can i cancel hulu and get a refund

In case you’re asking “can I cancel Hulu and get a refund?”, you should definitely read the entire guide to understand how things work.

For some people, the Hulu streaming service is a perfect opportunity to watch their favorite content.

For others, Hulu does not contain the desired content, and here comes the inquiry about unsubscribing and receiving a refund. 

But can you actually do it?

You can cancel your Hulu subscription and it will remain active for the rest of the period you’ve paid for. You can also pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks, but refunds are being processed only for specific cases, and it’s not a common practice.

The refund situation is quite delicate so let’s first take a look at what the Hulu refund policy has to say about the refunds and whether or not you can get your money back.

What Does The Hulu Refund Policy State?

The Hulu refund policy underlines a few scenarios in which they might be able to refund your money.

What’s important to understand is that you won’t be able to receive a refund if you’ve subscribed, watched for a few weeks and now you’re done.

This is not how it works.

Hulu Terms of Service?

hulu terms of service

When you purposely subscribed to Hulu you can cancel your subscription at any time, or downgrade to a lower-tier plan for the next renewal.

However, the “Cancellation and Refunds” of the Terms & Conditions, do not mention anything about refunds in such situations.

You will be able to cancel your subscription and receive a refund under more delicate cases next we’re about to review what those cases are and can you receive a refund.

Note: Canceling a Hulu subscription happens immediately, but the services remain active until the paid period expires.

When Can I Cancel Hulu And Get A Refund?

get refund on hulu

Hulu streaming service does not issue refunds when you cancel your membership.

When you cancel the subscription the access to the content will last until the next renewal date but when the time comes, the access will be removed.

There are certain occasions on which you can receive a refund.

Accidental payment

These are cases in which you’ve accidentally paid for a certain Hulu subscription.

It could be your children that paid for the service or you’ve simply clicked the wrong button.

In cases like this, you’ll have 30 days to request a refund, otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

Accidental payment can also be considered when you’ve only wanted to check the 7-day trial that Hulu offers but you’ve forgotten to cancel the subscription.

In such cases, you would be charged after the 7 days, and then you can request a refund.

It’s better if you issue a refund as soon as the payment has been processed since there is a high chance that you won’t be approved.


overpaying hulu

The Hulu company approves refunds in cases where the user has been charged more than the subscription plan actually costs.

This is not something that happens frequently, instead, such a problem could appear due to payment methods, region, and money conversion.

When you do the math and calculate that you’re being charged more than you should actually be paying, you should definitely issue a refund.

In cases where the user is overpaying the refund request is most likely to be accepted.


Since there are different Hulu subscription plans with different prices, users can often subscribe to a plan that they don’t actually need.

For example, you might accidentally subscribe to a Hulu plan containing Live TV, when you don’t actually need it. It will cost a lot more for a feature that you won’t be using.

If you’re quick enough and inquire about a refund, soon after paying for the wrong Hulu plan, you’ll be able to get your money back.

However, Hulu might downgrade your plan for you, and only refund what’s left of your money paid for the previous (more expensive) subscription.

Alert: Your refund request will not be reviewed if it's made 12 weeks after the purchase.

How To Get Money Back From Hulu Subscription?

hulu money back

You’re probably aware that there is no button that says “refund my money”. To cancel your subscription and receive an e refund you have to be eligible for the operation.

In case you don’t know what it takes to receive an e-refund, make sure to scroll up and check cases in which you’ll have a really good chance of being approved.

In case you’ve got a good reason to request a refund from Hulu, here is how:

  1. Go to the official Hulu website.
  2. Log in using the account you’ve made the purchase with.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Press on the Help Center.
  5. Choose to Submit Requests.
  6. Select Refund request.
  7. Provide ALL necessary information and apply.

It’s important to provide as much information about your individual case as possible. Explain in detail why you’ve purchased the subscription, how this is a mistake, and when.

Describe exactly what you’re looking forward to and how they can help you.

Remember that Hulu does not issue refunds commonly and your case should be rather unique.

Tip: You can also chat with a live Hulu representative for quicker feedback.

How Long Does A Hulu Refund Take?

hulu refund time

The Hulu team will investigate your case and refund your payment if possible.

These operations take up from 3 to 5 business days, depending on your individual case.

Any refunds will be added to your billing history after they have been processed.

How long it would take for the funds to get back into your bank account really depends on many different factors.

Based on your current location, and how many international banks your funds will go through it might take about 8 days to get your funds.

However, you’re going to be aware whether your refund request is approved faster after you receive a response.

Sometimes it could take hours and in other cases, it could take days.

How long it would take to receive a refund also depends on how many requests the Hulu team has to process before it’s your turn.

Quick Recap

Hulu does not issue refunds when you cancel your membership. You can cancel your subscription and get your money back in accidental cases such as mistakenly processed payments, overcharge, or when you want to downgrade the Hulu plan tier.

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Last Thoughts:

Now when you know the answer to the question “can I cancel Hulu and get a refund?”, it should be easier for you to understand whether you’re eligible for a refund or not.

However, if you feel confident that your case is rather unique and you were charged unfairly, there is nothing wrong with requesting a refund.

Regardless of what the issue is, whether you receive a refund or not, Hulu would definitely describe the conditions and tell you if you’re eligible to get your money back.

Nicole B