bosch dishwasher e09 error code

Wondering why Bosch Dishwasher E09 error code appears? Keep reading to know!

Without a doubt, a Bosch dishwasher uses water circulation to wash the dishes, but in addition, it also has a heating element to dry them.

However, the dishwasher panel displays an E09 error when the heating system fails. If you are experiencing this error, keep reading to solve this!

The “E09 error” comes up because of the dishwasher’s burned heating element. There are a number of reasons for this, including Clogged Filters, Hard Water, and Water Leaks.

The solution requires a thorough inspection and understanding of the components!

Let’s discuss the major causes of this E09 error of the dishwasher in detail:

What Causes Bosch Dishwasher E09 Error Code? 

what causes of e09 error

Burnt heating elements are the primary cause of the dishwasher error code 9.

Since replacement is the only option, we still need to test some other possibilities as well. 

Here is everything that can cause error “E09” on Bosch Dishwasher:

1. Clogged Filter

If the dishwasher filter becomes clogged with junk, it loses its ability to transfer heat to the utensils, and if it is left unattended for a long time, the heating components burn out.

2. Water Leakage

Over time, the dishwasher’s components corrode and begin to leak water. The leak builds up in the sump and moves toward the heating assembly, causing a short circuit.

3. Dirty Salt Sensors

With the amount of magnesium in dishwashing water, the salt sensor becomes blocked and is unable to establish a proper connection with the heating, leading to E09.

4. Faulty Heater Relay

Some of the control board relays got damaged due to power surges, such as the heater relay, which prevented the power supply. This results in error E09 as well.

Now let’s learn how you can fix your dishwasher error 09 in an appropriate way:

How To Fix Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E09?

how fix bosch error code

If your dishwasher is displaying the E09 error on the control panel, then this is because of a burnt heating panel.

However, besides fixing the heater, you may also resolve this issue by avoiding the mistakes that may have indirectly caused it.

So let’s get started right away!

Solution #1 Power Cycle Dishwasher!

The very first step is to check whether we can fix the problem by simply restarting our Bosch Dishwasher.

This is not guaranteed to help, but it requires almost no time so it’s worth trying!

Power OFF and disconnect your dishwasher from power for 3 minutes!

When the power circulation is over, start a cleaning cycle and check whether error E09 still appears.

In case the issue is persistent, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #2 Inspect Salt Sensor

inspect the salt sensor

The Salt Sensor checks if the dishwasher has enough soap to clean the dishes, however, if the water in your dishwasher is hard, the detergent won’t dissolve properly.

As the sensor gradually gets dirty, it starts to mistakenly believe that the dishwasher is running out of soap, which causes error E09 to appear on the panel.

Here is how you can inspect your dishwasher’s salt sensor:

  1. Stop the dishwasher Power and Water Supply.
  2. Open the door and remove all the racks from the machine.
  3. Remove any leftover water from the dishwasher.
  4. Next, close the door and unscrew the lower panel of the dishwasher.
  5. Tip: Use your product manual. 
  6. Reach out to the Salt Sensor connector and remove it.
  7. Test the connectors via a multimeter (continuity test).

In case the multimeter shows no readings, replace the salt sensor connectors that are compatible with your dishwasher. 

When you’re ready run a wash cycle to test whether or not error 09 is removed or not!

Solution #3 Fix Control Board

fix the control board

When you initiate a wash cycle, the control board utilizes a heater relay to provide power to the dishwasher heating element.

However, there is a possibility that the heater relay to the control board might malfunction, preventing electricity from activating the heating. 

Tip: Take a picture while removing the wire plugs from the control board to avoid confusion!

Here is how you can check your dishwasher’s heater relay:

  1. Turn OFF the Bosch machine power.
  2. Open the machine’s door. 
  3. Using torque, remove all six screws from the inside.
  4. Close the door and pull out the Outer Panel.
  5. Again, open the door and unscrew the screws from the top holding the control board.
  6. Next, take a flat-blade screwdriver and remove all the Connected Cable Plugs.
  7. Remove the two screws under the control panel to release the board.
  8. Then hold it with both hands and press the side, Locking Tabs
  9. Separate the panel from the bracket.
  10. Use a flat-blade screwdriver, and remove the control board from the bracket.
  11. You can now install a new control board and reassemble the machine.

