bose mini soundlink won't connect

If your Bose Mini SoundLink won’t connect, there’s an easy solution to this problem!

Bose may be refusing to connect due to a variety of factors. For instance, if your Bose is already connected, or the range between both devices is insufficient.

One way or another, we’ll identify the issue and help you solve it.

Your Bose SoundLink mini might be refusing to connect due to insufficient range between your devices. The Bluetooth on your Bose could be turned off or the speaker is left without a battery.

Next, we’ll review the reasons why this problem appears in the first place and then proceed with separate solution guides as per your case.

Why Won’t My Bose SoundLink Mini Connect?

We will discover why Bose SoundLink won’t connect by reviewing the most frequent reports, by users with the same problem as you.

Remember that those causes are shared for issues with devices of any kind, so regardless of whether you’re using a laptop/PC or mobile unit, those will help.

Here’s what could be causing the problem with the Bose SoundLink mini:

1. Devices Not In Range

Especially when connecting two Bluetooth units, they must be in range for the pair to happen.

2. Bose Already Connected

A large number of users have their Bose already connected and cannot discover it or connect with it on their secondary device.

3. Problem With The Secondary Device

A blunder with the Bluetooth feature or software on your secondary device will also prevent the connection with Bose.

In general, those were the most frequent scenarios in which you won’t be able to connect with Bose SoundLink mini.

How To Fix Bose Mini SoundLink Won’t Connect To iPhone?

fix bose mini soundlink won't connect

Before we begin with any of the solutions coming up in our guide, check if your Bose is fully charged and turned on.

You can tell whether your Bose SoundLink is running, just by looking at the power indicator (LED) on the front of the device.

Here’s how to troubleshoot the connectivity of your Bose with an iPhone device:

Solution #1 Turn On Bluetooth On Both Devices

If Bose seems to be struggling with connecting to your iPhone, one of the reasons could be turned off Bluetooth, either on your speaker or mobile device.

In that regard, you have to ensure the Bluetooth on either device is enabled.

How To Enable Bluetooth On iPhone?

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to Bluetooth.
  3. Press the slider at the top to enable Bluetooth.

How To Enable Bluetooth On Bose SoundLink Mini?

  1. Go over to your Bose speaker.
  2. On the back, locate the Bluetooth button.
  3. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds.
  4. Standby for a moment until the LED flashes and then release.
Note: Once you’ve turned on the Bluetooth, discover the Bose speaker from your iPhone and connect with it by tapping on the connection.

Solution #2 Disconnect Bose From Paired Phone

disconnect phone

Chances are that Bose is already connected to a different phone/device by the time you’re attempting to connect.

You should first disconnect Bose from its current receiver and then pair it to your iPhone.

Since we don’t know the history of Bluetooth connections on your device, it is up to you to identify where Bose is connected.

Once you found the appropriate phone, tap on “Actions” and then choose “Disconnect” from Bose’s settings.

Note: If the device that Bose was connected to is an iPhone, you can disconnect by going Settings > Bluetooth > Bose > “Info” > Unpair.

Solution #3 Erase iPhone Bluetooth/Network Settings

There’s a possibility of a glitch in your iPhone’ system preventing you from connecting with Bose.

You should erase the network settings of the device, along with the Bluetooth devices.

This is how to erase the network settings of your iPhone device:

  1. On your iPhone, open the settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Scroll further down and choose Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  5. Confirm and wait.
Note: Once the reset is complete, re-attempt the connection with your Bose as you enable the Bluetooth on your iPhone once again.

How To Fix Bose SoundLink Mini Won’t Connect To Laptop?

disconnect devices

Even if you’re troubleshooting your Bose and laptop, the solutions associated with iPhone connectivity features could still help.

Attempt everything that we’ve prepared below and if the issue doesn’t go away, jump back to the solutions above as well.

This is how to fix your Bose SoundLink mini that won’t connect to your laptop:

Solution #1 Move Secondary Device Into Bose’s Range

If your laptop isn’t in range of the Bose speaker, the device won’t be able to connect.

That’s why we suggest putting the laptop at least in 5 meters of proximity to the Bose speaker and then re-attempting the connection sequence through the laptop’s Bluetooth settings.

If by the time you’re repositioning the laptop, the Bluetooth button on your Bose is no longer lit up, make sure to press it again for 10 seconds.

Then you can freely go to the Bluetooth settings of your laptop and connect with Bose again.

Note: Once connected, you don’t have to keep your laptop within 5 meters of your Bose.

Solution #2 Disconnect Laptop From Other Devices

laptop connection issues

Chances are that other devices are interfering with your laptop and preventing it from connecting with the Bose speaker.

We suggest disconnecting from other Bluetooth devices through your laptop, until the end of this guide.

You can do that by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Devices > Disconnect on your laptop. Once again you should check if your Bose is connected to another device while you’re at it.

If Bose mini’s Bluetooth button is no longer lit up, press it again for 10 seconds and re-attempt the connection as follows.

Note: Make sure to leave no device connected to your laptop.

Solution #3 Reset Bose

In case nothing in this guide helped so far, the best next step would be to perform a factory default reset on the Bose speaker.

This will clear out any software blunders the device may have, preventing it from connecting to other Bluetooth units.

This is how to factory reset your Bose SoundLink mini:

  1. Go to the Bose device.
  2. Press the mute button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release once the lights flicker once.
  4. Your Bose is reset!
Note: Don’t power off your Bose mini for the next minute or two for the reset to complete.

To fix Bose SoundLink mini that won’t connect, charge the device and disconnect it from any other devices. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and erase the Bluetooth settings of your secondary device. Finally, perform a factory reset to fix the issue.

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Last Thoughts:

Now you know why Bose SoundLink won’t connect and how to fix the problem, and we hope we were of your assistance!

Don’t forget that Bose is always more than happy to help with issues involved with their products so call them if you experience problems with our guide!

If you find this post interesting and helpful, make sure to check our blog to discover many more solutions for your smart home devices!

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