bose soundbar not turning on

The error of Bose soundbar not turning on is most likely because of an incorrectly configured remote control. 

If your Bose soundbar doesn’t turn on when you press the power button, you won’t be able to use it to play music on your devices.

Even if this is your exact issue, don’t worry; we have prepared multiple ways to troubleshoot your devices.

To fix your Bose soundbar from not turning on, first reset it and then replace your remote controller batteries. Next, check your remote for an IR signal and see if it controls other devices. Then check your TV and Soundbar cabling connections.

Now that you have a general idea of the troubleshooting we will be doing, let’s briefly check out the top causes for your Bose Soundbar not turning on.

Why Is My Bose Soundbar Not Turning On?

why my bose soundbar not turning on

When your Bose soundbar does not turn on when you try using your remote, there are three main things you can troubleshoot.

You can troubleshoot your remote controller, the Bose soundbar device or your TV to which it’s connected.

Here are the top causes for your Bose soundbar not turning on:

Bad batteries

If your remote controller used to power your Bose soundbar has depleted batteries, it won’t send proper signals. 

Remote Set to the Wrong Device

If your remote control meant for the Bose soundbar is transmitting to a different device, your soundbar won’t turn on.

Hardware Issues

If your remote controller or Bose soundbar has suffered physical damage, it might malfunction.

Incorrect Cabling

When using a power cable other than the factory default, your device might not power on.

Overloaded Power Outlet

Too many devices on a single power strip can cause insufficient power for your soundbar.

Note: If you have a TV connected to your soundbar, ensure it is set up to play sound from its built-in speakers.

How To Fix Your Bose Soundbar Not Turning On?

how fix bose soundbar

Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure that the speakers you are using to play music are compatible with the soundbar.

Incompatible devices might prevent your soundbar from working.

If you are connecting your soundbar to a TV, it will only work with HDMI ARC or HDMI Audio Return Channel cables.

Older generations of smart TVs might not come with these ports by default.

If your Bose soundbar device doesn’t power on, try the following solutions:

Solution #1 Reset Your Bose Soundbar

Resetting your Bose soundbar device will clear any temporarily stored data that might contain errors.

These errors could prevent your device from powering on properly.

Remember that there is a difference between resetting your device and restoring its factory settings.

You won’t be able to perform a factory reset if your device isn’t turning on, as it requires you to go through its settings.

reset the soundbar

Here are the steps on how to reset your Bose soundbar:

  1. Ensure your Bose soundbar is disconnected from the power cable and outlet.
  2. Disconnect any additional speakers or devices connected to your Soundbar
  3. If an accessory is attached, please ensure it’s also removed from the power outlet
  4. Wait for 30 seconds, and plug the power cable back into your soundbar
  5. Wait a minute for your Bose soundbar device to reboot 

After performing these steps, reconnect any speakers or devices to your soundbar and check if the issue persists.

Note: You can attempt this step multiple times if you didn't get any results from restarting your Bose Soundbar once.

Solution #2 Change Your Remotes Batteries

change the batteries

If your remote control batteries are weak or depleted, this will disrupt the required IR signals from telling your soundbar to turn on. 

When your Bose soundbar doesn’t power on, you can start by verifying if your remote is set up correctly.

Here is how to ensure your remote control device has sufficient power:

  1. Carefully open your remote control back panel to access the batteries
  2. Remove your old batteries 
  3. Reinsert a brand new set of the correct battery type 
  4. Put the back panel on and check if your remote can now power your Bose soundbar
Note: Check that your remote batteries are inserted in the correct position, with their corresponding markings facing the proper way.

Solution #3 Check Your Remote Control For IR Signal

check remote for signal

Remote controls use IR (infrared) light to signal commands to your devices. IR light is invisible to our naked eyes.

The only way to test if your remote control is working properly is with the help of a digital camera

Before continuing with this step, it’s vital that you check that your remote control has a set of working batteries, as shown in solution #2.

Here is how to check your remote control for an IR signal:

  1. Take your smartphone and open the camera app
  2. Hold your soundbar remote control and point it directly toward your phone’s camera
  3. Press different buttons on your remote and observe if any light shows on the display of your phone

If you don’t get any IR light from your remote even after replacing its batteries, it’s most likely broken and due for a replacement or repair.

Note: If the infrared light is constantly emitted without any buttons being used, then one of your remote buttons is stuck.

Solution #4 See If Your Remote Is Controlling Different Devices

see ifr remote controlling other

If your remote control communicates to other devices and not your Bose soundbar, then pressing the power button won’t turn your soundbar on. 

When your remote control is set up to control a different device, it won’t use the necessary signal to control your Bose soundbar.

Here is how to fix your remote controlling a different device:

  1. Press the different keys on your remote to see if another device responds
  2. If you notice another device responding to the remote signals, disconnect it from the power source.
  3. Afterward, check to see if your remote can turn your soundbar on

If you use a third-party remote control device, you must reference its manufacturer’s manual to set it up for use with the Bose soundbar.

Note: If you have previously paired your Bose remote to other devices, power them off temporarily while troubleshooting your soundbar.

Solution #5 Check Your Bose Soundbar Cabling

check the soundbar cable

If you have improperly connected the various HDMI cables to your Bose soundbar, it might not power on correctly. 

Before you check your HDMI cables, ensure that your soundbar power adapter is firmly connected to a working power socket and your soundbar.

  1. Remove any currently connected HDMI cables.
  2. Check if the input and output cables are plugged correctly into your speakers or TV.
  3. Bypass the power strip by connecting your soundbar power cable directly to a power outlet.
Note: Always use the power cable and power supply that came stock with your Bose Soundbar, and don't use any 3rd party power supplies.

Solution #6 Try A Different HDMI, Or Power Cable

try different hdmi

Suppose your HDMI or power cables were damaged and could no longer power on your soundbar.

If that is the case, you would need to replace them with working ones.

Here are some general guidelines for checking your cables:

  • Visually inspect your cables from each side for creases or damage
  • If a cable is damaged, order a suitable replacement or change it to a working one
  • For a malfunctioning power adapter, always replace it with an original Bose adapter replacement
Note: If your power circuit has too many plugged-in devices, your Bose soundbar might not have sufficient power to turn on.

Quick Recap

To fix your Bose Soundbar from not turning on properly, check that your connection cables are working. Next, troubleshoot the remote control for your Bose system for potential issues. Lastly, reset your device and try using different HDMI cables.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the causes of Bose Soundbar not turning on, we hope you can fix this problem.

If you tried all our steps and still can’t it work, the device might have a hardware issue.

In this case, it’s best to contact Bose support for more help.

Nicole B