bose soundsport one side not working

Your Bose SoundSport one side not working and you’re looking for a quick fix?

You’ve just found the best post regarding the problem! The Bose SoundSport are wireless, Bluetooth-operated headphones that can connect to your mobile smartphone.

Some users experience issues with one of the headphones that aren’t playing music or any sound at all.

The one side of your Bose SoundSport may have stopped working if the balanced setting has been changed. There could be an issue with the Bluetooth device connected to your SoundSport or the headphones themselves.

It’s also possible that one of the headphones simply went faulty and you would need a repair service.

However, we’ll leave this possibility aside and check how we can solve the problem.

Why Is Bose SoundSport Wireless Hear One Side Not Working?

Since Bose SoundSport is a Bluetooth-operated device and the connection is wireless, a variety of issues can occur.

However, there are many fixes that you can attempt to solve the issue with your SoundSport device, regardless of what is the root cause of the problem.

Here’s what’s preventing the on side of your Bose SoundSport wireless to stop functioning:

1. Failure with Bluetooth Connection

If a problem occurred with the wireless connection, one side of your SoundSport will stop working.

2. Cable From the Base Has Been Damaged

The cable of the problematic headphones coming out of the base may have gotten damaged.

3. Smartphone Issue

The smartphone you’ve paired to the headphones may have issues that will essentially prevent one of the headphones from working.

4. Incorrect Headphones Settings

Configuring the settings of your headphones may lead to a variety of issues, including problems with the functionality of one of the earphones.

5. Misaligned Wire

In an overview, there can be a misaligned wire with your overall SoundSport device, not only the problematic earbuds’ cable.

This was all you had to know about the SoundSport Bose problem you’re experiencing.

How To Fix When Bose SoundSport One Side Not Working?

fix bose soundsport one side not working

Now that we’ve reviewed the potential causes for the SoundSport problem, let’s look up some easy fixes that you should attempt.

However, ensure that you follow our solutions consecutively and you don’t skip anything which may essentially fix the problem.

Here’s how to fix the Bose SoundSport problem when one of the earphones isn’t working:

Solution #1 Reinsert SoundSport From Case

The easiest way to start would be by restarting your SoundSport by pitting them in the case, waiting for a second, and then taking them out.

This will completely reboot the device and solve the glitch with one of the sides on the SoundSport.

Here’s how to appropriately reinsert your SoundSport from the charging case:

  1. Open the charging case of your SoundSport.
  2. Grab the headphones and position them inside.
  3. Close the compartment’s cover.
  4. Wait for 5 seconds with the headphones inside.
  5. Take them out of the box.
  6. Test.
Note: If you don’t have a charging case, reinsert Bose from the charging adapter and then test.

Solution #2 Attempt A Different Audio Source

use different audio source

The problem with one of the earbuds may be with the audio source you’re currently playing music or sounds from.

For instance, users reported that the problem with one of the headphones occurs during talks, online video calls, and even when texting.

That’s why you should play music or sounds from a different source. You can either use YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, as long as you test with a few different sources.

Additionally, ensure that you’ve increased the volume of your headphones enough so you can determine if the issue is fixed.

Note: Moreover, test a few different songs, videos, or whatever media you tend to play on every application you test on.

Solution #3 Charge Bose SoundSport

charge soundsport

If only reinserting the headphones didn’t help, you may have to leave them in the charging case for a while.

This will fill up the device battery and may solve the problem with the not-working earbud.

Note: If you don’t have a charging case, you can also connect Bose to a power adapter and let it charge for a while.

However, a charging case is recommended, since it charges your headphones faster and is most sufficient.

On top of all, you can carry the charging case around with you and use the headphones whenever you want.

Alert: Before testing, make sure that the SoundSport’s been charging for at least 1-2 hours.

Solution #4 Reconnect SoundSport From Device

An issue with the wireless connectivity with the smartphone is also possible.

Perhaps, connecting the headphones may help to solve the issue with the problematic earbud that refuses to work.

Here’s how to reconnect the SoundSport device from your phone:

  1. Open the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth tab.
  3. Locate SoundSport’s active connection.
  4. Tap on “Disconnect”.
  5. Wait for a few seconds.
  6. Reconnect with the Bose SoundSport headphones.
  7. Check if both of the earbuds wouldn’t work now.
Note: Ensure to wait for the LED on your SoundSport to start blinking, which means that the device can be reconnected.

Solution #5 Re-Add SoundSport From Bluetooth Settings

SoundSport readd

To fix the problem for good, you can re-add the SoundSport headphones from the Bluetooth settings of the device you’re using.

For this purpose, you will need the smartphone that your Bose connects to.

Here’s how to re-add the SoundSport from the settings of your mobile device:

  1. Open the mobile smartphones settings.
  2. Access the Bluetooth configuration.
  3. Choose the SoundSport Bose headphones’ connection.
  4. Next, tap on “Forget this device” and wait for Bose to be deleted.
  5. Once removed, hold the Bluetooth button of the device until it is re-discovered.
  6. Re-add the Bose SoundSport headphones.
  7. Test.
Note: Ensure to have your Bose SoundSport headset positioned close enough to the device you tend to connect.

Solution #6 Reset Bose SoundSport

If nothing from our fixes worked out so far, you have to reset your Bose SoundSport to factory defaults.

This will essentially wipe the software of the headphones clean, leaving no trace of a bug or glitch that affected the on side of your headphones.

reset soundsport

Here’s how to reset the headphones in easy steps:

  1. Position the pods within the charging case.
  2. Plug the charging box’s USB cable into the compartment, then into an outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds.
  4. Disconnect the cable from the charging case.
  5. Wait for another minute.
  6. Remove the earbuds and they should reset!
Note: You will have to reconnect the Bose SoundSport headphones back to the Bluetooth device once the reset is complete.

If the problem still seems to persist, you may have to deliver your SoundSport device for a repair or have a technician check the device out.

Quick Recap:

To fix when your Bose SoundSport when one side isn’t working, reconnect the device and refresh its Bluetooth connection. Charge the Bose SoundSport and re-add it from the Bluetooth settings. Lastly, proceed with a factory reset to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

After showing you how you can fix the Bose SoundSport one side not working problem, we leave the rest up to you.

Additionally, if your warranty is still intact, consider Bose’s technical support team for further assistance regarding this problem with your headphones!

Nicole B