can life360 see what you do on your phone

Can Life360 See What You Do On Your Phone? Life360 is a great tracking app.

Many people use it to keep their families safe, but they have concerns regarding some settings.

For example, the app can only know if you are distracted while driving. The app won’t track your internet story or know what apps you are accessing. None of that information is uploaded and sent to your circle members.

However, Life360 still has plenty of access to your phone.

For example, you can turn on the “driving mode,” and the app will alert you if you are driving and, at the same time, distracted using other apps.

Can Life360 See What You Do On Your Phone?

life360 can see what you do on your phone

Essentially, Life360 serves as a family finder software. This software uses GPS technology to provide a reliable tracking and location-based service for all your registered devices.

Use Life360 to set up a place where your loved ones may maintain constant contact with one another.

Additionally, it ensures its members’ security under the clever features provided by this remarkable program.

If you have friends or family members who also use the app, you may share your current position in real time with them. When using Life360, you’ll be able to get fast push alerts.

Those happen when circle members move, go to work, come home, or do any other action that could disrupt the system’s normal operation.

But the question remains: can Life360 see all that you do on your phone? That is what we will explore.

Can Life360 See Your Texts?

can life360 see texts

Despite its popularity, the Life360 app often needs to be more understood.

Some of its capabilities as a family finder tool may be familiar to users of spy applications. In addition, it has strict rules against unauthorized access.

No matter how many rights you provide an app, it will only be able to follow and monitor certain aspects of your life.

So let’s look at the different membership levels and what each means for the app’s monitoring capabilities.

What You Can Do With Life360

Unlike similar apps, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your phone to use Life360 to keep tabs on loved ones and friends.

Instead, it’s a free family finder software with premium upgrades for those who need to connect with loved ones.

The app’s primary use is to communicate across several devices in a geographically defined area. The ability to restrict who may see your location is another perk.

As long as the location function is enabled and the app runs on the stolen phone, you may use it to follow its whereabouts.

Location History

a location history

You may also utilize the location history to learn about the activities and travels of other users.

However, the alert feature is quite helpful.

Using a function conceptually similar to a panic button, you may instantly notify nearby contacts through text message or mass SMS with your exact location included.

This functionality is currently limited to single-circle use. 

That way, you won’t have to stress out over telling everyone you know where you are. Instead, everyone can learn at the same time.

Privacy Concerns

Can Life360 see when you are on your phone? What information the app may gather about you is a significant concern for Life360 and other similar applications. 

Many consumers, for instance, want to know whether Life360 can monitor their text messages.

a privacy concerns

Yes and no. Because the program lets you connect the devices, you can watch the group’s text communications.

Does it also send your location to everyone in your phonebook through text message? To your dismay, that is not the case.

As long as the Life360 app runs, your circle members will always know where you are.

However, it will not let them know about your communication with persons outside the group.

Putting aside any worries about privacy, here are some of the most fantastic reasons to use Life360 in its intended manner.

Directions In Real Time

You may avoid the hassle of texting or calling your friends to ask for directions by just being in the same room with them.

For example:

  1. Open the app 
  2. Tap the “Locations” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the person whose location you want to see.
  4. Tap the “Directions” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Choose your preferred mode of transportation (e.g. driving, walking, biking).

The app will show you a map with the route to your destination. It also features real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival.

To make this function, you must have the phone setting for location services enabled.

Nothing the software learns about the other person will help if it can’t find you.

When you activate GPS tracking in the app, it may figure out how far you are from a particular person and suggest a route to get you there.

Roadside Assistance

a roadside assistance

For those who have upgraded to premium, here’s another perk that will improve your mobile experience and make you feel more secure.

You may use the “Call Roadside Assistance” option after you’ve upgraded to a premium membership.

It’s under the “Security” menu item. If you use this function, a Life360 agent will call you back.

If location services are enabled, the agent will have a complete picture of your whereabouts, activities, contacts, etc.

Then, with some assistance, you should be able to work through your issues.

Another valuable benefit of this function is that it may intervene on your behalf if you cannot make a call.

For example, a tow truck or roadside assistance may be requested once in contact with a real person at Life360.

Driving Mode

a driving mode

Life360 is a location-sharing and communication app with a feature called “Driving Mode,” designed to help reduce distractions while driving.

When Driving Mode is enabled, the app will automatically detect when you are driving

It will notify your designated contacts to let them know you are on the road. The app will also silence incoming notifications and calls.

In addition, it will send automatic replies to incoming texts to let the sender know that you are currently driving and unable to respond.

Crash Detection 

In addition, the app includes a “Crash Detection” feature that uses the sensors on your phone to detect if you have been in a car accident.

If the app detects a potential crash, it will alert your designated contacts and offer to call emergency services on your behalf.

have crash detection

Overall, the goal of Life360’s Driving Mode and Crash Detection features is to help make driving safer by reducing distractions and providing a way to alert others quickly in the event of an accident.

The good thing is that this function works whether you are a driver or a passenger. 

Again, it won’t be connecting with your car’s onboard computer but instead using your phone’s sensors. Therefore, your position in the vehicle does not matter at all.

But it won’t be able to detect if someone is crashing into you if you’re just a walking pedestrian.

So, keep this in mind before thinking that the app offers the best accident tracking and detection technology.

What We Learned

Can Life360 See What You Do On Your Phone? You may rest certain that Life360 is not spy software since you have read this.

Thus, you may do various things in secret, such as talk to people within and beyond your inner circle, without worrying about the app’s tracking of every detail.

Nicole B