braeburn thermostat keeps resetting to 85

Braeburn thermostat keeps resetting to 85° and you’re wondering what to do. Well, remain invested throughout this guide as we unwrap the resetting to 85° temperature issue.

Also here, we’ll provide you with the best-working techniques to resolve the bug in no time so stay with us!

If the Braeburn thermostat is resetting to 85°, this could be due to power-related or programming issues.

To address all possibilities at once, re-configure the programming, install fresh batteries, and re-adjust the weekly schedule settings on your thermostat.

Let’s get into more detail about the thermostat resetting to 85°!

Why Does My Braeburn Thermostat Resetting To 85°?

Braeburn thermostats are set to a default temperature of 85°F, which you can manually adjust to according to your needs.

However, some factors can cause the Braeburn thermostat to revert to 85 degrees even if you’ve manually configured another work temperature.

why braeburn thermostat resets to 85

The Braeburn thermostat does not automatically reset, but if there’s a power problem or low batteries, the thermostat will reset to the default temperature.

In some cases, compatibility issues with the HVAC system may also make the thermostat reset to 85° so let’s learn more!

  • Power surges or interruptions to the thermostat.
  • Braeburn thermostat programming problems.
  • Poor or weak Braeburn thermostat batteries.
  • No preset for the daily thermostat temperature
  • An existing issue with the home HVAC system.
  • Faulty wiring or loose wire connection resets.
  • The thermostat programming schedule has ended.
  • The thermostat is running outdated OS firmware.

Continue reading to find out how simple it is to solve the problem of your thermostat resetting! 

Braeburn Thermostat Keeps Resetting To 85° – Fixed Easily!

1. Power Cycle the Thermostat

power cycle the thermostat

Usually, the Braeburn thermostat is resetting to the default cooling settings due to software or electrical bugs and glitches that might restrict it from operating.

The only thing you need to do is power cycle your thermostat for at least 2 minutes to clear out any temporary system bugs!

Here is how to power cycle the Braeburn thermostat in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the Braeburn thermostat using the power button.
  2. Locate the circuit breaker which powers the thermostat.
  3. Flip over the thermostat fuse switch to the OFF position.
  4. Wait for at least 2 minutes for the complete power cycle.
  5. Flip over the thermostat circuit breaker back to the ON position.

When your thermostat is turned on, adjust the temperature and Heat/Cool mode settings to see if the temperature is reset to 85 degrees.

In case the issue is persistent, continue reading!

2. Test Installing Fresh Batteries!

test installing fresh batteries

Installing new batteries in your thermostat, as well as resetting the thermostat, is crucial to ensure the full power supply to the unit.

If the Braeburn thermostat is running on weak or dead batteries, then perhaps that’s the reason why the unit resets to 85° constantly.

  • The Braeburn thermostat uses 2 x AA alkaline batteries!

How to Install Batteries in Braeburn Thermostat?

  1. Press the power button to turn off your thermostat.
  2. Take out the thermostat body from the base to access. 
  3. Eject the already installed batteries from the thermostat.
  4. Install the 2 x fresh AA alkaline batteries the correct way.
  5. Hold the thermostat body and attach it back to the base.

Note that replacing the device’s batteries is an important task to keep your thermostat running smoothly.

Therefore, change the batteries at least once a year!

3. Tweak the Thermostat’s Settings

tweak the thermostat’s settings

If you are sure that the thermostat is getting a proper power supply but still resetting to 85°, don’t worry, just re-configure the settings from scratch.

Sometimes when you update the settings for cooling, they might not get applied correctly, and the device will reset to default.

  1. Ensure that the Braeburn thermostat is turned on.
  2. Locate the System switch from the device’s front.
  3. Turn the thermostat switch to the Heat or Cool mode.
  4. Press the Arrow Up or Down to set the temperature.
  5. Set the temp 3° higher lower for cooling or heating.

When there’s a problem with your home’s HVAC or air conditioning system, the thermostat may keep resetting itself to the default cooling settings.

Therefore, ensure that the air filters and air conditioning system are in working order as well.

If everything is OK, continue reading!

