you will see your android version.

Tip: If your system version does not meet the minimum requirements, you can update it.

Best Wireless Headsets that Connect to iPhone

turtle beach for iphone

Turtle Beach makes many great headsets. Most of them have excellent features like surround sound and a comfortable design.

But, as you already know, the answer to “can turtle beach headphones connect to iPhone?” is yes.

That is why below, you will see the top 3 headsets that can connect to your phone – iPhone or Android.

1. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

This one is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music outside. You can remove the microphone from this headset and enjoy music everywhere.

Elite Atlas has an excellent and affordable price and a comfortable and sturdy design. This pair of headphones is a perfect option for anyone who needs headphones for more than only gaming.

2. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

This is one of the best pairs you can connect to your iPhone. The company made the design of the headphones look slick.

Elite Pro 2 ear cups are infused with cooling gel and memory foam, making your experience comfortable.

3. Recon 500

This is an excellent gaming headset that is also perfect for listening to music. The headphones are at a reasonable price and have a superb yet straightforward design.

The headset features fantastic sound, a detachable microphone arm, and zero distortion.

In addition, the simple design makes the headphones perfect even for walking outside without attracting attention with gaming headphones.

Note: No matter which headphones you pick, you will not make a mistake pairing them with your iPhone.

How to Connect Turtle Beach Headphones to your iOS/Android Phone

how to connect turtle beach

As you already know to connect your turtle beach headset with your mobile device, you must turn the headphones on and activate Bluetooth. That goes for both the headset and your phone.

You can activate it by:

  • Switching On the Bluetooth on the headphones happens when you press and hold the Bluetooth button ( usually on the left of the power button).
  • For your iPhone, you have to go to the settings menu, find Bluetooth and activate it.
  • Android users have to navigate to Apps, find the settings from there and activate their Bluetooth.

Doing these steps will allow your headphones to appear in discovered devices.

From there, all you have to do is tap on the device’s name. Usually, the name is the model of your headset.

Note: The turtle beach headphones will usually appear similar to the model name, such as "Elite Atlas," "Elite Pro 2," "Recon 500," and others.

Are There Alternative Ways to Connect Turtle Beach to iPhone

Yes, alternative ways to connect the turtle beach headphones to your iPhone or Android EXIST.

Many seek to connect their phone to a turtle beach headset. But do not want to do it with Bluetooth and choose the hard way. Unfortunately, when selecting that path, you can only rely on the old, standard 3.5 mm jack cable.

Some of the models that have this jack inbuilt and can connect to your mobile are Turtle Beach Stealth 300, RECON 50P, Recon 200.

Aside from the headphones with the inbuilt jack. Many have Bluetooth but also support the 3.5mm cable. The best examples of such models are Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800, Stealth 600, and 700.

Note: Although the headphones don't need an adapter or dongles to connect to your PC or PS, your phone may need one if it doesn't have a 3.5mm port.

My iPhone Cannot Connect to the Headset – What to Do?

turtle beach won't connect

Connecting your turtle headset can be tricky. There are various reasons you cannot pair your BlueTooth headphones to your iPhone or Android.

Some are related to the low battery or the distances between the devices, or their compatibility is different.

Your headphones can even be paired with another device, preventing it from connecting to your iPhone.

In case your iPhone can not pair with your headphones. The first thing to do is try to find what causes the issue. After you do so, look for a solution.

Below you will see how to resolve the most common problems:


If your headphones are too far from the phone, they will not pair. Usually, the Bluetooth radius of most headsets is about 10-15 meters if there are no obstacles like walls.


As you already know, this can pose a problem. Sometimes the iOS or Android device version is below the minimum requirements of the headset. Make sure to check the requirements set by the manufacturer.

Paired with Another Device

This may be the reason why your headset cannot connect to your iPhone. Make sure to unpair all devices connected to your headphones.

Low Battery

This is rarely the case, but many people tend to forget to check their headset battery. To check the battery, you have to look at the color of the LED.

The red color means the battery is low; a solid red one will flash when charging. The fully charged ones will have a green color.

Tip: If the reason is not related to anything from above, contact the manufacturer's support team.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how can turtle beach headphones connect to iPhone. Everything else is up to you as you have to execute the process.

Following the guide, you will have an easy time finding the answers to most of your questions.

But in case an issue occurs and you can not solve it using the information from above. You will most likely need help from a specialist.

Try reaching out to the Apple support team or that of your headset manufacturer.

Nicole B