blaupunkt tv wont turn on

Your Blaupunkt TV won’t turn on and you’re looking for a solution? Search no further, because you have just found it!

Here we’ll explain exactly what might be happening to your TV and ALL possible ways to turn it on so let’s take a look!

If your Blaupunkt TV isn’t turning on, first hard reset the TV and reconnect the power adapter. Inspect the cables and disconnect any third-party devices that might be interfering with the power.

Lastly, check the power adapter port on your Blaupunkt TV.

Before we go any further with the troubleshooting, let’s first review the potential causes that might be preventing you from turning on your Blaupunkt TV.

Why Does Blaupunkt TV Won’t Turn On “No Standby Light’?

fix blaupunkt tv wont turn on

In case the standby light is not lit up, that generally means that your TV is not receiving any power thus it won’t turn on.

This is why you need to make sure that there are no power outages in your local area and inspect the circuit breaker for the room of your TV.

Whether your standby light is there or not, here is what might went wrong:

1. Power Source Problem

An issue with the power source itself, where your TV is plugged at, might be causing you some problems.

2. Power Adapter Issue

A problem with the power adapter or cables, in general, might lead up to these types of issues.

3. HDMI Issue

A fault with the HDMI connections might prevent you from turning on your Blaupunkt issue.

4. Outage

Local area power outage often leads to weaker current after it comes back.

At this period of time, your devices might not be able to turn on.

5. Hardware Issue

Even if unlikely, a hardware malfunction might occur with your TV, interrupting the power flow supplying the device.

Now that we’ve mentioned all possible outcomes for the issue, let’s jump straight into troubleshooting and get your TV running again.

How To Fix Blaupunkt TV Won’t Turn On?

blaupunkt tv turn on

To resolve the issue with your Blaupunkt TV we’ll be mainly focusing on the power delivery because that’s about 98% of the cases.

We’ll exclude the possibility of a hardware problem with the TV itself until we try everything else first so let’s get started!

Solution #1 Power Cycle Your TV

You should start with the so-called “power cycle” on your TV.

This is an effective method to cool your TV down and properly discharge all hardware components.

Here is how to power cycle your TV in a few steps:

  1. Press the power button on your Blaupunkt remote while aiming at the TV.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the source.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes for your TV to discharge.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter into the source and test.

If the LED light still cannot light up, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Use The Hardware Button

To exclude the possibility of your remote being faulty, you should now try turning ON your TV with the hardware power button.

If you’re now aware, the in-built power button is located somewhere in the side panel of your TV or beneath the screen, depending on the model.

If a single press did nothing, try holding the button for about 10-15 seconds and observe the LED light.

If the light does not make any indications, then your TV is certainly not receiving power at all. Proceed with the next solution.

Solution #3 Change Power Source

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It is possible that the wall outlet your TV is plugged into is dead.

This is why we suggest plugging your TV into another power source that had another device plugged in beforehand.

This way you will be certain that the power source is proven and your Blaupunkt TV is receiving power.

Remove any power dividers and plug your TV directly into the outlet.

If the standby light does not light up, try to twist the power adapter on both ends next to the connectors to check if the light will pop up. If there are no indications at all, proceed with the next step.

Solution #4 Replace Power Adapter

If your Blaupunkt TV is not turning on, it will be best to replace the power adapter before you continue because all odds are against the power cable.

You can easily replace it in almost any local technical store because Blaupunkt TV power adapters are really easy to find.

In case you’ve got another Blaupunkt TV in your household, now it’s time to replace the cable and test.

In case the issue continues even with a new or proven to work adapter, then proceed with the next solution.

Solution #5 Inspect The Power Adapter Port

Right now we’re still excluding the possibility of a hardware problem with your TV so the next fragile part of the power delivery is the power port of your TV.

In other words, the port/slot in which the power adapter connects to your TV.

Now plug in the power adapter and apply a lot of force to plug it in as tightly as possible.

Do it again, and again while observing the LED for any indications. If that does not work, unplug the adapter and peek inside the power port.

If there is any sort of residue or dust, make sure to clean it really well until you’re sure that the connection is not being interrupted.

Try again and if it does not work, there is one more thing you can try so let’s take a look.

Solution #6 Try The Long Unplug

If nothing has worked so far, we suggest trying the long unplug.

This process is really helpful in case your TV turned OFF because of overheating and now it’s not responsive.

That will allow a complete discharge as well as 100% cool down.

Simply unplug your TV and leave it overnight. Make sure the power adapter is unplugged from both ends to discharge the cable as well.

You can use that time to contact Blaupunkt support for even more troubleshooting but this time, by the developers themselves.

In the worst-case scenario, it will turn out to be a faulty TV hardware piece that you’ll most likely replace quickly and not that expensive.

Especially if your TV has been exposed to a power surge which in most cases does not end well…

However, it’s worth trying our methods before delivering your TV for a repair.

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Bottom Line:

Thus to fix a Blaupunkt TV that isn’t turning on, first hard reset the device and inspect the power adapter connection. Then you should replace the power adapter and inspect the power port of your TV.

Lastly, you can try the long-unplug method, and if it doesn’t work contact Blaupunkt customer service.

Now that you know why Blaupunkt TV won’t turn on, with our easy-to-apply solutions you should be able to identify the origin of the problem really quickly.

Even if you are not able to solve the issue on your own, at least you’ll be confident that a repair service is nothing less than necessary.

Nicole B