bose soundbar 700 won't connect to wifi

If your Bose Soundbar 700 won’t connect to WiFi, the most probable cause is a faulty internet connection.

When your Bose Soundbar 700 can’t connect to the WiFi network, you won’t be able to use many of its features.

Even if this is the situation you find yourself in, don’t worry, as we have you covered. 

This guide will show you multiple quick, straightforward ways to troubleshoot your Bose WiFi connection.

To fix your Bose Soundbar 700 from not connecting to the WiFi, first, troubleshoot your internet connection. Then reset your router and perform a factory reset. Lastly, change your router’s security settings to ensure compatibility. 

Now that you know what solutions we will try, let’s first check the most common reasons for the WiFi connection issue on your Bose device.

Why Bose Soundbar 700 Won’t Connect To WiFi?

why the bose soundbar 700 won't connect

When your Bose Soundbar 700 doesn’t properly connect to your WiFi network, it’s usually due to issues with your router or Bose device.

Here are the most common causes why your Bose Soundbar 700 won’t connect to WiFi:

#1. WiFi Outside Range

When your WiFi network is not within range of your Bose soundbar device, it won’t correctly connect.

#2. Hardware Damage

If your Bose Soundbar 700 has suffered physical damage or has a factory defect, it might have issues connecting to a network.

#3. Bad Internet

a bad internet connection

If your WiFi connection is unstable or too slow, this might cause your Bose Soundbar to fail to connect.

#4. WiFi Router Errors

When your WiFi encounters a runtime error, it might stop properly distributing the internet to your connected devices.

#5. Incompatible Network

If your WiFi router is incorrectly configured, your Bose device won’t be able to connect.

Note: If you cannot pair your Soundbar with the standard method, you can try connecting it using the Bose Music app.

How To Fix Bose Soundbar 700 Won’t Connect To WiFi?

how to fix soundbar wont connect

Before fixing your Bose Soundbar 700 internet connection, verify that you can connect other devices to your WiFi network. 

If your Bose used to be correctly paired but suddenly disconnected, check if the network password and type have changed.

Any time you reconfigure your WiFi network, you need to pair the Bose soundbar again manually.

The fixes for this issue revolve around troubleshooting your network and your WiFi router.

After it is confirmed that your internet connection is not at fault, you can troubleshoot the Bose 700 device itself.

Here are the best solutions to fix WiFi connection issues on your Bose Soundbar 700:

Solution 1: Check Your WiFi Internet Connection

check the wifi connection

If your Bose Soundbar 700 device can’t connect to your network, the first thing to check would be the integrity of your internet connection

Here are some general tips to improve your WiFi signal and strength:

  1. Check your WiFi login credentials – all WiFi passwords are case-sensitive
  2. Move your Bose Soundbar closer to your WiFi router 
  3. Switch your router frequency band to 2.4GHz if applicable
  4. If you use Google Assistant or Alexa, ensure all your devices are connected to the same network
  5. Ensure that your TV is connected correctly to the Bose soundbar
  6. Open any browser, type in Online Internet Speed Test, then run the test

If your Internet speed is too slow or has constant interruptions, such as other devices disconnecting randomly, it’s best to get in touch with your internet service provider. 

Note: Always ensure you are not using a hotspot WiFi on your Bose Soundbar 700 since these networks often have inconsistent speeds.

Solution 2: Restart Your WiFi Router 

restart the wifi connection

Restarting your router is a proven method for troubleshooting many device connectivity issues, including the Bose Soundbar 700.

Sometimes during regular use, your WiFi router might start having connectivity issues.

To resolve this problem and to clean your WiFi of any potential runtime errors, it’s best to restart it.

Here are the proper ways to reboot your WiFi router if your Bose Soundbar 700 cant connect:

  1. Verify that your router is powered on
  2. Ensure that all of the routers cables are firmly plugged in 
  3. On the back side of your router, disconnect its power cable
  4. Wait for one minute for your router to rest
  5. Reconnect the power cable back to your router 
  6. Wait for your router to restart and have its internet light turn solid

When your router is restarted, restart your Bose Soundbar and see if it can connect to your WiFi network correctly.

Note: Some WiFi networks have built-in measures to prevent device connection. If you are using an office WiFi network, ask the network administrator if such limits exist. 

Solution 3: Change Your Router Configuration Setting

change router configuration setting

Your Bose Soundbar 700 can have issues connecting to your WiFi network when the router security settings are improperly set up.

Switching up some of these settings can resolve the connectivity issue. Please try pairing your device after each of the steps listed.

To ensure WiFi network compatibility, try out the steps below:

  1. Force your WiFi router to switch to the WPA-2-only security mode
  2. Change the WiFi mode to B/G/N
  3. Remove any enabled WAN IP Blocking
  4. Change your router’s channel to a different one to prevent interference 
  5. Temporarily remove any firewall countermeasures for your router
Note: If your WiFi setup uses a WiFi repeater or access point, try bypassing them and connecting directly to your WiFi modem.

Solution 4: Enable The Speaker In Recovery Mode

enable speaker recovery mode

Putting your speaker in recovery Mode can clear it of many potential issues that can cause it to fail to connect to a network.

To force your Bose 700 speaker to go into recovery mode, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Unplug your speaker from any power source and then wait 1 minute
  2. Afterward, reinsert the speaker power cable into the charging power socket
  3. When your Bose 700 lights start flickering, press the Action Button just once
  4. Tap on the icon indicating Microphone Off one time
  5. Press the Action button again 
  6. Lastly, press the Microphone off button again.
Note: You will know that the procedure successfully enabled factory mode if your Bose soundbar 700 lights start flickering in green.

Solution 5: Factory Reset Your Bose Soundbar 700

factory reset the soundbar

Performing a factory reset can be a great way to clear your devices of internal software errors that might prevent your soundbar from connecting to WiFi.

To factory reset your Bose 700 device, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect and remove your Bose Soundbar 700 from the Bose account page.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Skip buttons together for at least 10 seconds
  3. When your Device starts rebooting, please wait for the process to finalize 
  4. Don’t turn off your Bose Soundbar in the meantime

If you still can’t get your Bose Soundbar device to connect to your WiFi network, consider using an ethernet cable to bypass WiFi issues. 

Note: After these steps, your Bose Soundbar 700 light will blink in amber color, indicating that the factory reset was successful. 

Quick Recap:

To fix your Bose Soundbar 700 from not connecting to a WiFi network, first verify that your internet connection is stable. Next, reboot your router and switch up its settings. Then force your Bose to perform a factory reset.


Now that you understand why Bose Soundbar 700 won’t connect to WiFi, we hope you can solve this problem using our solutions.

If the issue persists after attempting all of our steps, please contact Bose support to receive further help. 

Nicole B