4. Check the Wiring Connections

check the wiring connections

Poor or dirty thermostat wiring connections may also cause the unit to reset to 85° because the thermostat will not receive the proper power supply from the HVAC.

All you need to do is check the thermostat and circuit breaker wire connection points, which is a simple task.

Check Wiring on Braeburn Thermostat:

  1. Turn off the power to the Braeburn thermostat.
  2. Flip over the circuit breaker that powers the unit.
  3. Release the thermostat body from the unit’s base.
  4. Note down the connection points of your thermostat.
  5. Remove the thermostat wires from the connectors.
  6. Next, perform a Continuity test of your thermostat.
  7. Use a multimeter and attach the probes to the wires.
  8. Check the results:
  • If the reading on your multimeter is 24V, then the wire connections are working!
  • If the reading on your multimeter is different than 24V, it’s an existing power issue.
check wiring on thermostat circuit breaker

Check Wiring on Thermostat Circuit Breaker:

  1. Locate the circuit breaker that powers your thermostat.
  2. Flip over the switch on the Braeburn thermostat fuse.
  3. Wait for about 2 to 5 minutes for complete discharge.
  4. Check the wires for looseness, corrosion, or kinks.
  5. Ensure that the wires are securely and tightly connected.
Tip: In case of a recent power outage, the entire AC installation of your home might still fluctuate, which makes the Braeburn thermostat reset to 85 degrees.

5. Reprogram the Weekly Schedule!

Most Braeburn thermostats come with a pre-programmed weekly schedule with four daily events that you can, of course, change.

reprogram the weekly schedule

It’s possible that you’ve manually programmed your unit on specific days, which is why your thermostat keeps resetting to 85° on the other days.

  • You simply need to reprogram the Braeburn thermostat unit for 7 days! 

How to Program the Braeburn Thermostat?

  1. Locate the PROG button on the Braeburn thermostat.
  2. Press the program button from your thermostat. 
  3. Use the Switch to select the HEAT or COOL mode.
  4. Use the Day/Time and select a specific weekday.
  5. Use the Arrows to adjust the “MORN event settings.
  6. Press the PROG button to save the configurations.
  7. Repeat the same for the “DAY”, EVE”, and NIGHT”.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each day of the week!
  9. Choose the return button to end the programming.
Note: Now when the thermostat is programmed for all days of the week, the unit should not reset to 88 degrees temperature by itself.

6. Factory Reset the Thermostat

factory reset the thermostat

Another option is to factory reset the Braeburn thermostat to be able to configure everything from scratch.

If your thermostat continues to reset itself to 85° after trying all other methods in this guide, then this is the ultimate software solution. 

Alert: Performing a factory reset on the Braeburn thermostat will reset all settings!

  1. Gently remove the thermostat from the base unit.
  2. Gently eject the batteries from your thermostat.
  3. Find the Reset button from the rear front panel.
  4. Click the Reset button using a pin or paperclip.

Once the reset process on your thermostat is complete, program the essential unit settings!

7. Inspect the Thermal Fuse!

There’s a chance that the fuse on the Braeburn thermostat is broken or defective, which is why your unit constantly keeps resetting itself to 85°.

The best course of action would be to perform a Continuity test on the thermal fuse to verify whether everything is working well.

inspect the thermal fuse

How to Test Fuse for Continuity?

  1. Begin by switching off the Braeburn thermostat.
  2. Disconnect the thermostat body from its base.
  3. Check for the glass tube fuse near the terminals.
  4. Check for broken filament or blackened appearance.
  5. Perform a continuity test on the fuse using a multimeter
  6. Check the results:
  • If the multimeter shows a reading of zero or closer, the fuse is functional.
  • If the multimeter shows infinite readings, then replace the blown fuse. 

Need More Help?

If the same issue persists after trying all of the above methods, reach out to Braeburn’s Support.

They will be able to provide more specific troubleshooting suggestions or provide you with a replacement if necessary.

Quick Recap:

When Braeburn thermostat keeps resetting to 85°, power cycle the unit and test it with a fresh pair of batteries.

In case that doesn’t help, re-program the thermostat settings by weekly schedule and, if necessary, perform a factory reset to bring all settings to default!

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