can a Fitbit battery be replaced

Fitbit devices are great, but most of us neglect one thing – can a Fitbit battery be replaced?

You don’t have to worry or go to the store to buy a new one. All you need is only a small Phillips Head Screwdriver and your patience.

To replace a Fitbit battery – first, separate the electronics from the band, then unscrew and pry the board of Fitbit out. Next, replace the batteries, connect the wires correctly, and solder.

This article has all the information and you will know if you can replace a Fitbit battery.

If you want to find out how to do it and if you should? Keep on reading; we will take you through the steps.

Why is My Fitbit Battery Dying So Fast?

Your Fitbit battery is drying fast mainly because it is non-stop using the device features or synchronizing with your phone.

As with every other device, Fitbit uses a battery while performing its functions.

Unfortunately, most of the features you use are draining its battery fast. Therefore, using them non-stop will result in a sooner dying battery.

The best examples of why your charge is dying fast are:

  • Making calls from your Fitbit ( newer models).
  • Using the GPS non-stop.
  • Keeping the device in constant Sync.
  • Setting many alarms.
  • Talking to Alexa/Google Assistant.
Note: Reducing the use of some features will prevent your battery from dying fast.

How Many Years Does a Fitbit Battery Last?

fitbit battery last

Technically speaking, a Fitbit battery can last three to five years. However, based on the model of the device and the activity, it can be one or two years.

Most consumers report that their devices’ batteries last up to two years maximum.

After which you have to get a new one. That is mainly related to the popular Fitbit Versa or Charge models.

However, these devices have more features; thus, their battery depletes faster than others like Fitbit Zip.

So, there is a difference in the various models and their battery charge life and battery life expectancy.

Note: To preserve the battery life, charge only when the battery is almost depleted - as you should!

Which Fitbit Has the Longest Battery Life?

longest battery life

The Fitbit with the most extended battery life is Fitbit Zip. This activity tracker can last up to six months!

Fitbit is a company producing various fitness tracking devices. Most of them have simple functions like the Fitbit Zip, which tracks basic things like steps and calories.

But they also have devices like Fitbit Sense which have almost anything that a modern smartwatch does.

Models like that are full of features like GPS tracking and heart rate tracking, can make calls, and even track your sleep.

Devices that offer many excellent features have a battery that can hold a few days.

Below you can see the expected battery life of some models:

  • Fitbit Sense can last up to around six days.
  • Fitbit Versa battery life is about four days.
  • Fitbit Inspire 2  has a long one – up to ten days.
  • Fitbit Charge 5  battery will hold for about seven days.
Note: Battery life and battery life expectancy are different things.

What Type of Battery Does a Fitbit Use?

Most Fitbit devices use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries – 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2025 or 2032. Some devices like the Fitbit Versa use 3.85v OGoDeal ones.

When you get your Fitbit device, you do not get any batteries in the box. Although, these batteries can be found and bought in many places.

With Fitbit, they are already equipped with the wristband/watch, and they are “irreplaceable.”

Not replacing them means that we can at least recharge them. Fitbit batteries are rechargeable by using the standard charting cable from the box.

You have to plug the USB end into your phone charger or PC and let your Fitbit recharge.

What Do I Do When My Fitbit Battery Dies?

Like with every other device, if the battery dies, you have to try and charge your Fitbit.

If charging does not work, then you probably have a bigger problem.

Check if your Fitbit is still in warranty in such a situation. If the warranty period is covered, contact the company’s support team.

Then you will get instructions and a solution to your problem – most likely a replacement.

On the other hand, if the warranty expires. You can’t do much; it will be an excellent option to consider buying a new Fitbit device.

Tip: Sometimes, getting a newer model with longer battery life is the best option.

Can I Extend My Fitbit Device’s Battery Life?

extend fitbit battery life

Yes, you can extend the battery life of your Fitbit.

As you may know, the battery life is how long your Fitbit can last after it’s fully charged.

That can go anywhere from six hours for their earphones to six months for simpler devices.

The best way to extend that expected battery life is to minimize the frequent use of the device’s features.

Many people run things like the GPS or Sync their Fitbit when not needed, resulting in faster depleting of the battery.

If a battery depletes faster, you will have to charge it more often. And from there, like every other gadget, you can expect it to last less with every additional charge.

Note: Make sure to charge your devices only when the battery is depleted. That will increase the life of the battery.

Can a Fitbit Battery be Replaced? – What Company Says?

The company states that you cannot replace your Fitbit battery. But if you have some technical experience and a helpful guide, you can!

Fitbit says that the batteries are not replaceable. That is their policy, and any attempts to change the one on your Fitbit will breach your device warranty.

To the question- can the battery be replaced in a Fitbit? Although possible, it is not a good idea to replace your Fitbit batteries.

However, doing it alone is dangerous, and success is not guaranteed. If your warranty has expired, and you still want to try, look for a professionalist.

Alert!: Do not take any unnecessary risks trying things alone if you have no experience!

How to Change a Fitbit Battery?

change fitbit battery

To change the Fitbit battery, you will need some tools, patience, and precise actions.

Starting from the tools, first, you will need a small Torx driver, soldering iron, some plastic bits, and lastly – NEW BATTERIES!

After you have obtained everything, carefully follow these steps:

1. Charge HR and Newer

For models like Charge HR and newer, start by removing the Torx screws. Find the assembly on the side, remove it carefully, and look at the circuit panel – there are two screws; remove them.

Pry the board out without damaging anything and carefully remove and replace the old batteries. Join the two wires and solder.

2. Fitbit Versa

For Fitbit Versa, remove your watch’s display and separate the board from the electronics. Then remove the battery by unscrewing.

Separate the battery carefully by prying it out from the back and replacing it with the new one.

If you have followed the steps correctly, everything should be fine. All that is left is for you to charge the Fitbit and see if it worked.

Keep in mind that this method works mainly for wristbands and some watches.

Note: Head to a phone repairer studio and ask them for help - they have all tools needed.

Which Other Fitbit Models Can Have Their Battery Replaced?

With good technician skills, almost all models can have their batteries replaced.

For example, you can change Fitbit’s batteries for these models: Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge HR, Versa 2, Fitbit Alta, Inspire 2, Charge models two, three, and others.

It is important to note that the various models have different structures. Thus replacing their batteries can require other means and tools.

The easiest to change is one of the Fitbit devices like Charge HR, Inspire, and Versa.

Tip: Before attempting to charge your battery, make sure to research.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know the answer, can a Fitbit battery be replaced? Then, it is time to decide whether you want to do it or not.

Keep in mind that opening the device will breach the warranty, and you can potentially ruin your Fitbit.

If you don’t have technical knowledge, do not take risks and look for help from a technician.

Nicole B