blink live view not supported

Is your Blink Live View not supported within the Alexa app? We have the solution!

Although these messages are accurate, sometimes an error similar to this could be occurring due to a glitch or a fault with the Alexa app.

However, this is an easy problem to troubleshoot and we’ll review all of that in our guide.

Let’s take a look at the best solution!

To fix when Blink Live View isn’t supported within the Alexa app, enable “Extended Live View” for Blink Minis and restart the app. Next, reconnect Alexa to the internet and troubleshoot issues with your network. Finally, reset the Blink camera!

To learn why is the Blink Live View not available and what’s causing this, keep reading!

Why Is Alexa Blink Live View Not Supported?

why alexa live view not supported

It is only appropriate to clarify why the Live View feature within the Alexa app is disabled for your Blink Camera.

Chances are that there could be a compatibility problem, but Amazon constantly updates its application to keep services on track with the devices’ versions.

Here’s what else could cause the Blink Live View to be unsupported:

  • The Alexa App is Outdated on your mobile device
  • The Internet Connection is Weak or Non-Existent
  • There’s a Power Malfunction with your Blink Camera
  • The Blink Skill has been disabled or your Account Got Unlinked

Those are the main culprits, users most often find to be the cause of issues with the live view.

To troubleshoot this problem, keep reading our upcoming fix guide!

Blink Live View Not Supported in Alexa App – Easy Fix!

how fix blink live view

After going through the potential causes for the Live View of your Blink, it’s time to troubleshoot.

We’ve prepared a guide in step-by-step troubleshooting, in order to best identify the cause of the problem and fix it appropriately!

Let’s jump straight in with the solutions!

Solution #1 Enable “Extended Live View”

Users who have the Blink Mini paired to their Alexa app could enable the “Extended Live View” feature of their camera.

This will allow a stream for up to 90 minutes, which could be therefore live-viewing through the Alexa app on your mobile device.

  • Keep in mind that footage by the extended live view will NOT be saved
enable the extend view

Therefore for the upcoming 90 minutes, you’ll have full access to your Blink Mini stream and you’ll be able to see what’s happening.

This is a standard solution that replaces the generic live view, but it is promotional to Blink Mini camera models. 

Therefore if you’re using a standard Blink or one of the Pro versions, this will not be available to you.

Extended live view is found at Settings > Blink > “Live View” > “Extended Live View” within the Alexa app.

Note: After enabling the feature, follow any on-screen instructions to set it up!

Solution #2 Restart the Alexa App

restart the alexa app

Chances are that the Alexa App is Bugged, preventing you to watch the live view of your paired Blink Camera.

A quick and easy solution to that problem is to have the Amazon Alexa app restarted on your device and removed from the temporal memory of the device.

Follow these instructions to properly restart the Alexa App:

  1. On your mobile device, Exit the Alexa App.
  2. Access the Temporal Memory Prompt of your device.
  3. Remove Amazon Alexa from the temporal memory.
  4. Wait for 60 Seconds.
  5. Re-launch the Alexa App.
  6. Attempt to launch the Live View for your Blink Camera.

If you have the Amazon Alexa app on an alternative mobile device, you should double-check if the live view works there.

Keep in mind that this only applies if both sources of the Alexa app share the same account, therefore have the Blink Camera already linked.

Tip: Rebooting your mobile device could help with the problem furthermore.

Solution #3 Re-Link the Blink Camera

relink the blink

A great and effective solution to this problem is to Re-Link the Blink camera from your Amazon account.

Assuming you’re already familiar with the Skills System of Amazon Alexa, what you should do is disable and then enable again the Blink skill.

Disabling the Blink Skill will cause your Blink camera to be disconnected

Once the Blink skill is enabled, so will your Blink account unpair from Amazon.

This will cause the termination of the Blink Camera’s profile within Amazon Alexa.

Here’s how to re-link your Blink Camera in easy steps:

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa App on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to “Devices”.
  3. Select the Blink Camera.
  4. Choose “Remove”.
  5. Head to “Skills”.
  6. Press the “Blink Skill” and select “Unpair”.
  7. Re-enable the Blink Skill after waiting for 10-15 seconds.
  8. Link your Blink account back to Amazon Alexa.
  9. Connect the camera to your Amazon account.
  10. Test.
Note: When linking your account, you must insert the username and password correctly.

Solution #4 Fix Issues with the Network

fix the issues with network

Perhaps, the “Blink Live View not supported” message appears due to Issues with the Network.

Network problems could occur due to a variety of things, including range, obstacles, traversability, and the strength of the signal itself.

In this solution, we’ll be troubleshooting the network your Blink camera is connected to, in case the Live View problem is caused due to internet insufficiency.

Let’s go:

1. Hard Reset the Router – Unplug the router for 30-60 seconds from the power source

2. Reconnect Ethernet – Disconnect and then reconnect the Ethernet from your router

3. Place Blink Closer – Put the Blink Camera closer to your network router

4. Reduce Bandwith Usage – Disconnect devices you’re not using from the network

Keep in mind that this is not only on your end to troubleshoot.

If by any chance you’re noticing connectivity problems on other devices you own, contact the network’s ISP!

Tip: Test the Live View feature within the Amazon Alexa app after each fix you’ve tried.

Solution #5 Reinstall the Alexa App

reinstall the alexa app

Reinstalling the Amazon Alexa App has a pretty good chance of resolving this problem!

If there has been a bug with the platform or corrupted data forming, reinstalling is the only way to go in order to solve the Live View problem.

In addition, reinstalling the app will also erase all Data Cache the application has generated. Piling up a cache is never a good thing!

How to Reinstall the Alexa App:

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Settings App.
  2. Navigate to Applications.
  3. Locate the Amazon Alexa App.
  4. Select the app.
  5. Choose “Uninstall” from the quick action menu.
  6. Wait for the application’s removal.
  7. Download Alexa again from your device’s App Store/Google Play.
  8. Turn on the app.
  9. Sign in using your account.
  10. Re-Link your Blink account and pair the camera.

Once you’ve re-established the Blink Camera’s connection, test the Live View. In case the feature is still not working, keep reading the next solution!

Note: If you get prompted, make sure to get the latest version of the Alexa App!

Solution #6 Reset the Blink Camera

reset the blink cam

If nothing worked so far, then you should perform a Factory Reset on your Blink Camera!

Performing the reset is really simple and all you have to do is press a specific button, on the camera’s panel.

The reset button is located on the bottom panel of the camera and is small.

Ensure your camera is running and press the RESET Button for 5 Seconds!

The reset button is located on the bottom panel of the camera and is quite small.

If your camera is in a stuffed place, take it off the stand and perform the reset.

However, make sure that the camera is running during that time or the reset won’t go through.

After the reset has been finalized, attempt to access the Live View setting in the Alexa app!

Note: Once the reset is triggered, your camera will blink twice and then reboot.

That was everything about Blink Live View not being supported so let’s recap what we’ve learned!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when Blink Live View isn’t supported in the Alexa app, restart both the Blink Camera and the Alexa platform. Next, reconnect Blink to the internet and solve any issues with your network. Finally, Factory Reset the problematic Blink camera.

Wrapping Up:

After learning why Blink Live View not supported within the Alexa app, the problem should be a piece of cake to troubleshoot with our guide.

However, keep in mind that the services of Blink or Amazon could be temporarily offline, resulting in issues with the Live View feature. 

It’s best to get in touch with Amazon if the problem persists and they will let you know!

Nicole B