how to use blaupunkt tv without remote

Wondering how to use Blaupunkt TV without remote?

Search no further because, by the end of this post, you will know all possible ways of interacting with your Blaupunkt TV without using a hardware remote!

To use Blaupunkt TV without a remote, you can use the buttons on your TV’s side panel. If the buttons are locked or obstructed, you can also control your TV through the mobile app.

Now, let’s look more firmly into your TV’s buttons and learn more about how to operate the TV’s features without a remote.

How To Use Blaupunkt TV Without Remote?

Before we proceed with any of the ways you can use your Blaupunkt TV without the assistance of a hardware remote, it is first good to discuss what your TV can do in general.

Each and every Blaupunkt TV will have a hardware button located on its side panel so let’s start with that first.

Method #1 Using Blaupunkt TV With Hardware Buttons

use blaupunkt tv without remote

Blaupunkt love simplifying the usage of their TVs. This is why they keep providing suitable hardware buttons for their newly released TVs to make life easier for people without remotes.

Unlike many other TV brands that provide their TV units with buttons, you won’t have to worry about the lack of buttons, since Blaupunkt will have almost every feature of their TV bound with a hardware button on their device.

Down below you will learn where to find, use and interact with your Blaupunkt TV’s hardware buttons.

Where Can I Find My Blaupunkt TV’s Buttons?

It is 100% certain that your TV will have a hardware button on its side panel.

Even with the new releases of Blaupunkt, they still reserve the button’s position on your TV side or back panel.

Keep in mind that it is rare for Blaupunkt TV to have their hardware buttons on the back panel but not excluded.

What Buttons Does My TV Have?

Your Blaupunkt TV will have 9 general operation buttons on its hardware for all actions through your TV.

The buttons on your Blaupunkt TV should be:

  1. Eject button.
  2. Play/Pause button.
  3. Volume up/down.
  4. Channel +/-.
  5. Display menu source.
  6. Standby button.

These buttons are enough to reach each and every single functionality of your Blaupunkt TV so let’s find out how to use them properly:

How Do I Use My Blaupunkt TV’s Hardware Buttons?

Now that you know what buttons your TV has and where they are located, it is time to learn how to put them into use.

Here is a quick guideline for all buttons on your Blaupunkt TV:

Eject button

The eject button on your Blaupunkt TV usually has something to do with the power. With a specific sequence, you can either sleep or turn off your TV.

Play/pause button

As obvious as it sounds, the play/pause button will let you first pause and then resume your TV from playing a video or broadcast.

Volume buttons and channel buttons

The volume and channel buttons will allow you to adjust the channel your TV is streaming as well as the volume.

Source button

Lastly, the source button will let you choose throughout a list of available inputs for your TV to broadcast.

Using Blaupunkt TV With The Mobile App

Another answer to the question “how to use Blaupunkt TV without a remote?“ would be the smartphone application.

You probably know that Blaupunkt has its own mobile (smartphone) app, which you can get right now and interact with your TV.

Even better, this app has it all, from digital remote to specific services for your stereo configuration and so on…

We will now explain to you how to properly establish the app on your phone and start using the digital remote services, which are the same as a hardware remote.

Step #1 Download The App

The very first thing that you need to do is to acquire the application on your smartphone.

Here is how to download the app easily:

  1. Open the Google Play or App Store on your phone.
  2. In the search field, write “Blaupunkt” and download the first result.
  3. Wait for the app to be downloaded and applied.

Once you’re done, run the app and proceed with our next step.

Step #2 Login

You will be prompted to log in to the Blaupunkt app once you have downloaded & installed it onto your phone.

If you still haven’t created an account, click on the register button and confirm your email after inserting credentials.

Once the registration is complete, you will be able to log in by writing your email address and password in the respective fields and clicking “Login” afterward.

Step #3 Connect App With TV

Lastly, to use your smartphone as a remote, you must connect the app with your TV.

Follow the steps down below to connect your phone:

  1. Open the app and make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled.
  2. Move closer to your TV and point your phone to your TV’s LED.
  3. Wait for the pop-up on your phone and click on “Pair” to connect with your TV.

Now to use the digital remote service, go to the Dashboard > My TV > Remote.

How To Turn On Hitachi TV Without Remote?

To turn on your Hitachi TV without using the assistance of a hardware remote, your best shot is to use the power button on the device’s back.

Usually, the newest Hitachi TVs will have their power button on the center of the back panel.

Here are all possible ways to turn on your Hitachi TV without a remote:

1. Using a Power Button

All Hitachi TVs will be equipped with a power button that will allow you to turn the TV on/off.

With older models, you might be looking for the button on the side panels but with the newest versions, the button is in the center of the back panel.

2. Cable Box

Easy way to turn on your Hitachi TV without a remote is with the assistance of a cable box.

Once connected to your TV, the cable box will automatically pair and turn on your TV as soon as it is turned on itself.

3. App

Like with Blaupunkt, Hitachi would as well have an app which you can connect to your TV and use your smartphone as a digital remote.

The establishing process for Hitachi’s digital remote doesn’t differ much from the Blaupunkt one.

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Bottom Line:

To use your Blaupunkt TV without a remote, you can either use the built-in hardware buttons or the digital remote app manufacturers have provided. To turn on Hitachi TV without a remote, you can either use the power button, a cable box, or the mobile app.

Now that you know how to use Blaupunkt TV without remote, feel free to choose which way is suitable for you and use your TV accordingly.

Keep in mind that universal units are easily pairable and might always come in handy when it comes down to simple actions with your TV’s interface.

For more guides such as this one, don’t forget to check out our technical blog!

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