is it bad to sleep with airpods in

Being in the new age of technology, many people are asking, is it bad to sleep with AirPods in? Would doing so have negative effects on your health?

In this guide, we’ll give you a complete breakdown of what happens when you sleep with your AirPods inside your ears.

Sleeping while wearing your AirPods is not bad, as long as you’re wearing and using them correctly. There are several potential risks involved in this, but overall, it can actually give you a better and more fruitful experience.

Is it Bad to Sleep with AirPods In? 

Yes and no – this is because doing this can yield many different results, which can be positive or negative.

Some experts, of course, have grown accustomed to sleeping without having anything plugged inside the ears (other than earplugs, of course).

Because of this, a lot of experts consider sleeping with AirPods awkward, peculiar, and something that can cause problems.

But if we can use earplugs to block out the sound, why can’t we use the famous Apple AirPods?

This is the argument of many, and in fact, a lot of people say that they were able to sleep and rest better with their AirPods in!

So, is it bad to sleep with AirPods in for one night?

Let’s go further down the line and discuss what the pros and cons of sleeping while your AirPods are in could give you.

Benefits of Sleeping with Your AirPods

sleep with airpods benefits

Many users found a myriad of benefits when they kept their AirPods in when they slept. You might already be recognizing some of them.

Some of these pros and benefits include, but are not limited to:

It Can Block Out Noise Successfully

Akin to regular earplugs, putting in your AirPods while you sleep can help block out external noises that can possibly disrupt your sleep by playing the sounds you want to hear like songs, podcasts, books, and other audio.

It Promotes Better Sleep

Many people listen to white noise when they sleep, because, according to them, it greatly promotes sleep.

They’re able to sleep better, more comfortably, and deeper.

FUN FACT: There are studies that show how white noise has effectively improved the sleep and relaxation of people.

It Can Help You Relax

airpod relax

People who have insomnia reported a faster and a successful time sleeping when they kept their AirPods in when they slept.

According to them, what they listened to most were nature sounds and noises, white noise, and classical music.

NOTE: This can be helpful if you live with many people, which is the most prone to loud random external sounds.

It’s not only sleep-disruptive, but it can also be annoying.

It Can Boost the Brain

Did you know that your brain is more receptive when it’s asleep?

This is why a lot of people like listening to podcasts before snoozing – they even listen to them when they start to drift asleep.

Give your brain an extra pump by keeping your AirPods in when you sleep!

It’s Easily Portable and Available

Last, but most definitely not least is its portability. Unlike wired earphones, sleeping with your AirPods wouldn’t cause too much of a hassle because of the fact that it’s wireless!

Not to mention that they’re far more durable and longer lasting than regular wired earphones, you’ll definitely enjoy using them.

These are among the most reported benefits of sleeping while having your earbuds tucked inside your ears.

Of course, these still lack deeper scientific evidence, so we’ll just rely on the experiences of the people that reported it, which of course compose the majority of reports.

Risks of Sleeping with Your AirPods

sleep with airpods risks

On the contrary, there have been reports about the negative effects or potential risks of sleeping with your AirPods.

Most of these are from people who always sleep with their AirPods in and those that had their fair share of using it.

It Could Be Lost and Hard-to-Find

Let’s start with the first – since they’re tiny little earpieces, there’s a high chance that they can fall from your ear to your bed, making it difficult for you to find them in the morning.

They can fall off at the bottom part of the bed, they could fall and get lost on the floor, etc.

NOTE: To save yourself from this type of headache, make sure that your bed sheet is in contrast with the color of your AirPods.

It Can Possibly Disrupt Your Sleep

While listening to music, white noise, and podcasts can be a good booster for the brain, it can also possibly disrupt you while you are in deep sleep.

Sudden loud sounds could occur while you’re sleeping, may it be advertisements, sound effects, and others that can wake you up randomly.

It Can Lead to Faster Earwax Build-up

build earwax

Having something plugged inside your ears while you sleep can lead to a faster and more sudden build-up of earwax inside your ears.

What this does is somehow disrupt the natural cleaning process of the ears, which could be bad for your overall health.

FUN FACT: Our ears clean themselves naturally while we sleep. Wearing AirPods while you sleep can block our ear canals, disrupting the natural cleaning process of our ears.

It (Bluetooth) Emits Radiation

Bluetooth, contrary to popular belief, actually emits radiation. Although the levels of radiation that it produces are minimal, radiation is still radiation, which will never be good for our health.

Be mindful when using Bluetooth earphones (AirPods), especially if you’ll be leaving them out inside your ears for longer periods of time.

It Can Be Painful for Your Ears

Now, this will depend on your sleeping position. If you’re sleeping on the side, then the earbuds could be pressed down onto the pillow to your ear.

This can be painful, especially if it’s stuck in a position for hours without it being removed.

NOTE: When sleeping with your AirPods in, sleep upright, not sideways. This will help you avoid the pain that can be caused by the pressure on your ears.

The negative things connected to wearing your AirPods while you sleep, when you take a closer and a more serious look, are bearable. As long as you know the ins and outs of doing it, you should be fine.

Nevertheless, these are the effects of keeping your AirPods inside your ears while you sleep. Now, it’ll be up to you if you’ll keep your AirPods in your ears even while you sleep.

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Are You Still Going to Sleep with Your AirPods In?

Sleeping with your AirPods at night should never be a problem, so long as you’re doing them properly. But, there are a few things you should be mindful of, that’ll help you get a better experience using your AirPods while you sleep.

So, is it bad to sleep with AirPods in? Absolutely not!

The only reason why some people consider it bad is that they’ve experienced the cons or drawbacks of doing it, and this is because they were not able to do it properly or correctly.

So, don’t worry if you’re already used to sleeping with your AirPods, because they’re safe. Just be mindful of what you’ll feel when you do so to avoid long-term problems concerning your health.

Nicole B