braeburn thermostat blank screen

If you’re wondering why Braeburn thermostat blank screen appears, stay with us to know!

We understand how frustrating it is when the Braeburn thermostat screen goes blank out of a sudden and you’re unsure what to do next.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone simply keep reading to learn how other users managed to overcome this exact problem as well as many solutions.

The Braeburn thermostat screen goes blank when there is a power issue with the device which can easily be resolved by resetting the HVAC circuit breaker.

In case that doesn’t help, essential factors such as the fuse, safety switch, and wiring must be inspected.

Let’s next learn more about what causes the blank screen!

Why is The Braeburn Thermostat Screen Blank?

why is the braeburn thermostat screen blank

Several factors can cause the thermostat screen to go blank, but the best aspect is that 90% of the black display issues can be easily solved.

In order to troubleshoot as efficiently as possible let’s take a closer look at all possible cases for the Braeburn thermostat black screen issue:

  • Power outages or AC fluctuations
  • Low Braeburn thermostat battery
  • Defective or faulty safety switch
  • Loose or disconnected wiring
  • Blown fuse or HVAC system fault
  • HW fault or malfunctioning display

These are not the only possibilities since there are many surrounding factors that can also cause the display of the Braeburn thermostat to go blank.

In the solution guide below we’ve made sure to include absolutely everything so let’s start excluding possibilities one by one!

Braeburn Thermostat Blank Screen? – Ultimate Solutions!

Tip: Follow the guide in consecutive order!

1. Reconnect the Thermostat Display

reconnect the thermostat display

If your Braeburn thermostat display screen is not properly seated on the base, it will not power on.

So all you have to do is remove and reconnect the display to ensure that it is embedded in a natural position and attached to the base. 

The steps for reconnecting the display are very, very simple!

  1. Turn off your Braeburn thermostat.
  2. Turn off the HVAC power breaker.
  3. Take out the thermostat display screen.
  4. Reconnect the display back to the base.
  5. Turn on the power and test the display.
Tip: If the thermostat display starts working, first increase the brightness to the maximum!

2. Reset the Power from the Circuit

reset the power from the circuit

Another option is to reset the circuit breaker, as overloaded circuits and power surges cause the fuse to trip which will cut off power to your thermostat device.

Therefore, check and reset the circuit breaker to ensure the power supply is stable, consistent, and not fluctuating.

Here is how to reset the circuit breaker for the Braeburn thermostat:

  1. Locate the circuit breaker panel providing the AC installation.
  2. Head over to the circuit breaker that powers the thermostat.
  3. Flip over the circuit breaker for the thermostat to the OFF position.
  4. Wait for a few seconds, so the charges discharge completely.
  5. Then flip over the circuit breaker and set it to the ON position.
  6. Head over to your Braeburn thermostat device to turn it on.

In case the same problem persists, don’t panic, and proceed with the next step!

3. Reset the Thermostat Safety Switch

reset the thermostat safety switch

If your Braeburn thermostat has a safety switch, this is another thing that will cut off power to your device by tripping the switch due to power surges.

Simply ensure that the switch is not tripped and reset it to restore power to your thermostat.

Here is how to reset the Braeburn thermostat safety switch:

  1. Head over to your home HVAC system.
  2. Open the control panel door of the system. 
  3. Locate the High Limit Temperature safety switch.
  4. Proceed accordingly:
  • If the safety switch is tripped, turn it to the ON position.
  • If the safety switch is not tripped, turn it OFF and ON.
Note: In case the safety switch or the circuit breaker is automatically tripping again, contact a professional for help!

4. Insert a Fresh Set of Batteries!

insert a fresh set of batteries

If your Braeburn thermostat works with batteries, since newer models are (hardwired), then this might be the cause for the blank screen.

Simply removing the old batteries and installing a fresh set of batteries in your thermostat will get you out of this trouble.

Here is a quick way to install the fresh batteries in the Braeburn thermostat:

  1. Remove the thermostat body by pulling it from the base. 
  2. Safely eject the old installed batteries from the thermostat.
  3. Insert 2 x AA fresh alkaline batteries in the thermostat body.
  4. Reconnect the body by gently pushing it back onto the base.

When you are done with the battery replacement, power on your thermostat and check for the blank screen.

In case the issue is still there, you need to do some more troubleshooting!

5. Inspect the Thermostat’s Wiring

inspect the thermostat’s wiring

There is a possibility that your thermostat has a wiring issue, such as a loose or disconnected wiring connection.

Such a problem will limit the power supply from circuit breakers to your thermostat and the screen will go black so it’s important to perform a thorough inspection!

Note: The steps below do not require any technical or electrical installation knowledge!

Here is how to check the Braeburn thermostat wiring connection:

  1. Turn off the power to your Braeburn thermostat.
  2. Hold and remove the thermostat body from its base.
  3. Note down the wire’s orientation by taking a picture.
  4. Disconnect all thermostat wires from the connectors.
  5. Inspect the wire strips to ensure that they have no faults.
  6. The Rh and Rc wires must be on the R-named connector.
  7. Reconnect the other wires back to their correct terminals.
  8. Reconnect the thermostat body properly back with its base.

One More Thing!

The next step is to inspect the wiring of your thermostat breaker or HVAC system to ensure that it is securely connected and not damaged.

In case everything looks well and is in a working state, simply turn on the power and test whether the thermostat display will now work!

6. Check for Any Blown Fuse

check for any blown fuse

Braeburn thermostats have a built-in fuse that protects the thermostat from power surges.

The fuse in your thermostat may have blown due to power spikes, which is why your thermostat is experiencing display issues.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the power to your Braeburn thermostat unit.
  2. Hold and take out the thermostat body from its base.
  3. Locate the glass tube fuse near the wiring terminals.
  4. Inspect the fuse for broken filament or blackened appearance.
  5. Run a Continuity test on the thermostat fuse using a Multimeter.
  6. Touch the multimeter probe tips to each end of the fuse for the test. 
  7. Check the results:
  • If the multimeter shows a reading close to zero, the fuse is functional.
  • If the multimeter shows infinite readings, you need to replace the fuse. 

When you’re finished, reconnect the thermostat body to the base to properly secure it.

Then turn on the power to your Braeburn thermostat and observe if the thermostat display is now working!

7. Inspect the HVAC System!

inspect the hvac system

Thermostats are very sensitive, and even minor problems with your home’s air conditioning or furnace system can have a direct impact on them.

There is a chance that your thermostat is experiencing a serious problem, which also causes the display to go blank!

  • Simply check the AC and furnace of your HVAC system!

You need to make sure that the furnace door is fully closed and that the AC and its drain line have no issues.

In case you identify any HVAC problems it’s best to troubleshoot these issues first and then focus on the thermostat display since these problems are likely to be related.

Once you are done with the inspection, try turning on your thermostat to see if its screen turns on and working. If not, proceed reading to learn what options we’ve got left to do!

Still Here?

contact braeburn customer service

If your Braeburn thermostat screen stays blank after trying every method in this guide, contact Braeburn Support for assistance.

They will further guide you and help you in the best way to resolve your device problem, and who knows, perhaps you can claim your warranty. Good luck!

Reminder: Don’t forget to share what you’ve already checked and tried in this guide!

Quick Recap:

Hence, when Braeburn thermostat blank screen, ensure that the body is seated on the base, reset the thermostat circuit breaker as well as the safety switch. In addition, install a fresh set of batteries, and thoroughly inspect the Braeburn thermostat wiring!

Follow us for more thermostat troubleshooting guides!

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