arlo essential spotlight camera not connecting

If your Arlo Essential spotlight camera not connecting, we have the solution!

In most cases whenever the Arlo spotlight cam won’t connect to the application, it could be due to bad internet or WiFi connections.

Also, it really depends on whether you have the cellular data enabled or not.

Arlo Essential spotlight cam may not be connecting due to enabled cellular data on your phone. A problem with the application is also possible if the WiFi is currently not working. Additionally, Arlo will not connect to a 5 GHz WiFi broadband because it is not compatible.

Before we go into details about how you can fix the issue, let’s review what the users have said about this problem and what was the cause in their case.

Why Is Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Not Connecting To WiFi?

arlo essential spotlight camera not connecting wifi

As you probably know, the camera gets connected to the WIFi through the application, thus, you have to pair the device with the app.

This is generally where the problems occur and then require a solution.

Here’s what could be causing the problem in-depth:

Problematic Application

The app by itself might have gotten corrupted after deleting its app data/cache.

Incorrect WiFi Band

Arlo cameras are only eligible to connect with a 2.4GHz WiFi, hence, connecting it to a 5Ghz network broadband wouldn’t work.

Arlo Is Too Far Away

arlo too far away

Positioning your Arlo essential spotlight too far away from the router during the setup, may result in this problem.

Enabled Cellular Data

Aside from the WiFi, enabled cellular data on your phone will prevent the completion of your camera setup.

Problems with Arlo Camera

Anything from a worn-out battery, to hardware failures, could be the possible reason for this failure.

Now that we’ve commented on each possibility, let’s start excluding them one by one!

How To Fix When Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Won’t Connect To WiFi?

how to fix arlo spotlight camera

Now that we’ve gotten the causes out of the way, let’s proceed with resolving your Arlo camera’s problem.

Keep in mind to follow the correct order of our solutions and not to skip any of our instructions since everything is important.

Here’s how to fix whenever the Arlo Essential spotlight cam won’t pair with the WiFi:

Solution #1 Power Cycle The Arlo Cam

You should first attempt the power cycle process on your Arlo cam.

This will clear out any OS failures that are preventing the device from connecting with the WiFi and also mend the connection with the Arlo application.

To perform a power cycle on the Arlo camera, check out these steps:

  1. Take the Arlo camera off the wall stand.
  2. Remove the back compartment that is covering the batteries.
  3. Once exposed to the batteries, take them all out.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes.
  5. Reinsert the batteries and put the compartment back on.
  6. Position the camera back on the stand.
  7. Test.
Note: As you put the batteries, watch out for the polarities of the compartment and whether the units are positioned correctly.

Solution #2 Move Arlo Closer To The Router

move closer to router

If connecting Arlo doesn’t work, perhaps it’s because the device is too far from the router.

If the range between the camera and the router is too large, you will be unable to get the unit paired.

In that solution, you need to position the camera next to the router or no more than 15 feet away.

That will guarantee close proximity and exclude the possibility that the WiFi range is insufficient.

Either of these distances will work and once you have the camera positioned, retry connecting the device with the WiFi.

Note: Ensure that your router is running and the WiFi is reachable by other devices!

Solution #3 Connect Camera To 2.4Ghz Band

Arlo Essential spotlight cameras do not support a 5GHz band. Unfortunately, their wireless technology requires a more distant connection with the router, which the 5GHz WiFi cannot offer.

This is observed in most security systems for better comfort and freedom when placing the units.

5Ghz broadbands are short and have a hard time traveling through solids such as walls, doors, and floors.

What If I Don’t Have 2.4GHz WiFi?

dont have 2.4ghz wifi

If you have a 5GHz WiFi, that generally means that your router does support a 2.4Ghz network. What’s left is to enable it.

Here’s how to get the 2.4GHz band on your network:

  1. On your PC or laptop connected with an Ethernet cable with the router, do “CMD” in the Windows menu.
  2. Open the prompt window and type “ipconfig”.
  3. Copy the default gateway IP of your network.
  4. Paste it into the browser and hit Enter.
  5. Login to your router’s settings, using the “admin” for both username and password.
  6. Once logged in, go to the “Network” tab and hit Create a new network.
  7. Choose 2.4Ghz broadband and follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. The router must be restarted upon completion.
Note: It may take a minute for your router to get the network up and running, after which you can connect Arlo.

Solution #4 Disable Phone Cellular Data

disable phone data

Since the Arlo app uses your phone’s WiFi to pair the camera, being connected to the cellular will not work.

In that regard, you must make sure that your phone is only connected with the WiFi and that the cellular data is disabled for the time being.

With most smartphones, you can disable the cellular data from Settings > “Mobile Data” > Disable.

Once turned off the cellular, ensure that your phone is still connected with the 2.4GHz network that you want Arlo to pair with.

Solution #5 Reinstall The Arlo App

If disabling your phone’s cellular couldn’t help with the Arlo Essential spotlight camera, not connecting problem, we suggest reinstalling the mobile application.

Here’s how to reinstall the Arlo application on your mobile smartphone in easy steps:

  1. Go to the storage of your phone.
  2. Locate the Arlo app within the app manager.
  3. Delete the application from the “Uninstall” button.
  4. Go to the App Store/Google Play on your phone.
  5. Download the Arlo app again.
  6. Sign in to your account.
  7. Test.
Note: Check if you’re installing the latest version of the Arlo app from the official App Store.

Solution #6 Reset The Arlo Cam

reset the arlo camera

If our solutions weren’t helpful so far, you should factory reset your spotlight cam.

This will surely solve any issues with the connectivity and you will be able to get Arlo connected again.

Alert: The factory reset erases ALL data and configurations made to the camera.

Here’s how to factory reset your Arlo spotlight camera unit:

  1. On your camera, find the Sync button.
  2. Press the Sync button for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Release once the camera’s LED flashes in amber 3 times.
  4. The camera should reboot.
Note: Do not let go before the 3 amber flashes or your Arlo will simply shut down.

When the Arlo spotlight cam isn’t connecting, first power cycle the device and replace its batteries. Connect the camera only to a 2.4GHz broadband and disable your phone’s cellular data. Next, reinstall the Arlo application and factory reset the spotlight cam to solve the problem.

Bottom Line:

After teaching you how you can fix the Arlo Essential spotlight camera not connecting issue, the rest is up to you.

If your camera is still in warranty, consider delivering it for a technical checkup if you couldn’t solve the problem with our solutions.

Nicole B