bose soundlink mini not turning on

Whenever your Bose SoundLink Mini not turning on, there are quite a few things to inspect before making any conclusions.

The primary factor responsible for turning on your Bose SoundLink is the charge within your device.

That includes the charging cable, battery, and power source. In this guide, we’ll address each of those factors and solve the problem as soon as possible!

To fix your Bose SoundLink Mini that won’t turn on at all, ensure you’ve pressed the power button on the device and that it’s charged. Fix any problems with the charging or power supply and lastly perform a factory reset to solve the issue.

With that being said, there are certain factors your Bose SoundLink startup activity depends on so let’s explore them in-depth.

Why Is Bose Mini SoundLink Not Turning On?

Most frequently, startup issues with Bose Mini SoundLink are related to battery problems.

Either it’s that, or the charging flow has been disrupted by an unfunctional USB adapter or problematic port that charges the device.

Here’s a summarized list of potential issues that might have impacted your Bose Mini SoundLink:

1. No Charge In Your Bose

If you’ve left your Bose without a charge it will result in an inability to turn the device on.

2. Charging Issue

A problematic USB cable or port in your Bose SoundLink could also be a possibility.

3. Incorrect Power Source

The source you’ve plugged your device into may have issues and the device isn’t receiving charge.

4. The Battery Has Gone Faulty

The battery of your Bose may have gone faulty, preventing the device from being charged.

5. Hardware Blunder

An unlikely occurrence is that your Bose speaker has simply come to an end-life.

Note: Make sure to check whether your Bose warranty is still active. If our solutions don’t help, you will have to bring your speaker for a checkup.

How To Fix Bose SoundLink Mini Not Turning On?

fix bose soundlink mini not turning on

Make sure to follow our fixes consecutively for the best results in troubleshooting the startup fault with your Bose speaker.

Moreover, if your speaker previously had been impacted by water or drop damage, search for any visual hardware problems.

Here’s how to fix your Bose speaker that refuses to startup:

Solution #1 Charge Bose SoundLink

Chances are that your Bose SoundLink Mini is left uncharged. That will result in you being unable to start the device.

However, you can still plug the device into the charging cable and check if it would boot after being charged a little.

Grab your Bose along with the USB cable + adapter and connect it to a power source. Then you will want to plug the USB cable into the back of the Bose speaker, directly into the USB port. Let your device charge for 15-30 minutes and it should have enough battery start-up so you can test if the issue will be solved.

Note: Ensure you’ve attached the USB charging cable securely to the power source and the port on your Bose.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Bose Speaker

power cycle speaker

A great way to solve power bugs and glitches with your Bose speaker is the power cycle process.

The execution of a power cycle requires access to the internal battery of your Bose speaker and a screwdriver to let you undo the screws on the device.

Here’s how to power cycle your Bose speaker in easy steps:

  1. Turn your Bose speaker upside down.
  2. Locate the 4 screws on each end of the device.
  3. Undo the back compartment.
  4. Expose the battery.
  5. Take the battery out of the device.
  6. Wait for 5 minutes and then reinstall the battery.
  7. Attach the compartment again.
  8. Test.
Note: You will have to place the battery with the longer part going downward. The flat part of the battery must cover the entire hole in your Bose.

Solution #3 Replace Bose USB Cable/Adapter

Chances are that your Bose speaker isn’t charging in the first place and is unable to receive a charge.

That will only occur whenever there is a problem with your USB cable or the adapter that the cable connects to.

You will want to first replace the USB cable, test, and then use a different adapter as you test afterward as well.

How To Replace USB Cable?

From your Bose’s charging adapter, disconnect the USB cable and connect an alternative one. Attach your Bose speaker to the new USB cable and test if the charging has been fixed now.

How To Replace Power Adapter?

De-attach the USB cable from the adapter. Grab the USB cable and plug it into a different adapter.

Once this is done, connect the adapter to the source and test charging your Bose once again.

Note: If the charging works, make sure to buy an original replacement USB cable from Bose.

Solution #4 Plug Bose Into Different Outlet

use different power outlet

If your Bose still refuses to turn on, another charging problem could be with the power outlet.

Even if it’s unlikely, a power source could go faulty, especially after a power outage or shock from another device connected to that very same outlet.

That’s why you should plug your Bose into an alternative charging outlet so you could determine what’s causing the issue with your device.

Disconnect the current power adapter along with the USB cable and connect it to a different source. Then check if the device is going to start now.

Note: Avoid using any strips or dividers since devices of this nature, could be responsible for the problem.

Solution #5 Replace Bose’s Battery

If nothing from our solutions worked so far, there could be a hardware malfunction with the battery of your Bose.

If that’s the case, you can’t help it, except if you replace the entire battery unit inside of the device and resume the charging.

replace batteries

Here’s how to replace the battery of your Bose SoundLink mini:

  1. Disassemble the compartment underneath your Bose.
  2. Once the screws are undone, take the cover off.
  3. Eject the battery out of the compartment.
  4. Grab a 2600mAh battery for Bose.
  5. Insert it back into the compartment.
  6. Install the cover and test your Bose.
Note: Once the battery has been replaced, you will want to re-attempt the charging to determine if the issue is fixed.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix a Bose SoundLink mini that won’t turn on at all, power cycle the device by disconnecting it from the power. Then replace the USB cable/adapter and plug the device into a different power source. Lastly, replace the entire battery unit inside your SoundLink mini.

The Bose SoundLink Mini not turning on is tough to fix, but with the appropriate guidelines, you shouldn’t have trouble solving it.

If your Bose still refuses to start even after our solutions, contact Bose for additional assistance!

Nicole B