How To Preserve Heater Relay?

how preserve the heater

It is not feasible to replace the dishwasher heater relay because doing so can compromise the dishwasher’s effectiveness.

The dishwasher heater relay can get damaged for a number of reasons.

In order to prevent this issue in the future, it is important to understand the causes of this control board relay failure.

Some of the common reasons for heater relay failure are:

  • Power Surges
  • Wore out Control Board
  • Power blackout
  • Built-up Moisture
  • Excessive Heat Temperature

In case of error E09 is still there after attempting the solutions so far, keep reading!

Solution #4 Reset Bosch Dishwasher

reset the bosch dishwasher

The final solution before we learn how to check the heating assembly is to perform a Factory Reset on the dishwasher.

This is an excellent way to refresh the machine and if the error E09 is caused by a software blunder, this method will surely help!

To reset the dishwasher press and hold the Start button for at least 5 seconds!

When the reset is over, restart your machine by Switching OFF/ON, and start a cleaning cycle to check whether this helped.

In case this doesn’t help, let’s inspect the heating system.

Note: The Bosch machine reset process only takes a few seconds!

Solution #5 Replace Heating Element

replace a heating element

The heating assembly is probably now burned out if the Bosch E09 error is still shown on the dishwasher’s panel after replacing the salt sensor and control board.

Now, a number of things can cause the heating to get faulty, but the only solution is to replace the unit.

Note: Use your product manual or take photos while separating the dishwasher parts, so you can easily reassemble them back later.

Step #1 Preparation

Turn OFF the Water and Power Supply on your Bosch machine.

Open the door, remove the screws that hold the outdoor panel, and then separate it from the machine.

Next unscrew the junction box, and its wires, and strain relief from the bracket.

Step #2 Remove Hose & Level Machine

remove the hose and level machine

The next step is to disconnect the Drain Hose from the sink and feed it from the cabinet.

Open the door and remove the mounting screws from the top, racks from the dishwasher, and leveling leg locking screws from the bottom.

Finally, adjust the legs to lower the dishwasher.

Step #3 Remove Machine Filters

It’s time to pull out the dishwasher carefully from the cabinet.

Then we need to remove the two covers for the hinge rope and then disconnect it from both sides of the dishwasher.

The next step is to unscrew the lower panel screws and remove the panel and dampening pad.

It’s also necessary to undo the screws that connect the dishwasher frame to the base.

Then we can open the door and remove the Lower Spray Arm, Filter Basket, and Filter Plate.

Next, undo all screws from the lower arm as well as the insulation blanket from the side cover.

Step #4 Uninstall Drain Pump

uninstall a drain pump

Carefully lay down the dishwasher back on the blanket.

Next, remove the fill hose from its clip and disconnect the hose from the sump, then slide the base away from the dishwasher.

Now you can easily remove the drain pump by rotating clockwise

Alert: Don’t forget to also disconnect the circulation pump!

Step #5 Access & Test Heater Assembly

It’s time to pull out the hose from the sump and lift out the sump assembly from the dishwasher base.

The next step is to remove the heater screws and also disconnect the turbidity sensor wires from the assembly.

Take a plier and remove the clips that secure the heater with the circulation pump and finally separate the heater element from the circulation pump.

Connect the heater’s two ends with the multimeter to test for continuity, if it has no continuity, then it is surely faulty.

Tip: Follow the steps in reverse to reassemble your Bosch machine!

In case the error E09 continues to appear, proceed reading further…

Still, Need Help?

need a help

If you have already tried every troubleshooting method from the guide, but the error is still not disappearing from the panel, it won’t be good.

Your dishwasher might be defective in a variety of ways so the best final step is to contact Bosch’s Support to get more help!

Quick Recap:

Whenever Bosch Dishwasher displays an E09 error, you first need to clean the dishwasher Salt Sensor. In addition, test the Control Board and replace this component first. In case the error persists, the heating assembly must be replaced!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have discussed about Bosch Dishwasher E09 error code.

All you need to resolve this error from your dishwasher is to replace the heating system.

However, here we’ve learned that we always need to attempt a few basic things first before dining into complex troubleshooting.

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