how to turn off delivery notifications on alexa

If you don’t know how to turn off delivery notifications on Alexa, keep reading!

Alexa can sometimes steal the element of surprise, by saying “a new PlayStation 5 has just been delivered”, while your kids are in the room.

Luckily It is possible to turn off these delivery notifications with a single click in the Alexa application to keep the joy of surprise for people you ordered presents for.

To turn the delivery notifications off you would need to have the Amazon Alexa application installed and your Echo device connected. Then you can reach the Settings and prevent Alexa from announcing and narrating delivery notifications.

In case your Echo device is new and you’re not aware of where to find and how to use the settings, keep reading our step-by-step guide to help you out!

How To Turn Off Amazon Delivery Notifications On Alexa?

turn off delivery notifications on alexa

The delivery notifications can be something quite bothersome.

In fact, you will be always notified by Alexa, what’s the state of your Amazon order and when supposedly it is going to arrive on your doorstep.

Here’s how you can disable the Amazon delivery notifications in easy-to-follow steps:

Step #1 Acquire The Alexa App

If you still haven’t acquired the Alexa app, you should know that it’s necessary to disable the Amazon delivery notifications.

Since setup for your Echo device is impossible without the application, if you have an Alexa app, simply open the platform up.

Without Alexa App:

If you do not have the Alexa app, go to Google Play or App Store on your device.

Type “Alexa” in the search field and download the first result. Log into your account to proceed.

With Alexa App:

If you already have the Amazon Alexa app, check for any available updates that can be applied through the app store or Google Play.

If you don’t have the Echo device added, go to “Devices” > “Add Device” > “Echo speaker” and just follow the remaining on-screen instructions to hook up the Echo.

Once you’re done with the essentials, let’s open the Alexa app and start navigating toward the required feature.

Important: It’s of great importance to have the Echo device added to the Alexa app.

Step #2 Navigate To The Settings

alexa settings

Once the Alexa platform is running on your smartphone, the next step is to navigate to the settings.

Here is how to navigate to the required settings:

  1. Open the Alexa application.
  2. Make sure that you’re on the Home Screen.
  3. Locate the More button on the bottom right.
  4. Tap on the Settings.
Note: It might take 5-10 seconds for the bottom menu to appear upon opening the app.

Step #3 Enter The Notifications Tab

From the settings configuration, next, you will want to go to the notifications tab.

There, all notifications, including the delivery announcements, will be included.

To locate the notifications tab, you will want to scroll slightly downward in the settings and press the notifications option, positioned several results before the first tab.

Tip: Browse the notifications tab if you’re interested in configuring the notifications behavior of your Alexa on the Echo device.

Step #4 Go To The Amazon Shopping Tab

visit shopping tab

Once you have opened the notifications tab in your Alexa application, it’s time to access the Amazon shopping properties.

There, you will be able to adjust the system of delivery announcements and the notifications that come along.

The Amazon shopping properties can be found within the notifications tab that you’ve accessed in the previous step and are located almost at the bottom of the page.

Access the Amazon shopping proportions by tapping on the option once. This will send you to the notification settings you’re interested in.

Step #5 Locate “Let Alexa Say/Show Ordered Items” Selection

You will essentially want to disable the “For items in delivery updates” option, in the notifications configuration.

That feature is located under the “Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered”.

This is essentially what makes Alexa announce the delivery updates and always notifies you about items you’ve ordered.

The “Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered” selection is located somewhere in the middle of the Amazon shopping properties.

Once you have found the selection, proceed with our next and final step to get the delivery notifications disabled for good.

Step #6 Uncheck The “For Items In Delivery Updates” Option

delivery options uncheck

After finding the required selection, let’s learn how to turn off delivery notifications on Alexa in the final step.

Items that you’ve recently ordered from Amazon will be directly sent to the For items in delivery updates section.

There, Alexa will have quick access to the state of the order and details about the time or online gift order was sent.

In other words, all items that were ordered will be automatically sent to that section so you can be always notified of what is going on with the delivery.

Sadly, you can’t prevent the orders from going into that selection, but you can disable the option that announces the updates.

How To Disable “For Items In Delivery Updates” Option?

To completely turn off the feature, all you have to do is press the checkbox next to the setting.

After finding your way to that selection in the previous step, you will be able to see all options under the “Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered” selection.

There will also be the delivery notifications you want to uncheck to put an end to the announcements.

The checkbox is located on the left of the option and with a single tap, you will disable all delivery notifications from now on.

What Are The Other Amazon Alexa Shopping Properties?

properties amazon alexa

In case you’re not aware of what the other shopping properties do, read the bullets below to familiarize yourself with how to use them.

  • Say or Show Item Titles – Notifications about ordered items.
  • Delivery notifications – When an item is for delivery or delivered.
  • Returns – Receive an update notification for a returned item.
  • Order updates – Other updates related to your orders (delay, issues and etc..).
  • Shopping recommendations – Personal recommendations based on activity.
  • Community notifications – Updates from Q&A and ratings.
  • Audible notifications – Updates about membership and credit.
Tip: You can enable/disable any of the above-described notifications.

To disable the Amazon Alexa delivery notifications, reach into the settings of your Echo device and enter the notifications tab. Proceed with going into the shopping properties and find the “Let Alexa Say/Show Ordered Items”. From there uncheck the “For Items in Delivery Updates”. Notifications are now stopped.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you’ve got an idea of how to turn off delivery notifications on Alexa maybe you would like to configure them in a way that won’t bother you.

Disabling them is not the only solution since there is a wide variety of configurations for you to explore.

Dive into the settings, learn what they are all about, and configure Alexa’s behavior as per your requirements and needs.

If you find this post helpful, make sure to check our online blog to discover even more helpful guides to work with.

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