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So, your Bose SoundLink mic not working and you can’t help but look for a solution?

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The Bose SoundLink is a rare breed of Bluetooth speaker that contains an integrated microphone system. Quite frankly, the microphone might’ve stopped and you’re looking for a fix.

To solve the microphone problem with Bose SoundLink, restart the speaker and ensure it is charged to the max. Next, check if the microphone has been muted by your mobile device, and try calling someone else. Lastly, factory reset the SoundLink speaker.

However, there’s more to look up to rather than the very little information we’ve extracted above, so make sure to keep reading!

Why Is Bose SoundLink Mic Not Working?

Having a speaker that includes a microphone is not something you will often see nowadays.

In fact, that’s a new generation of speakers and yet, their microphone system is not the best, so don’t feed your expectations very much.

Users reported that the quality of the microphone inside the SoundLink is not something very special and it even makes your voice sound a bit unnatural.

Putting this aside, here’s what’s messing with the microphone inside your SoundLink:

1. The Microphone is Muted

The connected phone, tablet, or even computer can have its microphone setting muted, which will essentially disable the one SoundLink has.

2. Speaker Power Problem

Either leaving your Bose SoundLink without charge for too long or letting it play for too long, may lead to issues with the power supply.

3. The Microphone has Gone Faulty

Even if it’s unlikely, the entire integrated microphone system can go faulty along with a single diode that dies within your SoundLink.

4. The Issue is on the Other End

Calling someone and not being able to communicate with him through SoundLink doesn’t certainly mean that the issue is on your end.

5. Software/Settings Blunder

Putting all hardware problems aside, here’s the potential of a software bug that needs a solution.

With this, we’re wrapping up the causes of the problem. Let’s now move on to the fixes and check how we can solve the problem with your SoundLink.

How To Fix When Bose SoundLink Mic Isn’t Working?

fix bose soundlink mic not working

Before we initiate our troubleshooting, there’s just one thing that should be mentioned.

Don’t forget to follow the original order of our solutions and test the microphone of your Bose after each attempt.

Tip: There are many online tools that you can access through and connected to Bose device, allowing you to test the microphone.

Here’s how you can fix the mic of your SoundLink Bose speaker.

Solution #1 Select Bose’s Microphone From Settings

You could be still using your smartphone device’s microphone, although you have Bose SoundLink connected.

That’s why you will have to manually select the microphone of your SoundLink from your smartphone’s settings.

Here’s how to universally choose the Soundlink’s microphone easily:

  1. Go to the Settings of the phone.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth tab.
  3. Select the “Info” button next to the SoundLink connection.
  4. Go to “Auto-enable microphone” and make sure it is ticked.
Note: If you’re using an iPhone, you will have a feature of the same functionality, that will also mute the mic of your phone.

Solution #2 Unmute Bose SoundLink

soundlink unmute

Chances are that your Bose Soundlink’s microphone has been muted. If that happens, you’ve probably muted your device the software way through the smartphone that is connected.

How To Unmute Through Mobile Devices?

To unmute Bose through your device, you will have to head to the settings and check the microphone options.

Determine if the microphone activity has been enabled and tap the slider once until it becomes green. This is an indication that the microphone of the device is now working.

Note: Test the mic of your SoundLink both after unmuting the device through the button and then the mobile smartphone.

Solution #3 Hard Reset SoundLink

You should attempt a hard reset on the SoundLink. This will clear up any problems with the power supply of the device, along with bugs and glitches that are keeping the microphone from being used.

Here’s how to execute a hard reset sequence on the SoundLink:

  1. Turn the SoundLink upside down.
  2. Search for a cover keeping the battery compartment’s battery (should be attached with 4 screws).
  3. Undo any screws if necessary.
  4. Take the cover off of the SoundLink.
  5. Remove the battery inside the speaker.
  6. Standby for 5 minutes with the battery removed.
  7. Reinsert your product’s battery back into its place.
Note: We’re reminding you to watch out for the polarity and how you insert the battery back into the compartment.

Solution #4 Use Another Microphone Source

different microphone source

If you’re talking on the phone, for instance, chances are that there is an issue with the user you’re talking with.

They may be the only ones who are unable to hear you talking and you should test from an alternative source.

In that regard, call someone else or use a proven online microphone test while you have the SoundLink connected to your phone.

Once the call or conversation is ongoing, talk next to your Bose SoundLink and determine if the issue has been solved.

Tip: Sit the phone or instance you’re calling next to you so you can track whether the mic is working.

Solution #5 Reset Bose SoundLink

Finally, to solve the problem with no remorse, you can factory reset the SoundLink. Keep in mind that the reset won’t erase any settings from your SoundLink.

Here’s how to reset the SoundLink:

  1. Press the Mute button for 10-12 seconds.
  2. Wait for the LED indicator to flash.
  3. The speaker will power off, after which, press the power button.
  4. Your speaker is reset.
Note: Don’t let go of the mute button before the LED flashes.

How To Fix When Bose AE2 SoundLink Mic Not Working?

AE2 SoundLink Mic fix

The microphone of your wired-AE2 headphones may go faulty at any point. Luckily, there are some quick workarounds you should attempt, before wrapping things up and sending the device to the electrician.

Here’s what you can attempt to fix the AE2 SoundLink headphones whose microphone isn’t working:

1. Reconnect AE2 Headphones

There could be a problem with the headphones’ jack. You should reconnect them from the mobile smartphone and test the microphone again.

2. Restart Your Phone

Next thing you can attempt is restarting your mobile device to fix the issue with the microphone. Hold the power button for 5 seconds and then start it back up as you test the microphone afterward.

3. Unmute Bose AE2

You can check if the headset has been muted by holding the Volume + and the Volume – button for several seconds. A ding sound will indicate that the headset has been unmuted.

Note: If these solutions didn’t work either, either replace your headset or deliver it for a repair if its warranty is still intact.

To fix the microphone of your Bose SoundLink, power cycle the speaker and unmute it from the phone. Test with an alternative mic source and perform a reset on the speaker. To fix the mic of Bose AE2, restart your phone and reconnect the jack of the headset.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that figuring out why the Bose SoundLink mic not working and how to fix it with our guide was sufficient for you.

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