bose quietcomfort earbuds blinking red and white

Why are the Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Blinking Red And White?

That is a common question that troubles multiple users who were once excited by having powerful earbuds in their hands.

Fixing Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Blinking Red And White has different approaches. You might try charging the earbuds or resyncing them with the case. Alternatively, update the firmware or go to the Bose site to clear the error.

As you can see, finding the issue and fixing it is easy. However, if you are not so much of a techie, we are here to help!

The guide below will walk you through analyzing the problem and finding the perfect solution.

Plus, you will have enough knowledge to handle your Bose QC earbuds as if you were the manufacturer yourself.

Why Are The Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Blinking Red And White?

why are bose earbuds blinking

Sometimes you might notice your Bose QC earbuds flashing red and white without end.

And, after a while, they continue blinking like that. The worst part is that, while such a thing happens, you can’t use them to listen to your favorite songs.

This guide will teach you all the solutions you can employ to ensure this problem goes away. First, however, it is crucial to diagnose the problem.

Below you can check the common reasons surrounding the unending blinking:

#1. Earbuds Are in Pairing Mode

Perhaps you’ve activated pairing mode again. In that case, you must pair the earbuds with a new device or cancel the procedure.

#2. There Is a Connectivity Issue

connectivity issue

Sometimes Bluetooth devices lose connection or fail to connect correctly. Your earbuds will flash red and white when that happens. 

#3. Connection Is Taking Too Long

This might be your phone’s or PC’s fault. Perhaps their Bluetooth fails to recognize the earbuds immediately, thus causing the unending lights. 

#4. Outdated Firmware

Although firmware shouldn’t play a crucial role in your earbuds working, this is a possibility to consider.  

How To Fix Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Blinking

how fix bose endurance

Even though the Bose quietcomfort earbuds flashing red and white is an annoying issue, it becomes a simple matter once you learn the reasons behind it.

The next step is finding a suitable solution for the problem with your earbuds. Below are all the solutions that are proven to work!

If your earbuds are within troubleshooting reach, they will return to work once you finish reading.

If none of the solutions below work, the problem has some deeper cause, and you must contact the manufacturer.

Solution #1: Charge For A Few Minutes

The first method we recommend to you is a recommendation by Bose too.

That is the first thing you should try when your Quietcomfort earbuds are blinking red and white without apparent reason.

charge for a minutes

According to the brand, when the battery is very low, the product goes into a “battery protection state.”

Therefore, it is a possible cause of the non-ending blinking. 

Solving a low battery is easy, right? All you have to do is charge the device, even if for a few minutes. 

How To Charge Correctly And Safely

In case you just acquired your device and it is already showing this issue, here is how to charge it properly:

  1. Connect the charging case to a power source 
  2. Place the earbuds in the case (aligned with the charging pins)
  3. The earbuds will begin charging immediately.

Bose recommends that you strictly use the power cable in the packaging. Otherwise, charging issues will start to appear more frequently.

The charging case has a battery indicator light that will turn on when the earbuds are charging. The light will turn off when the earbuds are fully charged.

Note: Is the error preventing the earbuds even from charging? Then check the next fixing method.

Solution #2: Resync The Earbuds With The Charging Case

resync the earbuds to case

Sometimes the issue that causes blinking earbuds is a syncing problem. That is common with Bluetooth devices, as their pairing configurations might get jammed.

Although it is impossible to tell if that is the problem, its solution is easy and worth a shot.

Without further ado, let’s check how you can resync the earbuds with the charging case:

  1. Place the earbuds in the case
  2. Close it
  3. Hold the back button for 10 seconds 
  4. Wait for a red light
  5. Release the button 
  6. Wait for a white light
  7. Remove the earbuds from the case
  8. Wait for the automatic pairing

Now you can attempt to charge the earbuds by placing them back in the case.

Again, the charging indicator light on the case should turn on to indicate that the earbuds are charging.

Note: If the earbuds are still not charging or connecting properly after resetting them, you may need to try other troubleshooting methods.

Solution #3: Update The Firmware

update bose firmware

The error you are experiencing might be caused by firmware. Bose acknowledges that, and the fix is quite simple.

We often don’t expect to update earbuds’ firmware since they are very simple devices.

Sometimes, however, the procedure is necessary. Here is how you can update your Bose earbuds to get them to work again:

You will need to use the Bose Connect app to update the firmware on your Bose QuietComfort earbuds.

Here’s how to update the firmware:

  1. Install the latest version of the Bose Connect app
  2. Open the Bose Connect app
  3. Connect your earbuds to your device.
  4. Tap the “More” tab in the bottom right corner of the app.
  5. Tap “Product Update” 

A few instructions will show up. All you must do is follow them as they are quite simple. In the end, the earbuds will be up to date and ready to use again. 

Note: Perhaps your earbuds' firmware is already up to date. In that case, proceed to the next method.

Solution #4: Clear The Issue On The Bose Site

clear issue on boss site

Unfortunately, a few devices will release and start showing errors only after plenty of users have their hands on them.

On the bright side, Bose is aware of its devices’ faults once consumers complain about them.

Thus, you can easily fix when your Quietcomfort can’t stop blinking red and white. You must go to a site and clear the error.

Here are the precise steps:

  1. Put the earbuds on the case
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the case to a computer.
  3. Head to on your browser
  4. The error will be checked by the program and fixed on its own. 
Note: If your firmware is already up to date, you may see a message telling you to keep going. Click "OK" to fix the mistake.

Solution #5: Check The Room Temperature

You might wonder what the room temperature has to do with the red/white blinking. As you have seen, the device’s battery is the issue.

The room temperature affects the Bose QC earbuds’ battery performance.

In fact, plenty of devices (such as other earbuds) will show similar issues when the room temperature is not ideal.

check room temperature

However, we placed this solution as the fifth you must want to try because it is uncommon.

Usually, all the other solutions should clear the issue right away.

What Is The Idle Temperature?

The brand does not determine a specific idle room temperature range for the QuietComfort earbuds.

Still, storing electronic devices, including earbuds, in a cool, dry place is generally recommended. That means a room temperature between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is important to avoid extreme temperatures, as they can potentially damage the device. 

If you are using the earbuds while running on a summer afternoon, that might be messing with the earbuds’ battery!

What We Learned

Why are the Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Blinking Red And White? That annoying blinking happens because of a software or hardware failure.

That is pretty general when talking, but solving is relatively easy. The guide above provides all the steps you need to discover what is going on and eliminate it.

Good luck with your earbuds!

Nicole B