can alexa be used as a listening device

Amazon users often ask, “can Alexa be used as a listening device?”.

It would be really concerning if Alexa can record conversations and be used as a spying device against someone’s privacy.

It’s only natural to wonder if that’s possible and if yes how to prevent it. In that regard, here we’ll answer all of your questions for peace of mind.

The Amazon Alexa assistant does listen to everything but can’t quite record anything before the wake word has been pronounced. Before waking up, the device can’t and will not perform any action, especially any voice recording.

Let’s now proceed with one of the hottest questions across Alexa users:

Is Alexa Always Listening?

Since Alexa is a voice assistant it’s natural to be concerned about our privacy.

Alexa may be used as a listening device in some ways, but that doesn’t imply that the device records and write down everything it hears.

Its basic function is to answer your questions on the spot, without much delay. That doesn’t really mean that the device will record your words in any way. Such a feature is not included.

Alexa is only listening for the wake word “Alexa” and only then the device will start recording your sentence to find a predetermined or a web answer for you.

Note: Alexa is not listening before the wake word has been pronounced.

Can You Use Alexa For A Listening Device?

device alexa listening

No, you can’t use Alexa as a listening device since you cannot record conversations.

Even if you ask Alexa straightforwardly – “Alexa can you record my voice?”. the assistant will reply with the following:

-” At Amazon, we take privacy really seriously, for more assistance use the Help section in the app”.

Alexa does hear everything you say but it does not record anything. The device needs to be listening so it can identify the wake word “Alexa”.

In other words, Alexa will start listening to your words only after it’s been woken up.

The alert words, such as “Alexa” that trigger the speaker, just enable the unit to answer your questions.

The only time that Alexa is not “listening” is when the device is either turned off or its voice activation has been disabled or suppressed.

Note: Alexa won’t respond to anything if not woken up first.

Can Alexa Spy/Eavesdrop On Someone?

If you want Alexa to be used as a listening device with the intention of spying on someone, we’re sorry to inform you that such a thing is not possible.

However, Alexa records only conversations with you or conversations with the assistant.

To summarize things up, it’s not really possible to use Alexa as a listening device, since she cannot record your sentences, questions, and the answers she provides.

Where To Find Recorded Alexa Conversations?

recover recorded conversation

As we’ve mentioned, Alexa records ONLY conversations, after the wake-word “Alexa” has been pronounced.

You can’t really spy on someone but you can find out whenever someone has asked Alexa something in your absence.

Here is where to find recorded conversations:

  1. Go to the Alexa app.
  2. Select More.
  3. Scroll down to find Alexa Privacy.
  4. Press on Review Voice History.
  5. Go to All Recordings.

In that tab, you’ll have access to ALL of the conversations and answers that Alexa was involved in. It works like a History, and you can download, delete and listen to everything.

Note: You have full control of what Alexa stores its data.

Can Alexa Be Used As A Listening Device Outside My Home?

use alexa outside house

Since we’ve already clarified that Alexa cannot be used as a listening device, you’ve already known the answer to this question.

However, the good news is that you or anyone can listen to the speaker by triggering it remotely.

Both when the speaker is outside of your home or vice versa, you will find comfort in the remote commands Amazon has made possible within the Alexa app.

Let’s learn more about remote interaction…

How Can I Command Alexa Remotely?

You can give the Alexa speaker commands, remotely, through the Amazon Alexa application.

As long as your Echo speaker has the Alexa assistant applied, you will be able to command the speaker whatever you want, from a great distance.

Alexa Requirements For Remote Commands?

There are several requirements for commanding the device remotely:

  • The Echo must be paired with the home’s WiFi network.
  • You must have the Alexa app installed on your phone.
  • Your phone must also be connected to a network.
  • The speaker must be plugged into power.
Tip: In the Amazon Alexa app, press on your speaker and tap the “Command” button. This will let you give the speaker commands from a distance.

Can Alexa Listen With Remote Commands?

After reading the paragraph above, you may be wondering: “Is it possible to use Alexa as a listening device, with remote commands”?

Since we’ve already clarified that Alexa cannot be used as a recording or listening device, that wouldn’t be really possible.

To sum things up, you cannot use Alexa as a listening device while outside your home.

Tip: You can make announcements by remotely telling Alexa to do so.

Can Alexa Be Used As A Listening Device In An Office?

alexa in office

Putting your Alexa in an office with the intention to record someone or something will also not work the way you want.

By “listening device”, everyone understands that you want Alexa to record someone saying something. Alexa simply can’t record voice.

What Is The Function Of Alexa In The Office?

Although you will not be satisfied in particular with the capabilities of Alexa in an office in regard to listening, it can still have some pretty good usage.

In a matter of fact, you can use Alexa for Business which will make the assistant familiar with stocks and other things that might be of your interest.

After all, why would the regular user need their Alexa to provide them with the daily stock market?

Note: To enable the Alexa for a business option, you can go to the Amazon Alexa App > Settings > Productivity > Alexa for Business.

Can Alexa Eavesdrop/Spy On Someone Within An Office?

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible. As we’ve mentioned earlier, getting your Alexa to record someone or something pronouncing sentences is not possible.

Even if you have a recording device that can easily capture voices, in an office environment, it would be difficult to record something.

In a straightforward answer to your question, Alexa doesn’t have an application as a listening device within an office.

Alexa cannot be used as a listening device at home or in the office. The voice assistant doesn’t have a voice recording feature, besides the automatic recordings which include only your questions after the wake word and Alexa’s responses.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know the answer to the question “can Alexa be used as listening device?”, you’re aware that the voice assistant can’t be a spy.

However, you can always check if anyone has asked Alexa anything in your absence and what exactly was it.

Amazon takes privacy seriously so there is nothing you need to worry about. Alexa can only benefit you by answering questions fast and won’t deliver an unpleasant experience.

Nicole B